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i enjoyed the diversity of people from different backgrounds and how its different in such that it allows you to get ahead of others
The school is small which means everyone knows each other. Great teachers that know their stuff. Only thing I would change would be the lack of team sports.
This is a very good school, which is connected with Osceola Technical College and you can graduate with you High school Diploma and a Technical Certificate, and go to the workforce or college after high school.
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I loved that my school gives students an opportunity to be certified in a career that they may enjoy such as medical assisting, pharmacy , culinary, etc. That way you will walk out of high school able to get a job in the field that you selected . It is a very school so therefore we do not get the same experience that other high school do. However, the school tries its best to incorporate many activities and events that students may attend to.
Some of the teachers care very deeply about the effects that they will have on their students and it shows in the way that they care for the success and future of their students and how each of those students learns the material. I think however that the school could try to integrate some more aspects of what a regular high school is like being as that this is the only high school some of the students will ever attend and it should be memorable and fun. Overall it was alright, I just wish that the administration cared more about the needs and wants of it's students.
Great environment most of the time, but overall it's a life changing experience you'll never forget.
The best 4 years of my life! I will never forget the amazing people that I met while attending this wonderful school that not only taught me everything I needed to know but also showed me how important life is and how it needs to be cherished.
I like that while I am in high school I also are pursuing a Medical Assistant degree, the school is small but great,
Awesome staff and teachers. Since I started my freshman here I notice that the teachers help you succeed and I have learned to strive as my grades and knowledge is my number one priority.
Paths is a great how school it gives the students a chance to take a tech certification while in high school they have option like medical assisting, medical lab assistant, law administrative, culinary, hvac, and so many other great options
I really enjoyed my experience with the Professional & Technical High School. They offered a technical program that perfectly matched my interest and offered the dual enrollment program at Valencia College for students who wish to advance in their degree and save thousands of dollars. The teachers are very friendly and their resources helped me as a student to complete my assignments and better understand a topic I had difficulties with. Like any other high school, the Professional & Technical High School offers after school activities and plan events so students can have the experience traditional high schools have (homecoming, sports, clubs, prom, etc.)
My biggest problem with PATHS is the crude failure to hire and maintain decent staff. I can only name three teachers who have actually taught me anything, and that says a lot because I'm always willing to learn. (Just about any other student here will say the same.) The faculty members, especially the deans, have all been useless. Our current dean calls female students Princess and makes unnecessary remarks every chance he gets. The school itself is clean, but it's ridiculously small and some of the portables have faulty roofs and wasps. There's not a lot of options at PATHS: barely any AP classes/ electives, you get the same teachers over and over, and chances are you'll end up seeing the same students time and time again. If you want to get in and out, start Dual Enrollment, and complete a technical program at OTEC then PATHS isn't so bad (actually, it is.)
I like the fact that this school offers a tech to students who can gain knowledge in their preferred field of study.
This school is unique in so many ways. The teachers actually care about their students, which can be very hard to come by. Students are allowed to participate in technical programs to have a higher paying job as soon as they graduate high school. It is a school that is very focused on getting you ready for college and has many resources available for that purpose. Since it is a smaller school, there are more opportunities to have face-to-face interaction with counselors/college planners, which is very helpful. The one thing I do wish our school was more involved with is sports. We do not have any teams, but we do have sports clubs during lunch.
My experience here was great, the technical education was worth it and the four by four schedule put me at an advantage that other schools didn't have.
This school is very good if you know what you want to do. There are several opportunities to get ahead in your education, but it is not without sacrifice. However, there is still time to create relationships that will last a long time. I enjoyed my time at this school. It acted like a safe haven and majority of the people who go here tend to focus on their academics so that they can get further. They do this even if they have no idea what they want to do. I'm glad I came here instead of my home zoned school.
PATHS is a great high school for students who are interested in taking a tech or trade while in high school. The way this high school works is they try to have the majority of you high school classes done in first two years, and the following two years you take a tech for half a day and the other half you finish up senior classes or can do dual enrollment at Valencia. This school can be great if you're taking your tech serious, I have had an internship right after attending this high school in the field I was studying for and even got a part job that related to the tech I took. I totally recommend, there is an entrance test you have to pass but it's simple if you review the study guide and paid attention in your pervious middle school classes.
Just do dual enrollment if you want to enroll in a program her but if it’s for high school, I recommend going somewhere else. You don’t get the full experience here at PATHS.
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As a starting freshmen, I personally believe the school is doing an excellent job in teaching academics, but should consider having a sport team like most high schools.
As a student, it was difficult at first until you get used to it which doesn't take long. It took a couple months but I enjoy my school.
I went to Professional and Technical High School my sophomore year to senior year. Although they were sometimes unorganized especially with the tech programs they hold. I was still able to do dual enrollment which was something I wanted to do in the beginning and of my high school years. Something I would change in this school is the way they say they are going to treat us like adults and entering the “professional” world but they do things to completely contradict their sayings. Also, the administration is unsuccessful because the students can never have a say when they encourage us to practice our voice. I just feel like they contradict themselves way too much.
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