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My experience in PATHS was bitter sweet, the staff and students were amazing all year round. The students are respectful and rarely get into trouble because of the importance to get things done to be able to duel enroll into the schools technical side. I am sad to be letting it go now that I am a senior but I am happy that I will be going into the world prepared for whatever gets thrown at me.
This school, being relatively small, tends have more a family like vibe in the sense that since there is less people, everyone knows each other. Everybody doesn't just know each other, but genuinely enjoy each other's company and friends with one another.
this school is small, helps with dual enrollment, and helps you when you need it. this school will not let anyone fail.
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I went to this school to learn more skills used for my specific trade. Since the beginning I learned so much about my trade and even my core classes. The teachers do a good job at teaching the students. At this school, there is plenty of stuff you can do after school, such as clubs and activities. They take care for their programs and make sure everyone is up to date and on task. One problem this school faces is their administration is not the best group of people. Not everyone does their job as they should and can be very disrespectful and make students very stressed. Besides the unprofessional manner of the administration, everything else in the school is perfectly fine. I would recommend anyone interested to go here.
The experience is boring you do not get t a regular highschool vibe.Some of the teachers act like they don’t have time to help you.The students act like children and they don’t treat you like your older.there are no fun extracurricular activities.The school is not as uppity as they make it seem everything that happens does not go into the system.They don’t document referrals or expel people they tell them they have to move schools.This school no longer requires you to take a test to enter the school and is a school with everyone that wants to go here goes here there is no education separation.If you have a math class it is automatically a honors class,what if someone is not ready.
Good high school to start your career after you graduate from high school. Teachers not only teach based on their subjects but also on how to survive in college, give tips on college, and what is the best plan for students.
This school prepares you for college and helps you the most when you want a future for yourself. They push Dual Enrollment a lot and it’s really really good for many students who would like a head start on their college career.
Professional and Technical HS has been probably the best school I’ve been to academic-wise. They challenge their students a great amount. Teachers put their 100% into the academic aspect of the school. They don’t have any sports at PATHS bevause they prefer to stay focus on the learning. It is kind of difficult to get through here because classes are a semester long. You have to learn the information in half the time a normal student would. However, this is beneficial because it helps students finish their HS credits faster, and begin Dual Enrollment early and efficiently. Overall, I would recommend the school if you’re okay with teaching yourself at times, and are only going for the academics.
What I like about my high school is that it helps it's students with anything necessary and the teachers are excellent. The school also has excellent programs that you can get multiple kinds of certifications that can be helpful in future jobs or careers. The part I like most is that when a student graduates they not only get a traditional high school diploma, but also a certification in their technical program.
Despite complaining about the school when I was a freshman, I actually really love and appreciate this school and all that it has done for me. It offers you so many opportunities to keep you going forward as a student, such as dual enrollment, national technical honors society, etc. The only thing that I would change is that this school is more like a middle school in terms of activities that are available to students. Normally, high schools have football games, pep rally's, and other school events that incorporate the student body. These types of events aren't seen here, and it is understandable as to why, but that could definitely be something to work on for upcoming students that will be attending the school in the future.
The school offers many opportunities and help to the students who want to achieve success. Unlike other schools, the choice of dual enrollment and AP (advanced placement) classes help the students not only work towards a career but also get ahead of other high school student in college prep.
i enjoyed the diversity of people from different backgrounds and how its different in such that it allows you to get ahead of others
The school is small which means everyone knows each other. Great teachers that know their stuff. Only thing I would change would be the lack of team sports.
This is a very good school, which is connected with Osceola Technical College and you can graduate with you High school Diploma and a Technical Certificate, and go to the workforce or college after high school.
I loved that my school gives students an opportunity to be certified in a career that they may enjoy such as medical assisting, pharmacy , culinary, etc. That way you will walk out of high school able to get a job in the field that you selected . It is a very school so therefore we do not get the same experience that other high school do. However, the school tries its best to incorporate many activities and events that students may attend to.
Some of the teachers care very deeply about the effects that they will have on their students and it shows in the way that they care for the success and future of their students and how each of those students learns the material. I think however that the school could try to integrate some more aspects of what a regular high school is like being as that this is the only high school some of the students will ever attend and it should be memorable and fun. Overall it was alright, I just wish that the administration cared more about the needs and wants of it's students.
Great environment most of the time, but overall it's a life changing experience you'll never forget.
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The best 4 years of my life! I will never forget the amazing people that I met while attending this wonderful school that not only taught me everything I needed to know but also showed me how important life is and how it needs to be cherished.
I like that while I am in high school I also are pursuing a Medical Assistant degree, the school is small but great,
Awesome staff and teachers. Since I started my freshman here I notice that the teachers help you succeed and I have learned to strive as my grades and knowledge is my number one priority.
Paths is a great how school it gives the students a chance to take a tech certification while in high school they have option like medical assisting, medical lab assistant, law administrative, culinary, hvac, and so many other great options
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