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I love proctor so much, I changed from the Duluth School district in 2015 and I have never looked back. The teachers care about the students, the administration makes decisions that benefit us the students, and everyone feels like a tight knit community. The only downside is the school is 97% White, so diversity isn’t that great.
Proctor Senior High School is an overall nice and welcoming school. In our school, We recently added a new part of the day called "power hour". In that hour, you get lunch, and have the ability to find a teacher, and receive help with your academics. Every teacher I have met at this school was as welcoming as they can be, and none of them have had any sort of negative impact. If they are a "hard on you" teacher, they do it to show they care and are willing to push you to be the best. The people at school are welcoming when you first enroll. They are willing to help you find your class, help you with your assignments, and be there when you need someone. The guidance counselors are there to help, and when you are talking about what interests you for college, they encourage you. I've had an amazing time going to Proctor Senior High School, and if I had to go through high school again, it would be at Proctor.
It has a small school feeling, but offers bigger school opportunities such as AP classes. Would like to see them expand these opportunities.
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Good teachers, good curriculum, things can always use improving though. Some teachers could use help in improving, subtitutes too.
My experience at Proctor High School has been nothing shy of great. I've had so many great experiences with my friends, peers, teachers, and coaches. The learning environment is comforting and the teachers are great at their subjects. I have so much respect for everything that the teachers, staff members, and coaches do for us. Truly a privilege to be at this school that I don't take lightly.
I enjoyed this school for I had a great group of teachers and my class size wasn't huge. Everybody knew everyone, and the teachers being in a town of Minnesota, are what you would call Minnesota nice.
I like how wiling the teachers are to help, and how kind everyone is. Our school is inclusive to all, and we have really good programs for everyone.
Good security. No threats have ever occurred. On site police officer.
There are lots of sports and clubs to get involved with.
Most parents attend events for their children and get involved with their children's classes, but most do not get involved with other classes or students.
I loved most of the teachers I had at Proctor. Of course, there were a few whose teaching style did not go well with my learning style, but any school you will attend will have those teachers. Teachers are friendly and approachable, even if you do not have them for class. They all are available outside of class and offer lots of help.
I never felt unsafe even with limited security
Sports are main source of extracurricular activities
Overall Proctor offered an acceptable experience.
The teachers use several different teaching styles.
Proctor High School has a lot of school spirit and amazing teachers. Yet I wish there were more opportunities for classes and extra-curriculars. Also, the cleanliness and appearance of the school could be improved. While I think this is a good school, I believe that it could improve upon these things.
I myself,my older children, siblings,mother,relatives, husband, and close friends all attended and graduated from Proctor High School. In my personal experience I find it to be a very good school. It is a well rounded school offering lots of extracurricular activities and the teachers and staff are very helpful and involved. Very satisfied
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For the most part, I take pride in my school
There's not enough food for the amount we pay
The teachers aren't harsh enough on kids who rebel
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