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Proctor Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Proctor is a very, very small school, my class-senior class of 2019- currently has 19 kids. Most teachers here care a lot about teaching and the success of each individual. However, the teachers that don’t care about teaching have really taken advantage of the new proficiency based grading system-which is a whole other rant on its own. I once had a teacher tell my class that he was basically a glorified babysitter, not a teacher, because we asked why all of our work was online and why he hardly ever helped us with anything. But the culture and close-knit community there is like nothing else, although that has its own bad parts, of you don’t mix well with some kids then it’s hard to get away from them or work things out because our current guidance counselors are jokes. Overall a pretty average school.
I personally love the atmosphere of my high school. I absolutely love the teachers. I am not 100% on the way teaching is at PHS but I'm proud that my school is the ONLY school that is full blown proficiency based learning.
I like how I got to focus on what I wanted to do. I got to work with technology, and that's what I'm going for with college.
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For a very small school there are a lot of options and great teachers that can help if you ever need anything.
The sports programs at my school are very good but there are not a lot of sports to choose from because I go to a very small school.
The school I go to is very, very small. I wish I went to a bigger high school where they have many different type of courses to take. At my school there a few different types of classes but for the most part there are not as much of a variety of classes as there would be at a bigger school.
The teachers at my school work hard at what they do and most of them do a great job. Since my school is so small, there is the opportunity to have a lot of one on one time with teachers if that is what the student needs. Mostly all of the teachers are approachable and trustworthy.
I came to this school in the ninth grade. Everyone in my class had known each other since kindergarten, however they welcomed me right in and made me feel comfortable. The atmosphere at school is very relaxed, nonchalant, and comfortable. Everybody knows everybody and there is no "popular". Everybody gets along and is friends with everybody else. Most of the teachers are spectacular and form personal friendships with the students. They are always willing and eager to help students out. The sports and music departments thrive despite being small in numbers. I couldn't ask for a better high school experience.
Its your normal food service. We are run by the Abby Group.
We spend a lot of money for new technology, but I think it could be better spend else where (possibly on the education?!). I dont believe that we have any tutors but the teachers are happy to help. We dont have a lot of school parking but its enough for our school of 200 (7-12). Only people in the 11 and 12 grades would be driving so its less than 50 people that would need to park.
We have cut the health teacher to save money therefore only relying on the school nurse to give that sort of education. She doesn't have the time specifically for a sex ed class.
We don't have many athletic facility's available at our school. Our softball and soccer fields are located away from our school (but still in town). We do have a relativity good sports program with the size of our school.
There are some teachers that I admire. I love most of them. I can think of at least two teachers that don't really teach you. I also don't think that our curriculum is up to par when compared to other schools.
Being such a small school we don't have the variety in sports or clubs. We only have one team for many sports . If you want to play a sport you are guaranteed a spot on varsity. We have about four clubs if that.
There is now a new principal who has been trying out new rules and making everyone question his authority. However some of the new rules have worked but he has still upset many parents,
They have cut out many classes such as our shop and choir class. They are trying to get rid of the computer class and the only language offered is Spanish. However most of the teachers are willing to help you succeed.
This school is really strong in the science department. The teachers are very knowledgeable and good at teaching the information to the students. The math department isn't as strong. The teachers are knowledgeable, but are not very good in the way the get the information across to the students.
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There is a very strict anti-bullying policy at this school. The school is locked and the doors are kept under watch. If someone is being bullied it gets stopped fairly quickly and students can see any teacher about problems involving bullying.
The students are all nice and the teachers are nice and there to help you when you need it. It is very easy to make life long friends at this school.
Everyone is allowed to participate in sports at this school. A lot of students get involved and play sports and enjoy playing. Even the students that don't play sports still go to the games to support the teams. Every sports player works hard and tries there best to succeed. We all work together and don't never give up or hang our heads. We have positive attitudes and keep looking in the positive direction.
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