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The school is currently transitioning from the far out crunchy and hippie culture that I love about it, to a more conformist cookie cutter mold that most other private boarding schools fall into. Ironically in an efffort to become more competitive the school is stepping away from it’s greatest assets. As a result the woodlands are utilized less and less, fewer students care about enviromental action, to the point where Eco-dorm has been terminated. I used to believe it was a school that could openly address issues and rise above, unfortunately after three years I feel I was mistaken. That is not to say that there are not still incredible teachers and individuals within the community. I just feel that with every tree we cut down to make room for a superfluous new building, we chip away at the heart of Proctor.
Tough as a day student, there is a disconnect with boarders and facility. They need to have better options for students free time
This school has the most incredible learning support team. There is truly an abundance of academic support at this school. There is always a teacher to help review the classroom work and make sure the student is learning. Teachers at this school are very invested and have the time built into their schedules to be available to students. Additionally the sports are wonderful. Everyday students get to spend several hours engaged in their sport of choice. This place has a wonderful balance between work and play. And the new dining hall is stunning and by boarding school standards the food is yummy!
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An amazing community of students, faculty and staff. Located in a small NH town near multiple ski mountains, lakes and hiking trails. Must be prepared for the full four season effect and be creative with finding things to do. However, the school offers a community to call a second home and various places to challenge growth along with character. Amazing over sea and exploration trips to take advantage of. I would not have changed my experience there for anything.
Proctor has done well by me and I am glad I attended this school, there are certain areas for improvement but the tight knit community at proctor is one of a kind.
Proctor Academy is a beautiful school in rural New Hampshire with a lot to offer. It has wonderful professors who become family, competitive athletics, and academics which are catered toward the student. I am very lucky to have been given the opportunity to attend Proctor.
If you are thinking about applying to Proctor, don’t. It is absolutely terrible and just about the least fun you will have your entire life. Admissions is extremely manipulative and will go at great lengths to impress applicants including putting in fake assemblies. Proctor is like a communist society where the only people with any power are the adults. Students spend their free time sittunh In their rooms bored and wanting to leave. 100% of students that I have talked to hate it, I literally have never met somebody that has outwardly said that they don’t hate proctor. Boarding school in general just sucks. Please parents don’t send your kids here they will hate it. The academics can be really easy though depending on your classes so I guess that’s a plus. The teachers do truly care about their students also, that is undeniable. Though the faculty at proctor is very kind and supportive this just can’t mask the fact that there is nothing fun to do while you are here.
Proctor Academy is like no other boarding school. Proctor is disorganized, unstructured, and as a student, I can tell you first hand. I can ask multiple people at Proctor do you like it here, and 80% of the kids would say they were miserable. To be a successful student at Proctor you have to be a very specific type of learner. The school has some good features but for every good feature, there are 3 bad features. The school should be considered a summer camp. Take my advice, send your child to a better school.
My Son spent 4 years at Proctor...... it changed his life. He is attending a prestigious University after suffering from ADHD and struggling in his early years of education !!! I can't speak highly enough about the Learning Skills department !!! Don't overlook this school.... it is incredible.
Proctor Academy fosters independence by giveing one just enough to succeed, and nothing more. Whether it be college counseling or academics, there is no handholding. The off-campus programs place one in a level of responsibility unrivaled. For this reason, one must learn important skills such as being proactive and self responsibility.
I absolutely loved Proctor with all my heart. Not only is the campus gorgeous and provides lots of opportunities for exploring and adventuring but the teachers are some of the best I have ever met. You call them by their first names and get an advisor who basically becomes your second parent. I still keep in contact with all of my teachers. The academics are also fantastic and I truly feel as though I was prepared for college. It is an absolutely fantastic school that I definitely miss!
As a 4-year senior at Proctor Academy, I am pleased to write this review. Faculty members are tough, caring and understand your whole person. They stretch you but take you under their wing at the same time. I have grown so much as an individual and as a student. Classes are diverse and challenging. I was able to take classes such as Forensics, Psychology, Climate Science and Forestry- those that aren't offered at my public high school.
Proctor offers a wealth of experiential learning opportunities. Personally, I studied abroad in Spain for a semester, danced at the Magic Kingdom and took an acting class in New York City during Project Period. I will also be studying abroad in France during the spring of my senior term.
I will be forever grateful to Proctor for giving me these opportunities and for preparing me for the future.
I have been going to Proctor academy for three years now and my time here has been great. I love my classes I love the people, and I love the food. Life overall is pretty spectacular here on campus.
Great high school experience. It has the best classes and teachers, cool off-campus programs that are available to every student, and an improving athletic scene. There are some issues here and there, but Proctor is doing its best to fix them.
The extracurriculars are vast options wise its just about choosing one to correctly fit you or you won't have any fun.
I got to try lots of different experiences: being in a play, archery, ski jumping, rock climbing, ceramics, art and I am listened to and encouraged
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