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I am currently a Junior in High School at Hug, in all honestly the only reason I am sticking around at this school is because I have created a strong bond with teachers and a few other students. I certainly do not enjoy the constant fighting and arguing that student involve themselves in, or the disrespect shown to our staff. I also don’t enjoy the feeling of being put down when certain administration members pick favorite with students who ‘had a bad past’ and I certainly don’t enjoy the constant hatred surrounding this campus. It seems as though you try your hardest to bring everyone together, this generation doesn’t know how to show respect or be kind.
At hug there are a lot of opportunities to do good. When i first started high school i was in a very dark place but with help from hug staff and students i managed to get back in the swing of things.
It's been pretty good, the teachers usually care about you. Mr and Mrs are pretty rad teachers though!
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This school has great teacher. I have been here for my 4 years and all my teachers are very supportive. The counselor are helpful and understanding . The clubs are fun to join but they should add more clubs. Sports are the most funny thing here in Hug. The food they provide is not the best, I would like if they change their menu. Although the breakfast is very yummy. I think they should work on their staff. But over all the school is good.
My overall experience with this school has been great so far. The teachers that I've had my 4 years of high school have been respectful to each one of there students, not just that but they are very helpful and very supportive. But on the other hand some of the staff are disrespectful meaning you go up to them nicely and they give you attitude for no reason. Although some of they food is great but I feel like they should add better food because the pizzas here are very greasy and gross, and the cheeseburgers are very soggy. The breakfast menu is by far the best food they give out. But overall I like the school.
Going to Hug High School for four years now, this is my last year & everything has been good to me as a student here. The teachers are lenient when it comes to things and they’re fun to get along with if you get on their good side
I like how the teachers are so nice and helpful and it’s easy to fine classes and to have all 7 classes. The campus is a nice place. Something I would change is for some of the workers up at the office to be more nicer.
What I like about Hug High School is the academics. You have the opportunity to take college course classes and learn the subject with good teaching teachers. The staff too is very interactive with students and you're able to build a friendship with them. One thing I would like to see change about this school is the school spirit. Have students interact more with the school events.
Hug is a fantastic school it will get you involved with activities and you will blend right in because nobody is racist. Also Hug is very good in acedemics and the teachers and administration will help you get the diploma you want, also help you be college ready.
my experience has been good throughout my years in high school, i like the open campus, the diversity, the teachers and staff. i would like to change the school spirit.
My experience with my school is on the average side. I wouldn't say the school is bad but the students somewhat give it a bad reputation. I enjoy going to this school because I feel safe and I get my education that I desire. The teachers are really nice and are very welcoming when I get to my classes. They're also very helpful whenever I ask for help. I would like to see the food at my school improve a lot more because sometimes I get grossed out by looking at it. They should have more healthy selections of food instead of just a salad. I get tired of eating pizza and burgers everyday. I think they should switch it up every other day or something so we won't be eating the same food everyday.
My experience at Hug was a roller coaster of emotions I was stressed about graduation but none of my teachers or counselors gave up on me they helped with homework with extra credit making sure I was on track for the big day and for that I am thankful.
Although we carry a not so good reputation in our community, as a 4th year student attending I can assure that Hug high school is a wonderful school. I am proud to say that I am a HUG HAWK!
Teachers are alright at teaching but tthe relationship between the staff and the students can use some improvising. The school also needs reparations and alot more maintenance. The academics are average.
its ok not nuch happens here not much diversity not much of anything really having the school and everyone is nice. parent invovlve ment lacks.
A lot of people look down upon Hug High School because it's located in a low-income neighborhood. They don't see how much this school has grown. It has the HSA Academy, the GATE Institute, and a brand new cafe. Yes, there are some flaws, but what school doesn't? It also depends on the type of students you surround yourself with, it alters your experience. I did JROTC and because of the program I was able to have a great experience.
I love the diversity at Hug High School. I love how much the staff cares about the students on an academic and personal level. And I love how much they push us to succeed. Something I would like to change would be the Parking lot to make it bigger.
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Hug High school is a really good school. it has a lot of programs to be involved in, i am in many programs such as HOSA, NHS, HSA, and Key club. the school environment is really nice, everyone is really friendly. i love my teachers, they really help me to be successful in life. I am also doing my internship through the program of health science academy(HSA). overall, the school is really good, and will totally be a good school to go for your high school career.
I have been a hawk all 4 years and I was drawn to Hug High because of how high the acceptance of diversity is. I am Hispanic and Polynesian I am bigger than most females but throughout high school ive learned to accept myself. I am prideful I wont forget where I can from!
From my freshmen year through my senior year , I've witness the change in my High School. Everyone was super friendly and bonded really good . Although I would love to see my school more involved with the community.
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