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I can honestly say that I sometimes struggle to find words apt enough to describe how spectacular my life at Pritzker College Prep. However, I'd say that, in regards to my experience with Pritzker College Prep, in comparison to all other students attending this school, I am a maverick; the only person that I have to thank for the amazing experience that I've had at Pritzker College Prep is God and God alone.
Very good high school to prepare students for college. Maybe a very strict school but it is to help get students into the routine of being responsible. The high school is to make sure students get into the mind step of being responsible and taking responsibility for their actions. College is not a place to lay and relax and mess around and that is what the high school makes sure to prepare them for.
I really liked how the teachers were able to spend time with the students to help them with what they needed. It was a small school so it was not too hard to adjust to. There was room for students to be independent by choosing if they to stay after school for any help they need, whether it was academics or physical. I am in IB and it was the first year my school has done that program, so they are still learning how to do all the IB requirements.
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Pritzker College Prep is a great school for college readiness, however, they have some obscured disciplinary rules. If you want your child to have a chance to go to a 4 year university then Pritzker is the school for them.
I love that fact that there were many resources and opportunities given to students. I also enjoyed having teachers that really cared about third students and their education. Everyone tried their best to help the student feel that they are not alone in education or anything. I think that Pritzker College Prep has made the student prepare to when they go to either college or the really world. Pritzker has challenged students to become better students and also a better individual.
Pritzker College Prep is a great school. They have a collegiate seminar class that not all high schools have. With this class, they help find the college or university that best fits you. This is one of the reasons why I love Pritzker. Another reason why I like Pritzker is because of how dedicated teachers are in trying to have every student succeed. This is a school that helps students prepare for when they go to college.
I am still there. I would ljke to see how all staff follows what adminiatration guidelines are an not make them up on your own. Be on top of what is out tjere Nd finding a way to incorporate thT in school.
I like how it is with it's students. Their positivity and motivation brought me to where I am now. They are a real good source for college applications and they keep in contact with you even after you graduated from the school.
My experience at Pritzker College Prep is going great. I am in student council and play Varsity soccer and basketball since Freshman year. Pritzker ensures that every student is involved and has as much help as they need. At Pritzker there is study hall every day and office hours for every teacher after school. I like how Pritzker requires every grade level to take practice ACT and SAT exams. Since Freshman year I was already preparing for the ACT. Pritzker prepares their students very well. However, something I would like to see a change to is less restrictions to students way of expressing themselves. For example students are not able to wear more than one earring per ear and students are not allowed to have more than one bracelet or hair tie per wrist. I believe these rules Pritzker enforces are not relevant to students’ education. Students should be able to wear multiple bracelets and earrings. But, Pritzker has great parent involvement, academics, and sports.
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