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I really enjoyed our daughters time at Prior Lake High School. She had an opportunity to be active in my activities such as varsity sports, honors society, student council and much more! Most teachers have an open door policy and really help the child to succeed. What I would like to see changed is the fact other states allow for dual credits so students come out of school with almost an associates degree. We only have access to honors and AP classes in the state of Mn.
Prior Lake has excellent academics, activities, sports, and school spirit. I'm excited to see the new facilities that are being added onto the school!
Prior Lake Highschool has been an overall good experience. Diversity is definitely the most poor amoung the following, as most of my class is white. The academics here are over whelmingly good and I have bonded with my teachers to an extreme, they really do care about their students.
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My experience with Prior Lake High School has been phenomenal. As they allow me the opportunity to strive towards success. As a new student to the state. I did not expect the likes of me to be accepted not only as a student, but as family. The teachers are well induced into their students needs. They care not just for our education, but also for our needs. They treat us with the upmost respect, and above all they trust us to be assertive in what we do. Surely this school will be th reason for successful leaders around the globe. I thank them and appreciate them to the pinnacle point of my appreciation.
There are very, very good teachers, and very, very bad teachers. The history department is filled with amazing teachers and it is obvious that they love their jobs. However, the science teachers could be a lot better. The school itself is built well and easy to get around. Most of the classes are very easy and they need more AP/Honors classes.
I enjoyed the many out of school learning options, like MNCAPS and PSEO. I also felt that the teachers were there to help me in any way they could and wanted me to suceed.
Prior lake High School gives phenomenal opportunities for academic growth, offering a plethora of honors and AP courses, as well as the opportunity to earn dual credits for college. The teachers and staff are very understanding and are willing to help students achieve success. They encourage students to ask questions and meet one on one or in groups before or after school for any help they might need. For the most part, teachers and staff are also very friendly and care about each of their students' well-being and success. There are tons of clubs and activities to join, and it's really easy to make your own club or activity as well. The school also offers tons of resources for just about anything you could think of.
The teachers are great. The kids are even better! The sports teams are second to none! It was a wonderful 4 year experience all around.
Garbage school do not attend. Full of white hicks who will key your car if you park in truck row. Essentially full of white people with the Tolkien minority sprinkled in. They put all of their money into sports and useless TV's while giving the arts programs a crumpled five, a paper clip, and some pocket lint. It's been the longest and possibly worse four years of my life and I can't wait to escape in the coming week.
I personally really disliked this school mostly because of the lack of help or communication surronding mental health when I was there. My counselor there wouldn’t return my parents calls and we’re very rude until we talked about him to higher ups and even then my experience wasn’t good. I felt like a lot of kids fell through the cracks who were struggling academically and that the school was just trying to shove the kids through to graduation and not actually sit down and help the kids to learn. That was my experience at least that the grades where more important then anything the student was feeling.
I had a great time at the high school. The varied classes and wide range of students encouraged me to meet new people. Activities and the diverse classrooms helped me find a place at the high school. I only gave the school four stars because of the weird school layout and overrated high lunch prices.
Just another suburban school filled with entitled kids who spend all their parents' money. I really enjoyed my freshman year, and there are a lot of opportunities to get involved. During my sophomore and junior years, I experienced a lot of bullying. I actually switched schools because it was so bad. I also feel that some of the teachers at this school simply do not care about their students. I think I had a handful of teachers that I felt went the extra mile to make students feel supported and comfortable. I did PSEO at Normandale Community College and found that my college professors there spent much more time and energy making sure that their students were learning. Overall, I would say Prior Lake High School is great if you have money, but it's hard to fit in if you don't.
I love the parent involvement at PLHS. The sporting events and teams are beyond fabulous. Girls Lacrosse is a close knit family. Our new Coach Heather Pierson is going to make this program excel even more. I do appreciate the strict rules around drinking and drugs as well. PLHS has the highest punishment time if you are an athlete that breaks the rules. The teachers at PLHS are very down to earth, helpful and approachable. I have not only learned academically at PLHS but I have also grown as a person. I have been taught how to love and appreciate all walks of life. The facility at PLHS have taught us that each and everyone of us has a purpose on this earth and we can ALWAYS find good in everyone. The only downfall to PLHS is the community is loved by so many and because of that the populations has outgrown our facility. We need to expand to meet the needs of our growing community. I will raise my children in PLHS! Go Lakers! Love this community!
I appreciated how involved the teachers were in the school. The teachers truly wanted to help students succeed, both in and out of school. There were also a variety of activities to choose from. The honors and AP classes prepared me for college very well.
The academics were rigorous and definitely prepared me for college. I am currently in college and compared to some of my peers currently, I am so much more prepared to be at college and I am getting much better grades than many of my counterparts, all because of the difficulty of classes in Prior Lake. I am proud and fortunate to have received the education that I did. One thing that is not great in Prior Lake is the diversity. There is some diversity, but the majority of my classes included students who were white.
I loved the flexibility of the high school's schedule with PSEO and MNCAPS programs. I was able to take college courses while balancing out my high school life. Prior Lake High School is a public high school and with that, the high school faces many problems other public high schools face. The teachers are great and inspiring; however, there are a few that are okay.
Wonderful teachers, lots of opportunities within the community and school to branch out and gain real-world experience before beginning post-secondary education. Many alternative education choices like MNCAPS, PSEO, Bridges, Work Program, etc.
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I have always heard it's a great school compared to placed like Burnsville and Shakopee. Nothing to complain about. Dr. Besek is taking the school my storm.
I think Prior Lake High School is a great environment to learn great life traits in. The teachers make learning fun and engaging. What I could see change is the diversity of students and teachers.
Prior Lake High School is a great place. There are some amazing teachers that truly engage students. Although there is the occasional bad apple, it is a positive learning experience. It pushes you to work your hardest and persevere.
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