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Principia offers great opportunities and you get out what you put in. However the rules have been tightened quite a bit and it feels very restrictive at times. Student’s attitudes seem to be apathetic at times.
Had a great experience because of my friends. There are a lot of rules and restrictions. I had positive sports experiences and the academics were fairly easy.
The academics at Prin are pretty awful, especially for kids that have gone to a good school in the past. There’s such little pressure put on them and kids do not care, so even the smart kids lose motivation. A lot of this is related to teachers, the few good ones are Moser and Marston, but many of the other teachers aren’t smart or good at teaching. Prin requires CS teachers, which really makes academics suffer due to such little options. To specify, I had a teacher who so many kids were scared of. On the first day he would open by saying, “Don’t be alarmed if I ever start massaging your neck or shoulders while you’re working, it’s what I do to my kids and I can’t help it.” So unprofessional. Prin tried to correct him, but he never improved, and they couldn’t fire him because there’s few CS teachers. Overall, there’s little motivation for college, success, and in general, which needs to be changed.
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I love the like-minded atmosphere Prin creates. It really made me feel at home when I first enrolled even though it was halfway through the school year. The faculty and staff make it a point to be sure that everyone is taught to be responsible and hardworking.
One thing I think could be improved though is making sure every department is treated equally. As a student heavily involved in the performing arts program I often felt that sports would get a lot more recognition than the arts did. My friend and I went to a lot of the basketball and football games but when it came to our few performances of the year there was usually not the same amount of advertising for, and so less turn out, at these performances.
Overall though I have loved my time at Prin and have made some incredible friendships as well as learned a lot.
I learned and grew a lot at the Principia. The people at the school taught me the qualities of grit, leadership, and character. I had the opportunity to serve on student government in several positions where I truly felt loved and supported by the faculty and my community. I learned how to work hard for good results, and I often found myself doing so, but I was always supported by my peers and house moms. Because I decided to give it my all, school was very difficult for me at some points, and I worked harder than most. However, the outcome was worth it, and looking back I learned a lot about myself and hard work. I also learned what is important to me throughout the experience. I gained wonderful relationships from the Principia, and that is why I decided to go to the Principia College and continue my growth!
I went for 4 years of highschool and I loved all the people I met. The dorms are nice and so loving. Everyone truly cares about you there. The teachers are all there to help and support you with anything you need.
Dedicated staff, faculty and administration, thoroughly committed to improving the lives and experiences of their student body.
Incredibly diverse and rich learning experience including annual travel to a variety of highly engaging learning environments, such as Spain, South Africa, Costa Rica, Washington DC, Dominican Republic and so much more.
Great School with tons of opportunity to be involved in activities and sports. Academics have become stronger in recent years and facilities are modern and useful. Good school atmosphere and diversity.
My experience here has been incredible and I would not trade it for anything! The only change I would like to see in the future is a larger student body! More people should experience this great school!
There are mostly sports as after-school activities.
The teachers are great! They are very dedicated to the students and their learning abilities.
Our children went to a top school on the east coast. We were thrilled that they continued to get an academically rigorous experience at Prin while becoming engaged world citizens.
The school does not receive federal funding but still does training to ensure best practices and to maintain commitment to a safe environment for all.
The teachers regularly engage in professional training and are actively assessed in meeting student learning outcomes while given opportunities to learn and grow in their fields. They also take active roles in learning outside the classroom that provide rich experiential learning for students.
Sports are required to graduate and this is great because we get to meet new people and make friends.
We have a great security team who is not only friendly but also very dedicated to keeping Principia safe. We also have a place called campus house where loving nurses help us with whatever we need.
This school has taught me the importance of hard work and love. I have also learned how to be selfless and respectful, joyous and kind, and most of all how to connect with the world in a way that can help make a difference.
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These teachers are passionate about what they teach and push me to do better than I ever could have done at a different school.
Principia is not at all what you expect. it has a great atmosphere, especially the people there. they are loving and caring and look out for your best interest but some of the rules are limiting and unnecessary.
I love Prin, however it can be a little strict and annoying.
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