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Those teachers are very patient to teach each students, I've always see most of the students have trouble with math, so a teacher let them stay her room to guide them math. I am a second language leaner, so every homeroom time I always walk to my english, he always smile and patient to help me to improve writing, saying, and learn more vocabularies. I like Princeville High School when they separated the schedule into two days ( A & B day). Which mean I will have 4 classes a day and I'll have different class in B day. I also like they add few more classes, such as foods, interior design, child development and etc. I wish they can add few more languages classes instead Spanish, so many students have option to choose what they want to learn.
Princeville is a nice small town to live in, people are very friendly. The academics here are very excellent, and the teachers are easily approachable.
Princeville High School has always been a friendly place to learn. Overall the teachers are great and the school keeps improving our experience with additions to the school and technology
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Overall I had a great experience in my high school career. The facility and staff were always nice and helpful. Coming from a small neighborhood, everyone knows everyone by their first name and it's a very close community. The small school environment is very beneficial when it comes to studies. There are lots of one-on-one opportunities and teachers are always willing to help if asked. The curriculum is one of the best in the state and I was proud to go to Princeville High School. When it comes to technology, every student is issued their own personal laptop that they are required to take home. This gives students a great opportunity to learn and have access to lots of current research. Although a small school full of clicks and social groups, there is minimal bullying situations. Through all my years at Princeville I only witnessed one physical fight that was resolved very quickly, a lot less than other schools around, which makes me feel very safe when attending school.
The school is very organized in making sure that students are successful in achieving academic goals and standards.
Most parents are busy working, but those that truly care for their kids are there for them.
Many of the teachers are willing to help students if the students ask.
We have organizations to fit a variety of passions.
Our school spirit & close-knit community are great.
I love my small-town school and FFA program!
Lots of people participate in the after school activities.
I think that the school administration has done a wonderful job of minimizing bullying. We have had a couple very, very worthwhile assemblies and moved a lot of the student body to tears. The dress code at school, in my opinion, is appropriate for high school students. It teaches good morals causes less distraction during school. No one has to feel inferior or superior because of the way someone else dresses.
I think the classes offered at Princeville are a good balance. We get to choose our classes, and we get placed in higher or lower level classes depending on our learning style and our comprehension of skills. My classes are challenging, which makes class interesting. You have to pay attention if you want good grades.
I feel as if since we are such a small school, there's not much face to face bullying. Most bullying is done online, on Facebook or something similar to that. For the most part we all really get along, we all take are grades seriously, and we're kind to one another. The consequences for bullying in Princeville High is a great, you just don't do it!
Princeville High does a great job at getting their students involved with extracurricular activities! From FFA to Spanish club, we have a wide range of options. Everyone takes pride in the organizations or clubs they are in. Its awesome to see the accomplishments of each group.
At Princeville High, we have an amazing teaching staff. They are passionate about what they do, and it makes a great learning environment. Since Princeville is so small, it makes the student body a lot like a family. I feel like they would have my back in a lot of things. There is a lot of school spiriting boiling inside of everyone and it makes school exciting and sporting events intense. We have spirit week for homecoming, and I feel like this really unites our student body. We have friendly competitions, including powder-puff football, tug-of-war, hula-hoop contest, wheel barrel race, etc. where the grades compete against one another. This week is probably my favorite week of the school year.
I would say the school does a good job at mixing up the lunch menu. As for quality, there have been times that I have left feeling sick. I don't know how much of the meat is "real" meat, and how much is fillers. 90% of the time I bring my own lunch, just to avoid complaining, but many of my friends eat the school lunch every day. I would say we are pretty fortunate because it's always clean and presented well, but you can also tell when we're having leftovers.
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