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Princeton Senior High School Reviews

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I like Princeton's JROTC program, but other than this, there's really nothing great about it. It's the average school. The staff is half and half, some are rude, others not so much.
Princeton senior high school is a second home to me. Overall, their teachers and staff all love to help and have their students achieve their goals for the future. I enjoyed the extra classes they had such as business classes, that extremely helped me for my future. They helped me understand taxes, Bills, and how to be ready for when I have to become independent. However, I find that they lack security. Recently, they have added a police officer to keep us safe, but the students at this school are not the sweetest. Hopefully as time passes, more students that know how to act will give this school proud. ONE TOWN, ONE SCHOOL, ONE FAMILY, PSHS.
The environment when you enter the walls of Princeton Senior High School is beyond extravagant. The teachers are beyond helpful and beyond caring. Administration will always care and walk you through anything you need.
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I graduated in 2016. I had expressed that I was considering dropping out of school, I was never in class, nor did anyone care. There was literally only one instructor that ever asked how I was doing and cared whether or not I was in class. He's the only reason I even graduated. The counselors' are no help nor do they offer any guidance. Schedules were always messed up. Bullying is AWFUL there, teachers will witness it then pretend as if they never saw it. All around a school I would never want my two children attending.
Princeton senior High is a diverse school. Most of the teachers that teach college preparedness are well qualified. If I could change something about the school it would be the knowledge that our counselors have to help provide the students with opportunities to go to college.
PSHS is a very diverse school with lots of different personalities. Everyone gets along for the most part, and the teachers and administrators are very involved in the lives of the students.
Had two children graduate from this school. The Tigers Marching Band is one of the best. My son enjoyed every moment of it.
I like the classes that are offered, but I would like to see some of the staff change. The food is very terrible. They do not offer a lot of extracurricular activities. The administration is terrible. They do handle bullying well at all.
I liked the diversity of PSHS and all the activities for students but I didn't like how strict the administration was and I didn't like that there wasn't really much professionalism when it came to academic counseling.
I like the teachers and the environment. Jrotc with Sargent Lucas is my escape from all the normal class work. What I would like to see changed is the favoritism and also the way bullying gets handled. We need to do more to stop the bullying in schools
Princeton high school is a great place for student too learn & a great place for them to be college ready .
At Princeton Senior High School you will get the education need to prepare you for a college life. The school is a very involved school with the community and other schools and people in need. Princeton has good sport teams and always cheer their players on. One thing I would change is the bullying of students. Its not a lot but it happens everywhere wheter we know it or not.
Princeton Senior High School has a good atmosphere for teaching and setting kids up for greatness. All the teachers there are willing to help there students with school, college readiness, and life. And I thank them for that.
Princeton Senior High school is a great high school with amazing teachers and personnel. Highly recommend.
I loved Princeton Senior High School. The staff and student body is my second family. I’m in a number of clubs and I’ve played soccer my whole life. I couldn’t ask for a better school.
My parents can't be a part in scheduling my report card. Teachers are easy to get a hold of when asking questions online. Administration shows an overall lack of concern in the majority of students future. Club are always trying to make the school better and more fun for students.
PSHS is an exceptional school. The faculty and staff goes above and beyond in order to ensure we receive the best education possible. My experience with the students has been positive. They are really nice. I have always been able to take the classes needed to stay on track with my future goals.
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My experience at Princeton Senior High School has been immensely successful and stupendous. My main reason for the wonderful years at this high school would have to be the Tiger Marching and Concert Band. With Mrs. Julie Kade as a band director I have grown, not only in my musical abilities, but also in my personality and character. She has proven to be a magnificent role model, and I will forever be in gratitude towards her and my time together with her. After this school year, she has officially retired, but her mark will forever remain on the school and West Virginia itself. Other than her, I have had mutiple teachers who completely submerged themselves into the school and their curriculum. I have been on the Honors and AP Path since freshman year, and those teachers have exceeded my expectations by providing such focus and support throughout the semester. I have already learned so much throughout my time there, and cannot wait to learn more this upcoming school year.
I loved attending this school. They have high academic standards and athletics. They have the students best interest at heart all the time. PSHS thrives to see students succeed.
I gave it a four star because the school seems to be improving. When I first started attending there we never had pep rally's and lost our school spirit but slowly they are bringing that back. They are also starting to offer new credit opportunities and trying to help us plan for our futures more.
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