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Most teachers teach the bare minimum, the faculty doesn’t care for the student health or safety unless in dire circumstances.
Unfortunately, there is only a handful of staff that can be trusted with bullying issues - most of the staff tend to either ignore complaints from students, or twist them once the media gets involved.
I had a good experience at Princeton. I think a lot of a people would say otherwise. For me, it was a matter of opportunity I had to be in the school and me seeing that as more important than anything else going on. I have had many great teachers in the school that worked in making my experience what it was. There were also some teachers who were not so easy going and made things frustrating for me and for others as well. Outside of school I had the opportunity to play 3 different sports in high school, all of which I had a blast in. The coaching staffs in the sports were great and the teams gave me memories I’ll never forget. Princeton is a great school overall.
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My experience at Princeton as a student was anything less than satisfying. During my time at Princeton High School, there were scandals that ranged from criminal offenses to lack of care. Princeton has a lot of issues with bullying and the school does nothing about it. Princeton also had the issue of students beating up a disabled student. The administration cares about their students so much they bother to learn students names. The teachers also are very friendly and look for many ways for their students to succeed. The downside is there is no way to interact with students at the school besides through sports, NHS, student council, and LEO club. No other extracurricular activities were mentioned at the school and were never really broadcasted as something you could join. The students themselves also have the tendency to exclude new students as the students are largely in cliches. All around, Princeton is at best an average school in my experience.
Enjoying being involved. I like the sports and teachers. I like the small community and feeling that the teachers care about you. They treat you and give your the one and one attention your need.
My experience at Princeton Senior High School was very good. I had many opportunities to join clubs and be academically challenged. However, I hope that for the future, the school can change the class schedule back to the original 3 lunch periods. The current 2 lunch period is not beneficial to all student because students in clubs such as student council and national honor society have to skip lunch because both clubs having meetings over the 2 lunch hours.
An average school really. Have a few really good teachers. I took all the college classes I could before I did PSEO my senior year. I wish they would have offered more advanced classes and college classes. Some of the classes were too easy and/or meaningless to take. School said it was student before athletes, but really it was athletes before student. The administration did not always solve problems like a right away like they should have. The food services had issues of charging more for meals when they served less than the other schools. Also the food choices were really poor, causing me to bring my own lunch.
The teachers were great and cared a lot about their job and the students. However, administration (district, principal) did not make decisions according to what was best for the students and their high school experience. For example, not allowing 2 class speakers that students voted for, not recognizing student council president on graduation (which is traditionally done), restrictions on when students can use library, etc.
Pros - Academics are quite easy, even in the advanced classes.
Most of the teachers are pretty nice and will help you actually understand the material if you don't understand.
Lunch staff are quite friendly, food isn't any worse than any other school in the area since every school just has to put the frozen food in the oven to cook it and keep it warm.
Cons - Never meets state averages for tests like the MCAs
The school has so much opportunity in the arts but still chooses to focus and fund sports more
Serious lack of diversity (There's a fair amount of racist remarks)
Incoming freshman only have the choice of Spanish for a language class unless they want to do online
Pretty much half of each grade doesn't care about school at all
Many drug deals go down in the school, many people at least smoke weed or cigarettes (Which even resulted in a fire in the school and everyone needing to be let out early.)
My experience at Princeton Senior High School has been pretty decent. Most of the teachers are pretty good. One thing that they decided to discontinue last year, would be the MOCK crash. They did it because two students had gotten into accidents during that month. I personally think that they should have kept it, because it helps shows students what can happen in certain events and it scares them, but not for the worse. It makes students think about the choices they make while driving and how to deal with certain situations. Overall, I was pretty disapointed and felt bad for the people that put effort into getting the MOCK crash set up, only to have it not happen.
Princeton High School is a pretty good school. If I could change anything about it I would change the diversity. There are very few students with varying ethnicity. Most students are white. It would Be a nice change if there was more variation.
This school district and staff care about their students. They make it a point to get the students connected to what they are learning to help them retain the great education they are receiving. They also make it a point to take care of their students emotionally with great staff and great resources.
I've spent my freshman and my senior years at PHS, and I've loved it! The teachers are kind, and the classes are engaging and vary widely in subject.
I transferred from another school to this school. I felt my potential was over looked by most of the staff. The German teacher was the only instructor who cared about my success.
I always felt safe. I was never worried about safety.
I was always part of the arts and music. Loved them
I loved it. The music program was amazing.
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I loved my high school and I got along great with almost all of my teachers. I had a few teachers that didn't really care about students or were to quick to make decisions based on their opinions rather than facts but I for the most part I had a great high school experience.
There a few offered after school activites, you will mosstly find stundents affer school no teachers or helpers. Most teachers leave early and if you're after school and need help everything is closed. Janitors get upset because how rude some stundents can be. Most after school activites seem unproductive.
There are some really great teachers at Princeton mostly just the arts teachers ( band, choir, art ). Students are really disrespectful to other stundents and teachers, challenged kids are not helped enough and teachers pick on them the most. Althelic events are okay we end up at state but then get crushed.
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