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Princeton R-V Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I love how welcoming the Princeton schools are. I moved here 4 months ago and the first day I started everyone was so friendly! The atmosphere of the school is amazing, teachers show that they care and really get you involved in things. Everyone just makes it super comfortable for you and even when you get behind they always help and get you caught up. The one thing I would add are different sports teams like volleyball or soccer.
Working with teachers that have grown up around in the area and where the faculty is very close-minded and not diverse. Also sexist against the girls for showing shoulders but allowing boy students to wear shirts with the sides cut out.
I wish there was more of a variety of sports
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Even though I moved to Princeton when I was young, and I was used to living in a city I am still very happy we moved to Princeton because I have met a bunch of great people and learned things I would have never learned if I had lived in the city.
The teachers do good with what they are given considering I go to such a small, rural school that doesn't have as much money as larger schools do.
Teachers here are good at their job, but they are rude sometimes.
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