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Princeton Junior-Senior High School Reviews

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This school is safe because police is available when its needed. The school's size makes it less probable to be in any type of danger concerning with criminal action.
The extracurricular activities in this school are attainable to any student who is willing to participate and maintains a decent GPA level. The most popular extracurricular opportunities are Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, CSF and FFA. There are no try- outs required for any of these activities because of the amount of students attending this school. The students are able to chose the activity of their preference without having to worry about being rejected.
The teachers at Princeton Jr/Sr High School, the school I attend, are genuine, respectful, intellegent and considerate. They teach students in a manner in which they remain interested and attentive. Whenever students need help academically they know they can count on the teachers' help. Since this is a small school the teachers and students are able to communicate more often and have a respectful yet friendly relationship. The students are most likely to have a high GPA level because of the exeptional attention they are provided with. Overall I consider this school to be the most delightful and helpful out of all the schools I've ever attended.
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Its an amazing school. I have been attending this school since Pre-K. They treated me like family and forever will be family!
Students get a lot of help from teachers and the counscler and always make sure we try to do our best. Princeton Junior/Senior High is a good school to go to because it's small and makes you feel like you are at home and everyone is friendly.
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