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Wonderful curriculum for athletics department, and lots of character building lessons for all classes. They offer degree plans in Mechanics, Nursing, Cosmetology, and much more. Princeton's PTA and Parent organizations are wonderful and run by some really driven people.
I like most of the teaching staff, they are usually very encouraging and seem like they genuinely want to help you to learn and grow in preparation for the future. It would be nice if there was a little more school spirit and more involvement of the administration when it came to supporting students.
I love the number of caring teachers there are in one school! I would like to change the atmosphere from all about sports to all about education.
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This school is a small town highschool that provides alot of opportunities for those looking for a great highschool experience.
Some things that i wish would change is the college readiness. There should be more influnce on the work ethic that is needed for college. Overall this school is great for everyone of all kinds.
It's in a small town that has big dreams. Pride is held high with standards and positive expectations. Trauma always seems to hit hard yet this town has the heart to get through just about anything. The school encourages extracarricular activities to motivate students to maintain academics .
I like about it is that everyone is nice and Princeton made a huge impact in my life today. The teachers make me have wonderful grades. I totally recommend y’all coming to Princeton High school you will honestly just love it so much. It will change your life. It will make you have a whole different perspective in life.
Princeton High School is a public high school located in Princeton, Texas (USA). It is part of the Princeton Independent School District located in central Collin County and classified as a 4A school by the UIL. In 2015, the school was rated "Met Standard" by the Texas Education Agency. The Princeton Marching band is the best ever! And you will just love Princeton High School in everything you participate in. Everyone is hardworking in its electives etc.
My experience here at the high school has been good I have to say. As being a senior now going through all 3 years you see how we have grown. But one thing I wish we did was we come together. To have more fun as a school with pep rallies, and things like that. I think that is one thing we lack as a school is that school spirit.
The academics and sports are great. We have so many different programs, and boosters that help out our school. However, there is one thing that should be better, and that is the school spirit.
I love Princeton high school it's a great school I would change some of the teaching technic and better lunches
I like how Princeton High School is a small high school. This allows me to have a more personal relationship with my teachers, which helps me get the help I need to succeed in my education. I want to see the discrimination against races from the students to other students to diminish. As Angela Davis once said, "I can not accept what I can not change, but I can change what I can not accept".
Hello i love how its a small town and you get to know alot of different trypes of people. Everyone is really friendly and make you feel welcome. Princeton high school has been a great experience in my life time met people i never thought ill meet , teachers help out alot have make time to explain lessons. The soccer program save my high school education. I enjoy bonding with my teammates and glad to call them my second family.
Princeton Highschool has been a great experience as I have been able to experience things I wouldn't have at any other district. I was apart of the marching band, which shaped me into the person I am today and make me a better musician.
Princeton is not as good as my last high school. It doesn't give many options for students who are gifted in academics. Teachers need to be evaluated better. And not everything should rely on six weeks tests because I have teachers who won't teach us anything and then right before the test will cram everything into one or two days and teach us nothing through it.
Princeton is a good school with opportunities for students to join different activities. The C.A.T.E center is a promising thing the school has to offer.
I have lived in Princeton all my life. While I am comfortable because of my friends, this is the school is one where the students are counting down the days till they graduate. I don't quite know if it's the school or the town, but sometimes it just feels like everything is bringing you down. There are a handful of teachers that I would not trade for the world, just because they are so involved with the student's lives and they really care about the future of their students. In the past two years, PHS has really changed a lot of its ways when it comes to student involvement. I believe this is due to our new Principal, James Lovelady. I personally think he really has the student's best interests at heart. Unfortunately, I don't believe that my school prepares students very well for college or even the real world.
Princeton High School has been such a wonderful home to me these past four years. The students and teachers have made it easy and fun to get involved. High grades are easy to maintain at Princeton High School due to the amazing staff and all the tutoring they are willing to do for their students. I wouldn't change anything about Princeton High, it's been a great experience for many of us and I hope it keeps bringing our town closer together.
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I moved from Chicago to a small country town in Texas. Needless to say the transition was very hard especially since I moved right before my freshmen year. Overall the school was very helpful when it came to me having to switch my credits and finding out classes I would need to take. The spirit and kindness that is all throughout the high school and even school district is amazing. All I would have to say is before the school district hire's new teachers they should consider how well the teachers know the information they will be teaching and that they should understand flexibility for high school students is greatly appreciated.
Princeton High, while being a campus within a small town, is a wonderful educational environment that has more than once made it's presence known among the state in it's sports, academics, and fundraising competitions. The teachers are always easy to make friends and get along with while at the same time being excellent in their teachings. With as involved as it is in the community, state, and country wide events and the great people I am lucky to have met in my four years of being there; I am proud to say that it has been an honor to be called a student there.
I am going to be honest and say, PISD does not have the friendliest high school students in the world. Everyone has their separate cliques and they do not invite just anyone. It was hard to find friends, considering many of them you cannot trust
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