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The four years I spent in PHS were a learning experience. In and out of class. There is diversity in this school, not just racial diversity but also diversity in the interests of the students. There are different clubs and after-school activities where every student can find a place to fit in. The teachers are supportive and attentive to the students needs.
Princeton High School is well known school in the top 10 high schools in New Jersey. It is a school that gives many opportunities and allow students to help their community. However, the school has a lot of competition between students and can cause stress within students. There are many teachers that are very supportive of students and are willing to help students whenever they have free time. Overall it is a good school and there are diverse students that are all friendly :) .
Princeton High School is a good, academically challenging school; however, it is not perfect. One thing I noticed is the jump between AP classes and regular ones, leaving the people in between with few options.
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What I love most about Princeton High School is the abundance of opportunities to get involved, from community service groups like Operation Smile, to cultural clubs like Asian American Club, to more competitive clubs like Science Olympiad or Odyssey of the Mind. If you can't find a club you like you can always start your own; a friend of mine interested in filmmaking founded a film magazine at our school.

Although Princeton High school is extremely rigorous, the staff and administration here truly care about their students' wellbeing, from bringing in therapy dogs to instituting certain no-homework weekends. The teachers here are incredibly supportive as well, from staying after school for several hours to coming in over breaks so that students can work on their projects or club work.
Princeton High School offered good academic opportunities. Many of tenured teachers are terrible with some exceptions. The overly competitive culture of the high school is extremely toxic.
It was a very good experience. The people are all great and you'll hardly see any fights or something along those lines. Personally, I was able to meet a lot of great people and ended up befriending a lot of them. Academically, this is a very tough school. Sure, if you ask a current student they could say otherwise but that's only because they are used to the current difficulty that they've been dealing with in high school. It is a very safe school and more recently the school has implemented more security in the school. Really a great experience.
The experience was a very positive one, surrounded by lots of different viewpoints and students who are not afraid to speak up. The classes are mostly very high quality, and you are allowed to challenge yourself the entire four years.
After moving here my junior year it was although a big adjustment in switching schools Princeton High School offered me a lot of opportunities to be apart of the school community.
The students at Princeton High School are academically driven and high achievers. Surrounding yourself with such students drives you forward into working harder. I would say that my most fondest memories of high school are all the clubs and extracurricular activities that I got involved in. The amount of computer labs is great, the library is huge, and it is a light walk into town where you can hang out with friends, grab coffee, or read in the public library.
Too much cheating, but great resources especially with local university. There's a great diversity of courses, and teachers are generally supportive and organized. Administration is very flexible, almost too flexible. Sports and school spirit is lacking, very little organized events.
PHS has a very good learning environment and the majority of the teachers really know what they're doing.
I didn't have many classes I was particularly interested in, however, with the classes that I was I had more fun and learned more than I have anywhere else.
Being a part of the Performing Arts/Choir was my favorite part of high school. I was able to enhance my performing abilities and take on new challenged with my voice which is my primary instrument. I met so many of my closest friends along with new relationships with the staff that I cherish very much. Besides the rigorous academics and harsh grading teachers, the extracurriculars at Princeton are fantastic and always made me feel welcome. I highly recommend Princeton High School for anyone who is interested in the performing arts.
I thoroughly loved this school! Although there were its kinks, it was a great school overall. There is a healthy mix between sports, arts, and volunteer service.
Princeton High School is a school that breeds a culture of diversity and a passion for learning. Admittedly, the rigorous academics are challenging for students, but overall prepare the students for the colleges and careers. PHS also boasts an accomplished list of alumni.
Extra-curriculars are accomplished and includes a variety of clubs: sports, STEM, humanities, competition-based, newspaper, and student unions. All students are able to find a club that suits them, since there are over a hundred to choose from.
Teachers and administration alike recognize how difficult the classes are and try their best to soothe the stress of the students. The administration is constantly providing surveys and making alterations within the school schedule.
PHS offers the unique opportunity for students to attend Princeton University classes for languages, sciences, and math. The competition between students is definitely present, yet despite it all, the inter student relationships are supportive.
Most teachers are very helpful and are dedicated to their students. There are some administrative flaws and there are racial and structural issues that need to be addressed.
I honestly have nothing bad to say about Princeton High School, attending the facility has been the greatest 4 years of my life, making a wide range of friends, personal connections, all while acquiring the best of care and lessons from the faculty.
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Fun school, wish we had A/C during grad ceremony. I enjoyed most of my classes and the teachers for the most part were generally very nice.
I am genuinely grateful for everything this school has given me. I've grown stronger as a person, done more than I ever thought I could, and have learned so much. There is simply so much to study at PHS. From Computer Science, American Literature, Journalism, Economics, and so much more, you really can be anyone you want to be at this school. The only problem I have with the school is that there is a huge issue with racial representation in AP/accelerated classes. They're dominated by White and Asian students, and its rare if you see a Black or a Hispanic student in one of those classes. I've always "stood out" in my classes. The district has recently tried to adress this problem and so far I think they've done a pretty good job. Once again, I'm grateful to be a part of a district that acknowledges these types of subtle (but important) issues.
Very smart people here. Very competitive. Good selection of classes and everyone is nice. However, some(most) teachers could be better and the school is very cheap with supporting its clubs. Pretty much everything is student-run, including the classes.
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