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I liked the opportunity to be in a small classroom environment with a chance to learn. This allowed for controlled teaching and made it a better space for learning. I also liked the style of teaching that was different from lecture and notes, it was learning through a variety of projects and learning catered to the individual student.
Princeton High School is an excellent school. It is located in a small town and everyone seems to know everyone. I have invested a lot of time and effort into the Princeton High School community through volunteering, studying hard, and leading others to love Princeton as much as I do. I am happy to call this place home.
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I like the Academics program, and what is offered, but there are not enough teachers in order to have the classes.
I have been at Princeton High School since I started Kindergarten and I have always enjoyed my time there. It is a small atmosphere which can be an advantage as well as a disadvantage. The teachers know pretty much all of the students which can be helpful in a time of need. The community and people are like no other and I would not choose to go anywhere else.
I loved the small town advantage of knowing people, helping build relationships. This is amazing until the school struggles to do activities because of a lack of students or funds. For example, my school offered only 3 AP classes during my four-year career.
Princeton High School is a great school that has allowed me to open my eyes to who I am as a person and my potential. I have been involved in almost everything at this school. This includes track, basketball, marching band, cheer, and top 10 in my class academically. The only thing I wish I could change about Princeton is the diversity.
I love Princeton High School. You feel at home even at school. Your teachers respect you if you respect them. Its great place if you grew up there but even if you haven't thats okay also, everyone makes you feel welcome. Our athletics aren't as good as what they once were but they're doing what they can to work their way back up. Growing up in a school that made me feel like I was at home made me want to go to a college that also gave me that feeling. Thats why I chose mount olive.
I have thoroughly enjoyed being apart of the Princeton community. Everyone is so close and treats each other like family. I like the small school and small classes because it’s easier to learn and have one-on-one time. I like that the teachers care about you and not just if you’re going to pass the class or not. Everyone tries to help you be the best you that you can be.
My child has been in this school since kindergarten and the teachers and staff are very nice and help you when you have questions about your child’s work and helping your child getting ready for college
At PHS the teachers are willing to take extra steps to ensure you are reaching your academic potential. School spirit is a very big part of our community. Students and teachers are all very welcoming and supportive.
Each experience is different depending on where you are at on the high school food chain. Extremely conservative, so it is not open to new ideas. Expect to be an outcast if you are not straight, white, Christian, rich, and a conservative. Predominantly white so people think it's acceptable to use certain slang or say, "I hate black/Mexican people". The teachers are biased and it shows in the classroom. Receiving help is difficult because they do not know what they are talking about or they are unwilling to help. Staff pushes community college so many are not informed of 4 year colleges or to be realistic when it comes to choosing( 1.5 GPA no foreign language expecting to go to Duke). School is huge on athletics so it doesn't acknowledge anything else.
There's definitely areas where the workload could be changed, and where the scheduling process could be more simple but I'm not sure how we would go about changing it. The teachers always answer the questions you have, but there's not really any after school options.
Everyone is very involved with whatever they do, and there are always a lot of bright ideas.
It's a small school, but it's all that I could ask for. I get along with most people and its very clean. I feel safe and I've never once had any issues with the school environment.
Some teachers are better than others, but in all fairness we have a very good variety of teachers.
Teachers work well with others, and help each other out.
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The clubs are wonderful, there's so much to do. Most people are involved.
Every teacher has their own way of teaching and that's great. I would choose this school again if I had to, it's the best school to learn at.
The teachers at Princeton High School are great. They teach very well, and always make sure that the students understand what they are doing.
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