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Princeton is not a bad school. Wish I could've gotten more from my classes and the teachers were a little better. Sports programs are good just the coaches in certain programs are horrible.
My experience at PHS wasn't bad. Some teachers were iffy, but there were others that were phenomenal and that taught me everything about their subjects. The Sports programs are very good as well.
I moved to Princeton High School in the middle of my sophomore year. Overall the staff at PHS was welcoming and friendly. They helped me through my transition from one high school to another. The thing I would change is that I wish there were more options at PHS. There are not many clubs and there are no college credit classes offered.
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The action taken to diciplen students is not helpful what so ever in the case of bullying. Otherwise my experience isn’t bad. I have opportunities to graduate midterm.
The school spirit is phenomenal. Some of the teachers could be replaced with better ones but all in all, its a decent school.
PHS wasn’t the best. I never really felt safe at school. Full of cliques. Not diverse. Just an okay education.
I am glad to be attending the same school as my mom and grandmother. Although the building has changed several times since they attended it has remained an overall good hometown school. I have enjoyed the relatively small class sizes and personal attention from teachers. I have had the opportunity to attend a vocational school to start my nursing career. The environment at the school has been easy to to adapt to also.
The teachers could have explained more about the assignment instead of just say here you go and give you the assignment. The food was very Delicious,and the cooks are very friendly the principal is very nice because he doesn't deal with bulling we need more principals like Mr. Olsen
Princeton High School is a very good school that gives a promising and wonderful high school education. Not only are the academics great, but it has one of the best music programs in the entire state, and is in the top 120 in the United States. Princeton High School is also known for its excellence in sports.
The teachers care a lot more than what I have heard from other area high schools. The education is top notch and has prepared past students for college careers at Harvard, West Point, WashU, USC, and Washington and Lee.
This high school is located in a rural community with educational goals mid-level. Safety has been fairly good, sports teams are well followed by community, but depending on the sport and who your family is, or is not, depends on if you play or are pushed to excel.
I enjoy the literature classes because they're informative, encourage forward thinking, and allow us to question and determine where we belong in school, work enviroments, and society. Certain required classes, such as physical education, computer concepts, government or civics, and health, should be examined and made so that students find the classes captivating, informative, and applicable enough to consider, use, and apply the information beyond the semester.
some teachers are good, some aren't and they won't get rid of them. They are trying to achieve a "good ol' boy" type of environment and that doesn't work.
needs more school spirit and better school lunches
I many complain everyday about going to school. When I sit back and think about the high school experiences that I have had so far they have been awesome. Some moments where I wish I was invisible but for the most part its been great!
Lunch time is always a time to look forward too. Some days the lunches are not always the best but then their are days when a student can not choose because all the options are amazing that day.
Administration treats the student with respect even if the student is not showing them respect. I many not always a agree with some of their decisions but I always know that they have the students in their minds.
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The sports team have been in a slump lately but this year they students worked hard to win more for themselves, family, and coaches.
The teachers make time for you when you have missed days of school to make up the work you have missed. They care about their students passing, and hope that none of the students are failing. I have found the teachers very helpful.
I am a part of the band and theater programs at PHS. I believe that these programs are top notch. I feel that I have learned a lot from the programs. Also I am still continuing to learn more and more from these programs.
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