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My experience with Princeton high school has been was average. While there was an array of academics it could not hide the culture at Princeton. No matter how hard you worked you would always be outdone by someone who either cheated their way or slacked there way through school. Other than that I had a dandy time.
Princeton High School is mainly known for its sports and diversity. There are so many ethnicity there and everyone gets along well. There are security guards always walking the halls. It’s great makes you feel safe and teachers are always there for you when you need help.
My experience at Princeton High School has overall been good. I've gotten a wonderful education, meet great people and was apart of a very diverse high school. Princeton offers so many things for us students to do like sports, clubs, music, plays we basically have everything. I think anyone who attended Princeton has left with at least one high point.
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Great school but some teachers do not know how to teach. Pointless rules added and don’t get enforced at all.
Princeton is a wonderfully diverse school. They offer many different clubs for many different students including sports, poetry & spoken word, book club, music etc. They offer excellent classes academically as well as electives. There teachers and staff are very caring and attentive to their students. You can tell that they really care and want to see all their students succeed.
Princeton High School has had a very huge impact in my life. I entered as a sophomore and I didn't anyone. But after the first month I felt right at home. The academics are stellar, the teachers are very helpful and you can tell they care.
Princeton High School is the most diverse school in the Cincinnati area. What I liked most about Princeton was the number of resources and activities offered for students. What I liked least about Princeton was the bullying issue, not only from students but from the adults as well.
Princeton High School is very diverse school that cares about the future and well-being of it's students. There are many clubs and sports where everyone can fit in and they offer academic help after school. Growing up in this district is very rewarding considering they give you skills you can use forever out in the real world.
Really is a great place to live to learn and learn to live (the school district's motto). It honestly is because it has a great atmosphere and academics. The people, students and teachers, are great. Everyone is supportive and for the most part want their peers to succeed as well. Based off of what I heard from alum, this school also greatly prepares you for life in college as well. IT's also a very safe school and they are always trying their best to make it as safe as can be. Being close to Princeton University also doesn't hurt the school's reputation.
I went to Princeton High School from 2012 to 2016 in the time i was part a multitude of clubs and sports that allowed me to both enjoy my time there and also further my education. I was also part of the switch from the old school to the new facilities which are top notch with features and secruity in todays age of school shootings. Overall a great school with lots of diversity also.
Princeton is a very diverse school with great academics and extracurricular activities. I love the rigorous AP and IB program at this school as well as clubs and sports. This school is a very safe school and it is brand new in terms of looks and has a clean environment that students and teachers and both enjoy.
Diverse, but severely underfunded in sports that aren’t football and basketball. Some teachers don’t care how well you do, but others do. Textbooks are nonexistent, expect in a few classes. New building is nice, but the administration is lacking.
Princeton is great school with many great programs and classes based on future choices. Princeton allows you to express your self with various classes and extricular groups focused around your interest. They allow students of all ages and grades to be active in making the school conducive for all backgrounds!
I loved going to Princeton it has top notch programs and the best academics that offers so many opportunities that I never would have received had I gone anywhere else.
I've attended Princeton High School all my high school career and am a senior this year. I'm proud to become an upcoming alumni from here not only because Princeton is the most diverse school in the state of Ohio but also because I have gained useful skills for the next four years. Princeton offers classes ranging from College Preporatory to rigours AP and IB courses. This definitely gives us the feel and prepares us for our future and this school has done just that. The community is very diverse and big so there's a place or each individual. I'm glad I've become a part of this school and it's memories.
Very good school with great academics, some of the teachers are really great but it is a pretty stressful and competitive environment
In the beginning I loved my high school, everything about it just kept me coming back. Everything like the teachers and my old principal Mr Spinkles. They just made everyone feel like we where all family, but everything changed when they built a whole new school. They built the high schools and middle school together. All I could think was why put those together it felt good growing up know you where going to the other side of the street with the big kids but now I think I am still in the Sam school as all of the little kids. The new school didn't feel like home any more new teachers, new principals everything changed even the rules. Everything was fine till they built the new school.
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Princeton has a very high standard for learning with a purpose and learning to obtain information. They have a very forward thinking staff that enjoys helping their students.
Funding for teachers is non-existent. Some struggle with just having enough tissue boxes to make it through the quarter. The principal had to go to the hospital after having his head bang into the brick wall, so it's barely safe. There are a small handful of teachers who care about the students beyond academics. Lunch is ridiculous, you have to be early if you want to get any good food, and prices are expensive. Some teachers stopped caring, to the point at a final exam there were people with phones out who were never caught. Diversity is the strongest point of this place, there's a pretty decent mix of white, black and Hispanic.
Princeton doesn't put a lot of time in getting you ready for college. My entire Senior year I met with my counselor 1x but that was my choice I kept emailing her and she didn't email back my Mom is still waiting on email from Sept. it just seems like this school is about how much money they can get and nothing about the students. I never 1x had a book that is reserved for the AP kids so I guess the rest of us don't matter. Hopefully, I can figure out a way to go to college and maybe there somewhere will care about my education.
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