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We found PFS when our daughter was just five years old, a reserved and shy child who often had difficulty in larger groups advocating for herself. Nine years later, my confident, wise, and academically gifted child had found her voice and so much more, thanks to Princeton Friends School. The focus on empathy in education is so lost in many academically rigorous schools. There is much school choice in our area, and the public schools are excellent, but I would never change the investment we made into our daughter's PFS education. There is a creativity in thinking that blossoms when a child is heard, challenged in a encouraging way, and allowed to express themselves safely at a school with gifted teachers. My child learned creativity and critical thinking skills at PFS and has gone on to excel in public high school. More importantly, she is still the PFS student who notices the person in the room who is uncomfortable or who needs a kind word or gesture.
We live in a highly-rated public school district and I am always asked why we choose a private education. We found that Princeton Friends School provides an equivalent level of academic challenge and rigor as our public school but exceeded our expectations in equipping our daughter with the necessary self-knowledge and EQ skills. Social-emotional development is on equal footing with academic accomplishments at PFS, which is so critical in order to thrive in this increasingly complex, polarized, multi-cultural, risk-filled 21st Century.

The student body is diverse; class sizes are small and our daughter has become an empathetic, curious community member. We could not be happier.
I like that my son gets a dose of progressive Quaker education every day at PFS. He's encouraged to find his voice through writing, story telling, and theater. He's exposed to interdisciplinary thinking through the school's Central Study program, learns to collaborate and take risks, and, because it's a Friends school, attends silent meeting once a week and exercises and implements our best instincts through a commitment to social justice. He reads and discusses literature, does math past my understanding, and wades into the Stony Brook in science lab. I'm proud of the young man he's becoming and I think the school has a lot to do with it.
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Princeton Friends is a small school that focuses on community and educating the whole student. Teachers really know my children not only in the context of the classroom, but socially, creatively, and emotionally as well. Many positive changes have been happening lately, including the expansion of the nurse's hours and the addition of a counselor for students, so some past reviews may not have up to date information.
No full time nurse. No health education by health educators. No school counselor or school social worker or psychologist. Teachers have asked for a counselor and head of school refuses.
Few after school; most at lunch time makes it awkward for students to eat and do clubs. Seems stuck in the 1980s.
Administration is very poor, resistant to change, doesn't support teachers or families. School has gone downhill dramatically in past few years. Many unhappy families and teachers.
A few standout teachers. Many are either outdated in their practices or not strong in their subject areas.
There are very few sports offered but there is a wonderful after school program with activities aimed at kids of all ages. There are many art-centered clubs available to interested students.
The school focuses on preserving a community feeling and as such there is little to no bullying. The school is very safe and has many emergency plans.
The school and administrators are very kind to incoming applicants, they work with the parents and children to make sure it's the right school for them. Academics requirements are not excessively difficult at all. Financial aid is available.
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