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Just a horrible school. Administration is bullying students and parents. They just care about donation. Please stay out of them there are better options available in the neighborhood. Thank god we are done with PDS.
I have been at Princeton Day School since kindergarten. Now I am graduating and I am so thankful for what PDS has given me. They have prepared me for college and they have have given me all the tools I need to move forward in life. I, and all other students, have always been accepted for who we are and we have been embraced by the community. We are encouraged to be independent and I have grown into a very confident and driven person.
day school teens have the best genes!
if you go to princeton day, you'll be blown away!
come to this school, and you'll be cool.
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The slogan...Princeton Day School...opportunities of a lifetime everyday is perfect for this school. From ice skating during gym classs to tending to the chickens in the school's outdoor garden and classroom the opportunities are endless. The faculty are amazing and they truly treat each student as if they are their #1 student and tend to the student's academic and personal needs. The diversity of the classroom is extraordinary which has further enhanced our child's curiosity and knowledge of different cultures. Thank you PDS for affording our children these lifetime opportunities everyday!
This school has a MAJOR clique and BULLYING problem. My sister after her first day of 7th grade has come back with fear and anxiety of being rejected by her peers. She can't even focus on academics because she so worried about her "social status". A fellow classmate even told her to not switch into a class with them because they didn't want her there. Like seriously, what social norms do you encourage PDS??
I had an excellent experience at PDS. The teachers want to see their students excel and will always go the extra mile to ensure the students understand the material!
Great school. Many opportunities to be involved in school life. Excellent academics and personal attention. Teachers are friendly and positive.
PDS was one of the greatest educational experiences of my lifetime, where I met motivated, competitive, and fun-loving classmates and dedicated teachers and mentors I will take with me for a lifetime.
We will be taking our kid out from PDS when new year starts. They just care for big donors. Administration is known for bullying parents and kids (and they are teaching bullying is bad!) Sexism and substance abuse do exist on campus. But above all if you can’t donate big bucks you will be treated unfairly. They even give admission to home school kids if the parents have connections to Ivy League colleges. Extracurricular activities and sports is a plus at PDS. Teachers and teaching is not that bad but the administration is not fair to students and parents equally. Overall you would eagerly wait for you kid to be done with PDS ASAP, so you can sleep better and won’t be worried about administration’s bullying.
We have a son at PDS and will be moving him at the end of the year. It's not that PDS is a poor academic school, but rather it is cold and impersonal. It's too large to focus on a student's personal needs. Are you just a number? No, but there are so many better options in the area. We tried to make PDS work for 3 years due to its reputation, but the system is rigid and admin seems to only focus on the big donors.
I have been at PDS since kindergarten, and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else. Unlike other schools, Princeton Day School prides itself on its feeling of community. As a unique individual, I can verify that PDS makes everyone feel welcome and included.
Receiving an education at PDS has fostered my love for learning and my enthusiasm for success and achievement. The teachers at Princeton Day, the majority of mine having graduated from Ivy League colleges or better, teach not only their curriculum, but also communication and etiquette as students prepare for adulthood.
I really enjoyed the faculty and student relationship. As a private school, the student gets a lot more attention. But at PDS in particular, the teachers care about the student growing academically and also as a person. Rather than just teaching you what you need to know, but how to effectively learn.
Excellent buildings and food and grounds. Everything you could need and the vast majority of people that are at PDS are helpful and intelligent. Most of the teachers are memorable and they teach you a lot. Administration is weak, and some teachers are extremely difficult to the point where only 6 students sign up for their courses.
Princeton Day School really prepared me for the next stage in my life. Not just academically, but in all aspects of becoming a successful young adult.
PDS has amazing resources and facilities, if you're willing to use them, and the english and history departments are great. Honestly, we're not really known for our sports, other than boy's hockey and lacrosse, but our arts programs are all highly rated and all the classes I've taken (and I've taken a bunch) are taught by knowledgable faculty and are a solid experience.

If you want your child to come out of high school with great essay writing skills and a well-connected Alumni network send them to Princeton Day School. Past that, it's like any other well-endowed high school.
The facilities are very attractive, but programs lack academic strength in important areas even math and English (humanities for lower grades). The reason is that the curriculum lacks basic consistency, so the same subject in the same grade can cover totally different materials when taught by diffferent teachers. There is no syllabus for any class and some core classes lack textbooks. If you are lucky you may get a handful of great teachers but you might also get one of several lackluster ones. Sports are very mediocre. There is no hard-core training to excel. Overall the school seems complacent about its status in Princeton and lacks that vigor to drive excellence. College acceptances reflect very few Ivy or top tier acceptances - are commonly believed to be the result of a legacy or special connection. PDS does not encourage competition - forcing the playing field to stay uniform, but does cater to wealthiest parent demands.
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Going to Princeton Day school truly prepared me for a college environment. I feel like the teachers there gave me the tools and skills I needed to be ready to succeed in school.
I had a great experience at PDS and would do it again. The school has great academics across all departments, although historically the history and arts departments have stood out. That said, the science department has advanced impressive amounts in the past few years. PDS has some extraordinary teachers, ones with significant success in their respective fields. There are, however, just like any school, those teachers who are simply okay.
The sports teams have seen a high degree of success in the past few years, as well as increasing amounts of recruits.
The school culture and community are also generally good, although school spirit seems to be somewhat down this year. The administration could also stand to be a little more involved, as sometimes it seems interactions with students are at arm's length.
Overall, this is a great school with some areas that can be improved, and I expect the school to become only more nationally well-known and ranked as the school expands and improves.
amazing 13 years spent here, in my mind one of the top K-12 experiences you can get, especially if you put in some effort to go about it in a smart way.
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