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Strong favoring towards the black students, especially the athletes. AP math teacher sucks at preparing his students for AP tests (60% pass nationwide, he has a 0% pass rate) Spanish teacher doesnt know what hes doing, they just hired him because he’s Puerto Rican (he used to be a middle school gym teacher in Puerto Rico).
It was quite an amazing four years, every year had gotten more interesting. Senior year was by far the best year to remember, best teachers and most exciting year. Nothing was more exciting than graduating and dressing up for prom feeling like a real princess.
I feel that PCHS has been a good school. The teachers for the most part are good at teaching. The sports program needs a little help in the coaching area, some of the coaches do not all know how to coach they rely on the kids to do it themselves and they play favorites. They have a good music program. Over all it has been a good school.
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Princeton Community High School is a good high school in my opinion. The school has such nice teachers and people at the school are really nice.
I would like to see this school's administration focus on more important issues, rather than focusing on the issues that don't really matter.
They need more AP classes. I needed AP chemistry for my college. I was the only one in my chemistry class in college that did not have it in high school.
I loved my principal and teachers at Princeton community!! They helped me prepare for college and my life outside of high school!! I learned many things, and made many memories along the way.
I liked going to this high school. It was a small town, so everyone knew each other. There are a lot of teachers devoted to teaching and making sure their students exceed at learning. However, one thing I would change about the school is to have several other guidance counselors. This way, there would be more one on one time. I felt as though I was rushing my counselor to help me. I would have had a lot more help with colleges and so on, I was just too afraid of asking because I did not want to interrupt her.
For such a small town, the teachers taught what I needed to know for college and more. However, due to the small school system, I could not take all of these classes I would have liked to take because they were not offered.
It really is a good school. There is more pros than cons. Princeton offers a lot of sports, clubs, outside activities, etc. The staff is awesome, they try to give each student as much 1-on-1 help as they can. There is Tiger Tots, where you take care of children, helps you get ready for when you have kids and/or if you wanna go into child development. They have a lot of electives to choose from for the career you plan to go into after high school.
The academics are what are required when it comes to Princeton. We are at a lower income town so academics face the rougher end of that. If funding was greater for PCHS then the academics could be a whole lot better than where they are.
Although, PCHS is a very accepting the amount of bullying that is done behind backs is a big amount. Other than the small flaws, people at Princeton Community High School are good with positive peer pressure and allowing challenges in regarding to ethnic/racial diversity and/or sexual orientation to be not a problem.
I wish to explain the perks of being on the Tennis team compared to being on the Football team.. All together, both great organizations but, the amount of playing time and wins while playing tennis compared to football is a great number. I play in the marching band on Friday nights and watch the football team just have so many kids that never touch the field. While the tennis team has a varsity of seven members and always a flexible junior varsity team size. Each school is very common to have a full team size with a JV team. So altogether, both are funded greatly and both have a lot of interest throughout the school system.
My school experience has been something that I can pass down to my children and relatives to come. I believe that the high school I'm currently enrolled in has given me the right amount of knowledge to get through college. Overall, the experience part of high school like I said, is unforgettable. If I could do it all again I would seek for a better education. So that means that economically for the town, it is very low and that means the tools for success are harder to achieve. Not that PCHS is a bad school system, it's just that if I want to be more challenged I need to pick somewhere where the economy is greater.
My teachers have always done their job and helped me when I needed it. Living at Princeton and keeping those teachers in my mind will be effortless. Knowing quite a few of them personally, I believe that they do a lot more wok than what they are paid. Teachers at PCHS are one of a kind and nothing will ever change that.
The safety has severe room for improvement. Since this is a small town, I guess the principal doesn't feel the need to have major security at the school. We have surprise drug searches, but as far as the students safety in general goes, our school doesn't have much. We have an officer but he doesn't come much, and we lock the doors, but anyone can get in easily.
There are a lot of opportunities for everyone. We have sports for the more athletic, but we also have band and Key Club for those of us who would prefer to do work for the community after school. We also have many clubs that anyone can be in. For example, there are Christian clubs for the more religious, and there is an adventure clubs, and environmental clubs, as well as other clubs for those who relate as being classified as the underdog.
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My parents have made an effort to stay in my school. They help me and are actively involved when I have meetings. My parents are the ones who have given me the passion for learning and are willing to help me even if it's stressful for them. They have been the ones who have given me a love for education, a love for children, a love for reading, and most of all, a love for myself. That is by far the most important.
The teachers do their jobs, some better than others. My English and Resource teachers seem to do the best jobs. They are the ones who seem the most dedicated to helping the student and creating a work environment that helps us the best.
The teachers at the school are wonderful. They will go out of there way to help you. I don't really like much about this town, but the main reason I've stayed here so long is because I get the help that I need, and no other school I've been to has had such a great group of teachers who are willing to help.
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