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My favorite overall experience was lipsync battle from my 10th grade year.
They do a good job at what they do. They're there to help the students and both educational and personal wise for those who trust in them.
Teachers are knowledgeable, though they do not realize there teaching children that are easily bored and they should have MUCH more hands on projects or assignments.
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We have necessities as in A/C or heaters. We have no technology whatsoever, in need of many more guidance counselors to assure that students preparing for college know what to do next and how to prepare because at the moment we have one guidance counselor for 200 students. There is one college prep class that should be mandatory for juniors and optional for seniors.
As a student i am unaware of any bullying. The school does not have a school nurse, school does have situations that a school nurse is necessary.
Recent principal is outstanding and very involved! Staff is unhappy, majority are very immature!
Sports teams are pretty good, have very dedicated coaches. There could definitely more clubs and community service hour opportunities.
It has the potential to be a great, but they have favoritism for some students that make it harder to have a good learning environment. Admissions at my school isnt very strict, it is a christian school with christian expectations.
Everyone in the school is willing to help you.
They are a few clubs at my school . The most popular one is art and craft club . I'm in that one and its a lot of fun . They also creative writing , brain bowl , and more. Also lots of sport . There is basketball, baseball, softball, and volleyball,
The conditions in my school are pretty old but they work very properly .
I like all of my teachers, they are amazing. they are always willing to help me when I am shrugging with something.
I always feel safe at my school and bullying isn't really a problem it rarely happens.
All the teacher in my school I attend are great and super nice. They are always willing to help you.
The admission process was okay at the school I attend right now. They give you papers to put your contact information and make you sign something afterwards. Also you take a simple test of acceptant. If you pass you get in the school but if you don't you cannot get in, but the test is pretty easy so many students like me can get in.
The computer lab has just been refurbished (summer 2014) and there is a new iPad lab. The facilities are well above average for a school this size. If enrollment were larger there would be more improvements, but as it is the school has a full gymnasium and locker rooms, separate softball and baseball fields, and football/soccer field, a fitness center with a weight room and machines, a library, and computer lab.
The school was always aware of the safety of the students. Any time there was a threat of any sort the administrations took it seriously and took the proper precautions.
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There were some extracurricular activities. The majority of them included sports such as Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, and a few more. Starting a club at the school was not difficult because the teachers were always willing to help with a new activity.
The school has a strict uniform policy; shirts had to be tucked in at all times and brown or black belts had to be worn with pants. The uniform policy was understandable and enforced at all times.
I really did like my school. I did make a lot of friends and great memories. We were a very small school and our athletic teams were like a close-knit family. If I had to, I would most likely do it all over again.
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