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A wonderful school in the already fantastic Princeton Public School System. The smaller grade size works for many kids and the teachers there are caring, supportive and kind. It is an academically rigorous environment that challenges students at all levels. In my opinion, you cannot go wrong with any of the schools in Princeton. Princeton Charter School offers a choice for many families needing a highly structured environment for their child.
Princeton Charter School is notorious for discriminating against lower income children, and will not offer any accommodations for children with disabilities or learning differences. Princeton Charter is a faux “private” school that is funded by Princeton Taxpayers.
Princeton Regional Schools offer an excellent education for ALL the children in our community . Princeton Charter students do not any better in High School than the students who attend the public and private schools in the community.
It’s fine for people to have different opionions of a school but the person who posted the negative review apparently did not do there homework. Let’s look at the facts- A sampling of where high school seniors who graduated from PCS are going next year: Carnegie-Mellon University, Columbia University, Cornell, Howard University, Princeton University, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, United States Military Academy (West Point) and many other top notch schools.
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My daughter joined PCS since last September and she likes the school so much! I'm asked to pick her up after 5:30, until the end of after-school activities. so much fun! Also, her academic level made a huge progress in less than one year.
Princeton Charter is an amazing option for Princeton families. Our kids have thrived having two math and English teachers in the classroom for these core subjects, daily language instruction, an engaged and supportive culture where 'smart is cool' (the teachers are readily available to provide extra support vs us needing to find outside tutors which is huge), and a track record of fantastic results.
Excellent learning environment. Small school, K-8 structure are real benefits. Expert, caring, and dedicated staff. Stellar results. World language programs stand out starting in kindergarten 3 days/week and everyday in grades 1-8.
Princeton Charter School is a small K-8th school with rigorous academics, wonderful teachers and administrators. They teach French and Spanish at high levels. Students leave the school very well prepared for high school and life as they are used to working hard and have good study habits.
Hands down THE BEST SCHOOL!!! This is our thrid school, after A+ schools in NYC and PA, and we cannot praise enough Princeton Charter School. Aside from offering a highly educational environment, the school also goes above and beyond on providing excellent special ed services and assimilating our children withing the general class in accordance to their IEPs.
Contrary to the prior reviewer's statements, Princeton Charter School kids get into the best colleges. In high school, they are leaders in their communities. PCS kids that go onto high school in the Princeton (whether public or private) have consistently reported back to the school that they are so prepared for high school that freshman year is a breeze, even if kids are in AP or high honors/accelerated classes. My daughter has been there since Kindergarten, where she has been academically challenged in a supportive environment. She and her classmates are a wonderful mix of goofy kids that are also sweet, hard-working. They are engaged academically and socially, but because the school is so small and the parents so close, they have not been involved in drugs, drinking or the usual shenanigans that you hear are going on at the local middle school level. I highly recommend anyone interested, attend an open house of submit their child's application in for the lottery.
Please do not consider sending your child to this lamentable school. The mediocre education does not account for the poor infrastructure, terrible sports teams and authotarian faculty. The school claims to hold their students to remarkably high standards, while a plethora of their alumni ends up ending average or even below average college insitutions. If your child lives in Princeton and already attends a great middle school, do not even bother taking a glimpse at this school. The academics are extremely overrated, and the children come out socially inept and outwardly when they come out.
During my time at PCS I was transformed from a small, crazy young girl to a wonderful, funny, happy, caring teen. I feel that the staff at this school provided happiness and knowledge to all whom were willing to learn. I felt so satisfied with the amazing learning environments and the staff really, truly cared and treasured each and every student. I 100% recommend this astonishing elementary school to all children and parents.
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