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In my opinion, Princess Anne Middle is about an average school. The students are great, but there is a huge bullying problem here and most of that involves racism. The teachers know how to help their students learn, but when it comes to social things such as a bullying they don't do much about it. The administration is wonderful, but most of the time they don't exactly make you feel safe in this school because of some situations that may occur they never told us the truth about what exactly happened. There are many wonderful clubs and activities to join in this school such as the Student Council, the National Junior Honor Society, and the News Team. The school is very specific about School Culture and School Spirit, but sometimes it seems like that's all they care about. They have a great sports program and every student has an opportunity. In the end, this was a wonderful school and I loved going here, but the experience wasn't necessarily the best.
I know a lot of people loved PAMS, but for me it was different. I had a lot of friends but it was mainly about the principal. He only did what in his eyes was going to get him noticed by the superintendent and not for the students. Also, the nurses were so mean and they would only allow you to come in if they were going to have to call home. I’m just glad I was there for only three years:)
It is nice and has a great set of staff, but the school is dirty (don’t get me wrong it is very old), there a cockroaches everywhere and I have seen mice. Over all nice teachers, bad environment.
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The cafeteria I have to say is kept clean there is always janitors on standby. The menu is usually never correct for the day it states. Food variety is not great my core is always the last ones to eat out of the entire school there usually aren't good options left for us. We don't get much food but the price of the food is very high for in some cases disgusting food. As for special dietary options the only one I know of is that they have juice for lactose intolerant people. The others like pescatarians and vegetarians usually bring there own food even if it is meger.
The facilities in my school are okay but definitely could improve. The classes are jam packed and with desks often crammed everywhere. The restrooms are usually barren of any kind of paper products. The food at our school absolutely sucks but what can be done about that. The government is making it hard to make anything tasty with nutritious things. I'm an athlete I appreciate healthy food choices but I also like tasty foods. Also me being an athlete brings up another problem our gyms are horrible all of them small and has chipped paint cracked walls. The small one being the worst because it has a pungent odor. Besides these disabilities my school is okay. But then again I have nothing to compare it to.
We have lots of administrators, counselors,and office staff but my view of them is bad. They get in the way a lot, and tend to restrict us of activities that are helpful, and the majority of the time they are either mean, or very lame/boring. I believe at my school the dress code is much to strict for us students. Attendance is pretty good here.
Our students love sports. We go to all sorts of games,matches,and tournaments. We also have lots of support from the others who don't play sports.We have lots of outside of school fitness programs, that students participate in, and us athletes have great sportsmanship.
My overall experience at this school is okay, but it could definitely be better. My favorite experiences are with my wrestling team we haven't lost a match in years. If I had a choice to choose this school again, I probably would still pick it. It has given me a lot of good memories.
Social problems are relatively okay at this school,but there will always be a popular and not so popular social standings. They aren't bad though and there is no real threat of bullying. We are not very racially diverse here.
A few of the teachers are really great here, always available, help students, caring, and can control there classroom, but others not so much. Most of our teachers should not be teachers they are mean, do the bare minimum,and really don't care about us students. I guess that's alright we are very highly ranked academically.
There are a few various clubs and activities at my school but most students do not participate in them. The only real thing we actually strive for is athletic excellence which we succeed in to the fullest. There are some lame after school activities, our clubs are not very fun and most have a similar mission statement.
My school has interesting health and safety precautions, bullying is not a really big problem at our school, we are particularly mature. We have armed safety officers always on call around the school, and are very effective in emergencies. As for personal safety I do not really feel safe in my school due to fact we have had multiple fires in the last few months. The school nurse is not great she can only deal with minor injuries, but that is not great when we are a highly athletic school. I am on my schools wrestling team, I once hyper extended my arm/shoulder, if it wasn't for the nutritionist who had nursing abilities our nurse could not have handled it without help.
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