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Princess Anne is an amazing school with amazing teachers! I was failing three classes and now I have A-B honor roll!
A fantastic school with amazing classes, teachers, staff and students. Willing to go above an beyond for any student. Exellent student clubs and activites.
At my time at Princess Anne High School I have really enjoyed all of the activities and things the school does. We have a large amount of sports clubs and other extra curricular activities for students. Also out student body is very diverse and welcoming to other students. Princess Anne High School students have the most pride and spirit out of any high school and is one of the most academically challenging high schools.
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Amazing teachers who care about the success of their students. Lots of school spirit and a fun student body. The school building is dated, but is due for a remodel in a few years.
During my four years at Princess Anne, I enjoyed the student life and overall spirit all the students had towards its school. The prep rallies were always filled with high energy and excitement and many of the students, including myself, participated in the school spirit week days, in which each day had a different theme to gather excitement for the days counting towards a special school wide event. Although my school was very fun when it came to school spirit, there were some aspects of student life that were not favorable. For instance, some students in the classroom would demonstrate high levels of disrespect towards various teachers during instructional time. This constant distraction in the classroom, allowed concentration to be extremely difficult for me through my few years in high school. Thankfully, I was able to find coping methods to help deal with the distractions made in class, and proceed with my assignments in a punctual manner.
Princess Anne is an extremely spirited and diverse high school! You can find your place as long as you try. Most arts and sports are do pretty well when you ignore the football statistics. Regardless of how little we win football games, we still support them at nearly every home game! I have never heard of a high school with more spirit.
It was an amazing experience where I met some of my best friends. Great school spirit and the IB program really prepared me for college.
Locally famous for it's school pride, Princess Anne High School is also in the top 1,000 high schools nationwide thanks to an active and competitive International Baccalaureate Program. School is almost always violence free and has a police officer present during most school hours.

However both Administration and Guidance office are often blind to problems of both teachers and students alike.
Counselors who actually cared about their students would really help. The librarians are fantastic and truly have a stake in student performance. Most teachers are caring and competent.
PA immediately eliminated all of my fears about starting high school. I quickly made friends in the environment that is not stuck up or cliquey. The building is definitely in need of replacement (be prepared for some "fire drills" caused by pipes leaking on the fire alarm wires), but overall, the students and culture here make up for the building. There has been a lot of turn over in administration, so they are a little too lenient on the rules sometimes, especially for students in the academy, but the teachers are great, and the administrators are all friendly. There is also very little competition to outdo your peers, such as is often seen in wealthier schools.
The school is kinda bland in terms of its diversity. The people are really smart but can be overwhelming.
I was impressed with its diversity in teaching and in students. All the students are very well behaved and the teachers are willing to do all in their power to teach their students and prepare them for the world ahead. I am very impressed with this school and highly recommend it.
The IB program at Princess Anne High School is pretty good. However, you will find a lot of "busy" work during junior and senior year. I think it did prepare students for college well.
My experience at PAHS has been pretty good, I've been attending high school and the IB program here since 2015. The sports teams are pretty average, but we make up for it in school spirit! We have a very committed SCA that put together homecoming dances and festivities, any student who's looking to get involved and help the school can certainly do that if they choose. The one major drawback would probably be the buildings themselves, some have been rebuilt since the school's original opening but most are originals, which are definitely a bit dingy. Overall, I wouldn't have wanted to go to high school anywhere else, the relationships and experiences I've cultivated here matter much more to me than the state of the building itself.
Pretty fine, not many complaints about the school itself. Many of the students are total pricks, but that isn't the school's fault. My guidance counselor was almost never available when I needed her, so that sucked. Only ever had one teacher that I hated there.
Princess Anne High School is a very friendly and spirited school. The positive energy is contagious, and it provides a very welcoming atmosphere that most students there absolutely love. Although the workload is very challenging, it encourages me to want to do well and be a good student. The teachers also help to accomplish this by being so kind and make the information interesting and fun to learn.
Overall, a positive atmosphere with lots of school spirit and student involvement. In spite of a few bad apples here and there, you get the feeling that the majority of teachers and administrators actually care about the kids and what's in their best interest.
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I thought Princess Anne Highschool was a great place for me to develop friends and focus on my studies in high school, it could have done allot better in terms of being better at sports that are generally seen as popular in america but outside of that it was a great experience
This school provided incredible opportunities for its students. There was a club or organizations for everyone, and had a stellar music department. The marching band offered me another family and a time of personal development. I learned about my leadership styles in high school, and this school provided me the opportunity to find my passion in Student Affairs.
It was an honor and pleasure to attend Princess Anne High School. I met so many people with different nationalities such as Asians, Caucasians, African Americans, and Muslims. The people at Princess Anne High School were very friendly. This made it so much easier to make friends. My classmates had bright personalities that made school more interesting each day. The one thing I would change about Princess Anne High School is during my senior prom and graduation time they are scheduled one week apart. I would schedule the senior prom a month before graduation because it would give students and parents more time to plan.
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