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I like the welcoming community and relationships I’ve made. You get to know people better because it’s a smaller school.
The staff are very experienced and genuinely care about the success and well being of their students. The school community is tightly knit and has a focus on building a familiar feeling. It is a Christian school though rules are not what dictate the life on campus but love is valued instead.
I have two students here at POP. We transferred from another prominent private Christian school a few years go. My only regret is that we didn't transfer sooner. There is a strong sense of community and school spirit here with the students and with the parents. My teens have made lots of friends in all various grades and it seems there are way less cliques that our previous school. I believe my kids are getting a very good education, the teachers are VERY willing to work with my kids both before and after class and the high school administration and guidance is top- notch. We are VERY happy here!
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We had some good experiences at this school. Academics are good, but kind of traditional and boring. Way too much homework. Some teachers are really good and some are not. The school definitely values sports more than the arts, and grossly underfund and under support music, art and drama. The reason for the low rating though, is the culture of cliques and exclusion that is rampant among the students. The administration is super focused on keeping high contributing families here and will do anything to placate them.
I attended Prince of Peace as a child from Pre-school until 4th grade. I entered 4th grade about 4 levels ahead. The learning skills I learned helped me excel in high school, then college, and in doctorate school. The teachers at Prince of Peace truly care for their students and stay LONG term. Some of my teachers are still at the school including the headmaster!! My children are in preschool and I really liked the balance of academics and other activities. I treat a lot of Prince of Peace kids at my office (I'm a doctor) and all of the kids are polite & happy kids. Prince of Peace loves their students, and I think it provides the very best balanced education (both academic and character building/life skills) in Plano/North Dallas.
Our twins have attended POP since preschool. I thought they might want to go to a bigger school for high school next year, but neither of them would hear of it. It’s a great school... small, warm, welcoming, sweet. Our whole family loves it. Excellent competitive academics. Our kids scored in 98th and 99th percentiles on 8th-grade pre-sat this year. The school is doing a lot of things right!
As a high school transfer, everyone I met, from students to teachers to administration was welcoming and loving. I have met great people here. The academics are challenging and I feel like I am improving myself constantly at this school.
Prince of Peace Christian School is a very good school. It has very good education and teachers, and is Christ-based. There is not a very big need for improvement.
I am a current senior at POPCS, and I have been pleased with my experience thus far. Prince of Peace provides a rigorous AP curriculum that has been thoroughly challenging but clearly rewarding—as long as one takes full advantage of it. The small class sizes help to foster meaningful discussion and help make yourself known. By virtue of being a small school, POPCS is able to provide personalized college counseling and other college-related resources. These things combined have enabled me to attend a Top-20, flagship research institution in the fall. Socially-speaking, most of the students tend to be the athlete type, but if you’re not all about that athlete life, there are other avenues to explore—like choir, band, art, and a variety of other clubs and organizations. Overall, while there is no perfect school, POPCS is a pretty solid choice.
I went to POPCS for my entire highschool career and it was an amazing school. The teachers were fantastic and the curriculum was challenging. I was an underperforming student with below average grades but good SATs and got accepted to every university I applied for, so they are well respected in the collegiate world.
Prince of Peace Christian School is a very good school academically and does a great job helping students prepare for college. However, there is a lack of clubs and outside activities for students when compared to other schools.
A great school with teachers who care about the students.
School spirit is high and kids are nice to one another.
There are many activities and the school constantly tries to make the campus life better for the students. However, there is definitely a lack of diversity.
Very good preparation for college. Most high school teachers are quite good and really care about the students. The size of the school allows you to participate in a lot of different sports and activities. The facilities have improved over the years and plans are in the works to make them even better in the coming years.
Prince of Peace is a College Prep School with a small environment that allows students to achieve their goals. It offers AP, College Courses, Robotics, Computer Science,etc. There is a place for everyone at POPCS.
Overall Test scores need to improve. Iowa testing benchmark needs to be changed to Texas to get a true assessment of where the children are academically. School administrators, other than high school, need to improve or retire. School has too much nepotism, so when staff issues come up, not always handled properly. School population is very small, which can positively or negatively effect a child. Football program needs a renewal. Teachers care about the children and are involved. New lunch program isn’t the best in food quality. Academics need to improve based on SAT/ACT scores in surrounding public schools. School is not diversified but is due to enrollment not the school. Parent involvement is strong at the school.
As a senior, prince of peace has helped me with the college applying processes and exposing us to colleges around the US.
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Prince of Peace Christian school is a beautiful place of learning and friendship. My personal experiences at Prince of peace have been mostly positive. My only complaint would be that there is not a large variety of classes and electives a student could take, or clubs one could join. But something like that comes with every small school. As I am soon approaching graduation, I am sad to be leaving a great school but happy to grow and see what the future holds for me.
I've been a student here for five years. The teachers are very unloving and don't represent followers of Christ. I was insulted and yelled (or screamed) at for minor situations that were blown up. Most of the high school teachers are wanna be students who are trying to relive high school by acting like a child. Again, I am talked to and behind my back by the teachers daily. I am very respectful and kind to my teachers but since I'm not a popular volley ball or football player, I don't get the special treatment. I've had a teacher that refused to answer my questions all year because they were too busy talking to the kids he considered most important.(Just one example, not even close to the worst teacher I've had here.) This school has made me once feel worthless for not being an athletic small minded popular kid. Now, I feel like I have broken out of the ignorance and manipulation and see that I am loved. I may not be loved my the people I go to school with but I am loved by God.
2 children have graduated from POP, both excelling in college. Lots of opportunities to participate in many things, drama, athletics, great relationships with teachers.