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I went to POPCS for my entire highschool career and it was an amazing school. The teachers were fantastic and the curriculum was challenging. I was an underperforming student with below average grades but good SATs and got accepted to every university I applied for, so they are well respected in the collegiate world.
Prince of Peace Christian School is a very good school academically and does a great job helping students prepare for college. However, there is a lack of clubs and outside activities for students when compared to other schools.
A great school with teachers who care about the students.
School spirit is high and kids are nice to one another.
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There are many activities and the school constantly tries to make the campus life better for the students. However, there is definitely a lack of diversity.
Very good preparation for college. Most high school teachers are quite good and really care about the students. The size of the school allows you to participate in a lot of different sports and activities. The facilities have improved over the years and plans are in the works to make them even better in the coming years.
Prince of Peace is a College Prep School with a small environment that allows students to achieve their goals. It offers AP, College Courses, Robotics, Computer Science,etc. There is a place for everyone at POPCS.
Overall Test scores need to improve. Iowa testing benchmark needs to be changed to Texas to get a true assessment of where the children are academically. School administrators, other than high school, need to improve or retire. School has too much nepotism, so when staff issues come up, not always handled properly. School population is very small, which can positively or negatively effect a child. Football program needs a renewal. Teachers care about the children and are involved. New lunch program isn’t the best in food quality. Academics need to improve based on SAT/ACT scores in surrounding public schools. School is not diversified but is due to enrollment not the school. Parent involvement is strong at the school.
As a senior, prince of peace has helped me with the college applying processes and exposing us to colleges around the US.
Prince of Peace Christian school is a beautiful place of learning and friendship. My personal experiences at Prince of peace have been mostly positive. My only complaint would be that there is not a large variety of classes and electives a student could take, or clubs one could join. But something like that comes with every small school. As I am soon approaching graduation, I am sad to be leaving a great school but happy to grow and see what the future holds for me.
I've been a student here for five years. The teachers are very unloving and don't represent followers of Christ. I was insulted and yelled (or screamed) at for minor situations that were blown up. Most of the high school teachers are wanna be students who are trying to relive high school by acting like a child. Again, I am talked to and behind my back by the teachers daily. I am very respectful and kind to my teachers but since I'm not a popular volley ball or football player, I don't get the special treatment. I've had a teacher that refused to answer my questions all year because they were too busy talking to the kids he considered most important.(Just one example, not even close to the worst teacher I've had here.) This school has made me once feel worthless for not being an athletic small minded popular kid. Now, I feel like I have broken out of the ignorance and manipulation and see that I am loved. I may not be loved my the people I go to school with but I am loved by God.
2 children have graduated from POP, both excelling in college. Lots of opportunities to participate in many things, drama, athletics, great relationships with teachers.
My daughter attended POPCS from kindergarten all the way through high school. She went on to a large 4 year university, where she is flourishing. Academically, POPCS prepared her very well, as she is maintaining a 4.0 while some of her peers from other high schools are struggling. The lessons she learned through chapel and theology classes and the caring teachers and administration have set her up to face the challenges of college life with confidence. Prince of Peace is truly a college prep school! I'm so thankful that my daughter had the opportunity to grow up in the caring environment of POPCS!
Prince of Peace gave me the best of everything it had to offer. Academically, socially, and athletically Prince of Peace gave me an opportunity to chase my dreams and accomplish my goals.
We love this school community and so do our children. POPCS has met all our expectations as a family. We extensively toured other local private schools and feel so blessed to have discovered POP. Our family looks forward to being a part of this school for many years to come.
There is a very caring environment on campus with lots of encouragement to join extracurricular activities while also striving for excellence in the classroom.
Overall, the lower school staff is amazing and cares for the kids. The Eagle's Nest staff could be replaced. The Middle School Upper Principal needs to be replaced. Overall, the MS teachers care about the students. The coaches are welcoming and seem to care also about the kids. The football program needs a complete re-organization.
This is an awesome school. I admit that the academics isn't the strongest, but it is getting better every single year. If you are looking into it, this is definitely the right school. Trust me, this school will change your life.
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I am an alum of POPCS and now go to SMU. Compared to my SMU friends who attended public high schools, I was much more prepared for the rigor of a quality university. I attribute a great deal of success I have experienced to POPCS and the teachers that I had all those years.
My High School teachers who taught Fine Arts and Communication Design had a huge influence on my decision to pursue a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. Overall the teachers were really kind and encouraging, and POPCS definitely helped me to be ready for college in terms of work load.
Eighty percent of the teachers are great. They are very knowledgable, competent and passionate about their job. Many are particularly caring about their students and very openly share their faith. The remaining teachers I would say are pretty good.