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Prince of Peace Catholic School Reviews

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Prince of Peace has definitely been on its own rollercoaster. I think it is a great school, but just has some internal issues and does not have much access to bigger opportunities. I am grateful for going to Prince of Peace for its caring and family-like environment and looking forward for its future. It is on the rise, and I believe it is a great school for students who do not want to deal with public school drama and to receive a solid education.
My children graduated a few years ago and were well prepared for their next steps in life. They have remained in contact with the friends they made in high school. The study skills they developed helped make them successful in college and the development of their character will continue to serve them well throughout their lives.
Within the small private school atmosphere, I experienced a more one on one learning program, more teacher involvement and more athletic opportunity for the average person. The chance of being on a cheer team or any sports team was increased because you didn't have to audition to be on the team. Along with the art program that encourages creativity, the students have the opportunity to express themselves.
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Prince of Peace School has prepared my son for college with academics and the one on one attention received from all teaching staff.
Prince of Peace is the greatest! Small classes allow for better learning, and an easier focus. The teachers are dependable, supportive, and knowledgable in all subjects, even outside of their own taught subject. They are always willing to help no matter what is going on. This school prepares you for college, and I don't want to go anywhere else.
My children both graduated from Prince of Peace. They were very prepared for what came next for each of them. They continue the friendships with former classmates and classmates families.
I really love Prince of Peace Catholic School! I have attended this school since kindergarten and it is an amazing place to learn and grow. I am always challenged to work hard and do my best and I have constant support and opportunities here.
There are not that many opportunities as we are a very small school. We have cross country, basketball, volleyball, track, soccer, golf, and baseball teams but none of them are very good. Our school's band and speech programs do very well but are not recognized often.
We have rules about bullying, but they are not enforced very well some students are bullied. I do feel safe at school, that isn't an issue. We don't have a school nurse or guidance counselor, which is bad for both the physical and mental health of our students.
We have fun sometimes, but some of our rules are unnecessary and most of our teachers are not good.
Only 4 teachers in this school have actually taught me something. Many have boring and confusing teaching styles and don't have any knowledge in their subjects.
At Prince of Peace there is no nurse or health code really. If you are not feeling well the office ladies give you some crackers and water and you sit there until they let you call your parents to go home. As for safety, bullying is not tolerated and at the high school level isn't really a problem I assume that if it were a problem the school would issue the offender a detention and call their parents. All in all the school is very safe.
There are many things I wish were different in this school. If I had the chance I wouldn't want to attend here again. I do believe I am getting some of the best education in my area but, it has been a struggle. The people that attend and are employed are, in general, great people and I'm glad I have had the chance to know them. However, my experience has not been a great one.
There are definitely teachers at my school that go above and beyond the minimum requirements. These teachers are the ones that care about the students and help when they are struggling and maintain an engaging environment to promote everyone's learning. On the other hand, many teachers fall short because they are not approachable or disregard when a student has an idea different to their own. This leads to boring classes that consist of the same exact routine everyday and lessens the overall engagement and learning experience of the student.
I think this is the best school in the area. I've visited some of the other high schools and no one has as much time for engaged learning as Prince of Peace. Students may gripe about the rules, but those rules are effective. The respect level the students have is outstanding and I believe the quality of the education is superior to other area schools.
I really liked the teachers. They care a lot about the school and it certainly shows.
The school is very clean and I rarely saw anything in disrepair.
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The students are very close, so bullying was rare. I felt very safe at the school.
The school is fairly strict, especially in comparison to public schools. They run a tight ship and I think the students benefit.
The speech and drama programs are exceptional for a school of this size, but there isn't an awful lot of variety.
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