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Prince George High School is a great learning environment for students who would like to pursue an education after high school. The faculty and staff are supportive and extremely helpful, donating 2 sometimes 3 hours after school to help students who have not grasped the concept of the class they are in. But there are some things that I would like to see changed such as the interior design of the school and sports facilities. All in all Prince George High School is a great place.
I like Prince George High School because it is small enough to know everyone, but also big enough to have many successful sports teams. The academics are challenging, but the school spirit is overwhelmingly bright. There are a variety of clubs and activities to become a part of. One thing I would change would be the building itself; it needs some renovations.
Prince George High School is truly one of a kind. I have found many friends that I will keep for a lifetime and achieved things I never imagined. I also got to go to back to back state tournaments with my field hockey team through Prince George High School
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I enjoyed the school very much. The temperature in the building should be fixed because some days it was excessively cold, so it was hard to think in class.
I am a graduate of Prince George High School and a previous student of the Petersburg school system. The academic standard is much higher at this location than that of the surrounding areas and it is also a safer location to go to school. I was very active in sports and held office in many clubs while at PGHS. I am also a minority that was raised in a single parent home with a low income. If it wasn't for the education I received at Prince George High School, I would not have had the chance to go to college. As an adult with friends who have become teachers I know that unfortunately not all teachers go into their career wanting to make a difference. Regardless that does not take away from the academic standard PGHS holds because they do enforce high performance. I may not have 'loved' all my teachers but I respect what Prince George High School had given me which was an actual education and a chance.
The school went from one of the best in central VA to a poor excuse of a school system. The buses are always late. There are few fights but when fights happen, they get very violent because administrators don’t know what they’re doing. The building is old and there are rats and roaches. A snake fell out of the ceiling last year. There’s mold in the building and many students are transfers from poor areas and have caused the school to become ghetto. I want to move. On the bright side, there are teachers in this school that would jump off a bridge for the students. We have great french fries and if you like small towns, you might like living here. But don’t expect much from this school system. I would know.
This is my first year at Prince George High and I’m not a fan, to be honest. I have good friends, but a lot of people aren’t very welcoming. My classes are great, I have amazing teachers and the clubs give great opportunities. The food has gotten better over the past year according to what I’ve been told. The faculty could use some work on attitude and how they go about their ways of speaking to students. The worst part about the school is money, we have no money for resources. They are continuously asking students for money week after week for clubs and resources which is aggravating to me. Also they have these SOL tests, I don’t like them. I just moved here for being overseas for a long time, I have never taken one. Because of that I have to take 5 SOLs that we’re required from freshman and sophomore year and take SOLs that are required for my junior year, this year. It’s not fair for me or any other student who has moved around.
My time at PGHS was short as I had to opportunity to begin college a year early through a special dual enrollment program. However, I met a lot of great people and made lots of memories at this school.
Prince George High School is good for academics and has a few wonderful teachers and the others are average. Could use an increase in opportunities for after school activities.
School Security is up to date. The staff is nice and most of all the school is accredited and offer a lot of activities .
My experience with Prince George High is very short . In high school , I felt I wasn't learning as much as I wanted and was more focused on passing a test . When I went into my first year of college , I did not feel prepared at all. In college beyond it being a first experience and getting used to a new environment , I felt behind when it came to writing papers . Though I was a good writer , my knowledge about writing wasn't as wide as what was expected out of professors.
As an alum of the school who is now a Junior in college, Prince George did not prepare me for college courses. I found myself struggling to barely make it by my first year of college because the curriculum at Prince George had been son easy for me. Also the administration seems to be more focused on regulating what the students do more so than ensuring they excelled in academics.
If you take school seriously and be active in your education and social life, you'll have a good time and be prepared for college. Otherwise, don't expect much.
Overall the atmosphere at Prince George High school is positive, however, during my time of attendance, there have been a few less than favorable situations to take place on campus that for the most part were handled very welly by the administrators. The food is not the best and some of the programs at the high school do not receive efficient funding.
I think Prince George High School is a great school. I have been blessed to receive a great education from great teachers. As well, the students are very good as well. They are not "bad" kids. There is not a fight everyday, like some school have. Prince George High made me feel very safe.
I've lived in PG my whole life and the number one critique I have is the lack of cultural diversity in this school district. The district tends to embrace only a certain type of student and family and everyone who is not in that reality have to adapt. They are very limited on necessary resources and clubs that widen a students knowledge of the world as wel l as give more 'out of the box' opportunities to students.
All the after-school activities are fun and keep the students busy
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There was a lot of drama in high school, which is to be expected with teenagers.
I had the best teachers at this school. Very nice and friendly.
The clubs here are great. I know many who have been committed to a club since their freshman year such as myself towards DECA. Many people go to basketball or football games on Fridays. The administration also get involved an attend majority of the events going on at the school.
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