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Prince Edward County High School Reviews

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The teachers actually care about their students. The lunch has also improved, you can make many friends and memories.
Prince edward county highschool has provided me with plenty of friends. The students in this school are loyal friends. They help you succeed and create wonderful memories along the way. The teachers want nothing but to see you be successful, you can go to tuem with any problem you have and they won't fail in helping you solve it. This high school is predominately african American, so if I were to change something in our school I'd like to see more of a role model image in our administration.
Very unruly classrooms unless you are part of DE, AP, or Governors’ School programs, which is a small percentage of the school population. Many uncaring and sometimes seemingly uneducated teachers that lack management skills. Poor food, overly strict yet uncaring, domineering administration, poor food and very few clubs. The sports are alright though and the resources and college prep are great. Great guidance counselors and lots of attempts to reach out to the parents. 8/10 resources, 2/10 environment.
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The administration is scary, but most students and teachers are nice. There are a few outstanding teachers there.
I would like to see teachers that care more for their students and want to see them succeed. I want everyone to have an opportunity to do more hands on activities that will want them to learn and care about their future.
The school is crap. The teachers are crap. The administration is pure crap. The food is double crap. The diversity is like crap in a toilet. College Readiness is diarrhea. I would tell you if you're panning on coming to this, plan again. This place is like a prison..... No, I take that back, because at prison there's hope.
I would like to see the way teachers teach and the choice of discipline. Overall , I liked the grading scale and the help from guidance counselors.
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My overall experience at Prince Edward County wasn't terrible, however there were things that could have gone smoother. My high school lacked classes that I found challenging. There was also a huge problem with teachers being able to control the classroom.
I'm a senior and my experience at Prince Edward could've been way better. The classes suck and are reckless unless you're enrolled into AP or DE classes. The food isn't that good unless they make certain dishes. The administration is overly strict about simple situations. Since I've been through four years here, I'm a proud Eagle, but if I had a choice, I'd choose somewhere else to graduate
As a student at Prince Edward, I have always been very involved in extra curricular activities around the school. The school itself has definitely exposed me to real-world experiences. The diversity we have among the school sets us apart from most. If I could change something throughout the school, it would be the prepping for college.
Prince Edward County High School is a good school and I enjoy learning there but I would like for us to offer more diverse classes and I would like for us to consider hiring new staff. We have a lot of fun pep rallies and our athletic teams are very good.
PECHS is not a fantastic place to go to high school. I can't think of a single challenging class I took here and most teachers let students do whatever they want. Discipline and rule enforcement are both very big problems. Administration doesn't fix problems for longer than a few days. The band program, however, is taking off and doing phenomenally.
Overall prince edward is great. Prince Edward is the best but i will like the relationship between students and teacher to be better.
When people put effort in grades are very high.
There are a lot of different people.
There are many clubs to join.
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They can be very encouraging.
There is nothing necessarily wrong with the school, yes it is an older building but it's in great shape. Teachers have everything that they need.
The school administration is very strict, they typically don't let anything go unless it was something completely stupid. Office staff could be improved.
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