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Been at Prince for a few years now, and it's been quite the experience. I'd argue it's a very structured school, but with no real sense of unity. Yeah, don't think just because this is a Christian school that everyone's a goody-goody. Kids are actually quite cruel, and their apathy towards your feelings is rigourous. The teachers (middle school area) are rather average, but they do a decent job of teaching the students, and they're large improvments over last year's "monitors."
I graduated from Prince. I attended the school since I was in the 4th grade. Overall, in my 9 years as a student, I didn’t enjoy my experience. As a person of color, I felt underrepresented and out of place, and the teachers and many of my peers were not very culturally sensitive. I suffered countless microaggressions, and I often felt I was treated differently by the people around me because of the color of my skin. My mental health declined as a result of this, and there weren’t many supports for students struggling with mental illness either. I felt invisible during my time here. I reccomend that this school make some real efforts toward creating a more inclusive environment for people of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Perhaps racial bias training could be helpful for many of the staff.
Love the high school! Our son is getting the excellent preparation to continue on to college. Class sizes are small and the school focuses on producing well rounded God-loving children.
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We love Prince! It is the perfect school for our children. It has small class sizes, friendly teachers, and a family atmosphere. The teachers truly care not only about academic success but the kid’s spiritual growth. Christian values and attitudes are taught and emphasized. The environment is loving, supportive, and challenging. The athletic teams are great! Coaches teach not only the sport but how to be a Godly athlete on and off the field/court. Prayer is always apart of everything! High schoolers are offered many AP and dual classes which prepare them for college.
Prince Avenue is an amazing school. We are completely happy. Our children (who are not perfect) are excelling and maturing each day. Most importantly, though, the school focuses on their relationship with Christ... which is our priority.
We have had a wonderful two years at Prince Avenue. Last year was our first year, and we were nervous, but after getting to know the teachers and receiving a very warm welcome it has been great. They have been honest and caring, and our son's progress has been tremendous. We were happy for our second son to start school there this year.
Prince Avenue Christian School is a Christ centered private school located in Bogart, Georgia. The teachers are always very qualified and the administration is very professional. Other than the small size of the school and the required school uniforms, my experience at Prince Avenue Christian School was top notch. It is a place where students are able to find friends and families with similar values.
Prince Avenue Christian School... incredible environment to learn. Strong academics that have given my children the confidence to succeed. Christian atmosphere is refreshing! Prince Avenue is a great place for parents looking for a place for their children to get involved. Countless activities in athletics and Fine Arts. Excellent Choice!
Prince Avenue Christian School is a great place for parents looking for a loving environment for their children. The academics are challenging, the athletic teams are some of the best in the state, and the Fine Arts Department is very talented. The teachers sincerely care about their students and go out of their way to make learning fun. I wish I could give PRINCE 10 stars!
Student of 3 years here. The academics are okay, but the homophobic and conservative environment this school is steeped in cannot even begin to be contained in words. My teachers would show videos completely unrelated to the content we were learning just to prove a point about their own personal beliefs (my favorite example was my chem teacher pulling up an anti-transgender propaganda video). I was stifled beyond belief and would not recommend this school for anyone who values any semblance of individuality. The two pros of this school are: I now can withstand ungodly (ha) amounts of bullying without being affected, and those who are seeking for a nice, family-friendly way to have their kid brainwashed can look no further.

ADDITIONAL NOTE- I wish I could give less than one star for some of these categories! We non-figuratively had 2 students of color in my entire grade.
Excellent! Technology is state of the art and staff even better! High school educates at the highest level all with a Christian teaching behind it.
I cannot say enough about the great teachers, coaches, support staff and kids at Prince Avenue. AP classes, dual enrollment classes, support classes for ACT and excellent counselors helped my child go into their first year of college at the sophomore level. The opportunities afforded to kids in sports, fine arts, missions and school activities help develop the character and personalities of each child. But what we love best about Prince Avenue is the peace of mind knowing that my children will get the best education around in a Christian environment. The chapel services, the mission trips, the prayer retreats, all have helped develop my children's relationship with God beyond what we could do at home or what they could learn from church. Would we choose Prince Avenue again for our children's education? Yes, we would and would encourage others to do the same.
Spirit week, and Think -a-thon are two of the best activities that the students look forward to especially since they don't have to wear a uniform.
I am now entering 6th grade and I love prince so far. I have been at prince since 2nd grade. If you are looking for great Christian environment for you children then prince is the one.
?? could be worse... Not very approachable and pretty close minded
Seriously no clubs can be started by students. The performing arts and band are classes not extracurricular
Well, they focus so much on atheletics. The fine arts gets very little money. We have just been able to perform in an actual theatre for our fall show. We have no space to practice, and our high school performing arts class has to sing in close quaters with the maths classes. We get lots of complaints.
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A lot of them aren't interesting. They speak monotonously and give boring lessons, but some are very invested and kind.
There's barely any fun clubs, students can't start clubs, and there's no chance of there ever being a gsa. Willingly narrow-minded doesn't even begin to describe it.
Wide variety of clubs available.
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