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I did Primavera Online Highschool for my senior year and it was definitely the best highschool out of the four I did. All the others were way more complicated than they needed to be and Primavera made things super easy.
I cannot recommend this school enough. I've been to another Online school before, and I can say this one if far superior.

By far the best part of Primavera Online is its two classes every six weeks schedule. In my previous schools I would find doing all the work for every class hard. At least one class would be neglected. Not to mention I couldn't enjoy my favorite classes, since my energy was divided. Here you can completely focus on you classes. You don't multiple courses to attend to and can devote all of your energy that would normally be in 6-7 classes to just 2. This allows students to get an excellent grasp on course material, and it's Primavera's greatest quality.
Primavera Online High School has been amazing! I really enjoy the courses and curriculum. The teachers (for the most part) are really helpful. There have been very few technical issues. It is a very organized school. Working at your own pace, with the ability to get ahead is extremely beneficial. Overall, I think I’m getting a great education in a super great way!
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I like that I can do my classes when I want, where I want. I also like being less dependent on teachers to learn my material. I don't love the amount of work they have us do- having a quiz each day feels like overkill. We also have synchronous sessions every week, which I don't mind, but teachers will turn something that is supposed to be 30 minutes into an hour or more. But overall, I love this school and I love the control I have over my education.
I struggled through highschool and had a difficult time in the traditional classroom. Primavera allowed me to focus on my classes and improving my grades for graduation.
My experience at Primavera Online High school was a great one. The live classroom sessions and teacher help really helped my out and I believe made me a better student. The workload is in my opinion higher than that of a public high school but if you are a student who gets assignments done on time then there really shouldn't be an issue. The teachers at Primavera are always ready to provide help if you are struggling and what I feel is the most important trait of a teacher is one that is excited to teach which I feel is here at Primavera Online High School. My only complaint is sometimes the workload can be a bit stressful but other than that no complaints. I would recommend Primavera Online High School for those wanting to take High School online.
This school rushes you and has you do about 4 lessons a day, the teachers are unorganized and grade unfairly, and they only give half a credit for doing a whole class, meaning you have to take two English classes or two math classes just to have the ONE credit. I do not recommend this to anyone.
This school is AMAZING!! They are so kind, accommodating, and patient with the students. I loved it and highly recommend it!
This was the worst school I've ever been to. I felt completely horrible the whole time I took my junior year online. I quit after a single semester. I was in the hospital with cystic fibrosis. My teachers actually would give me "strikes" when I missed my hours online, despite the fact that I couldn't physically do my work some days. I'd make up the work, but sometimes when you're severely ill you can't handle 6 hours of math and english :/ You'd think they'd be forgiving, but no. They also liked to tell me how lazy I was and would refuse to give me any guidance when I was confused. I'd end up in tears over the nights where I'd be trying my best to work on algebra but I got little to no instruction. The teachers only grade work. They aren't like normal teachers. They're cold and heartless, don't care about their students and just want a paycheck. Ugh.
Also I like having more variety of electives, but this school has like 5.
After years of not quite fitting in at traditional brick-and-mortar campuses, Primavera is really helping me succeed academically. The coursework is manageable and enjoyable. I have time to go back and study thing I haven't understood or contact teachers easily for help.
Primavera is a fine high school - despite the lack of peers and teacher involvement. Depending on the subject and what you are studying, some teachers are more or less involved. Many electives allow students to think about something they are interested in pursuing, whether for fun or the future, but some teachers put their students down for not understanding a concept or for asking questions. Other than that, it is great for those who have chronic illnesses or mental disorders.
Starting Primavera halfway through my sophomore year, I was and still am pleased with the accommodating atmosphere. All of the teachers and guidance counselors are very open to questions and concerns, being patient all the while. The curriculum and its activities are challenging, yet comprehensive, preparing students life myself for secondary education too. On the other hand, I would like to see a wider variety of class choices, and more interactive lessons. Also, some teachers are not always available for time-sensitive lessons which can present challenges. Despite its few downfalls, overall, I enjoy attending this online school.
I like how Primavera strives to do its best for its students. Counselors are easy to talk to and understand what you need.
Primavera is a great school that allows you the freedom you need in order to still have a personal life. I am able to work, hangout, and still get school done. I also am able to take advantage of an opportunity to do college while I'm in high school. There are also really helpful teachers that help you and can make accommodations if things get hard in your life.
Overall the classes are great but some of the teachers are too in your business I came to this school because I couldn't get along with teachers and I assumed these teachers would stay out of it and let me do my thing but they are too there
When I was a junior in high school (in-class, not online), I became very sick with valley fever, causing me to finish that year with almost a 50% attendance rate! Since I was still recovering at the beginning of my senior year, I decided to switch to Primavera online high school and do my last year of high school completely online. Best decision I had ever made! The freedom of online learning allowed me to spend more time with my horse as well as work almost a full-time job while I was still going to school. The classes covered all the information any normal high school class would and their dashboard was very easy to use and navigate. In addition, the teachers' replies to your questions were nearly instantaneous. I highly recommend this high school to any students currently struggling in regular high school and who are looking to try something new.
Primavera, while being an online school, definitely tries to get students to engage with one another. As a student, I was involved in so many clubs that allowed me to meet so many other students. They also host events and activities that allow everyone to come together. Primavera even has a prom that is open to everyone. This school is the best choice for those who want to attend an online school but still want to socialize.
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This school is nice because you can do your homework at any time of day! You can work as fast or as slow as you want within the 6 week period of time you're given to complete two classes. Graduated from here, loved it!
I am a very hard working student with a 3.9 gpa. the reason it is ranked so low is because as an online public high school, there are many kids who just dont do the work and fail every semester for whatever reason. If you actually do the work and focus on it, you will do very well. I used to go to Catalina Foothills and i learned nothing in their math department. When i came here, the course was actually more difficult but the teachers are always available to explain. As long as you keep up your classes and keep in contact with your teachers, courses become easier to work through and you learn more. Dont let ranking drive you away. It is a very academic school. People who dont do the work are left behind but all you need is some dedication.
I enjoyed the flexible hours, and self paced school work. It was an environment which encouraged resourcefulness, and independence. While attending Primavera, I was able to move without any interruption in my schooling. The interface was easy to navigate, though there was no social or community aspect. There weren't very many opportunities to learn with other students, though I didn't really mind that. The teachers provided ample opportunities to interact with them, or ask for clarification/assistance. It was a very good fit for me, but I can see less self motivated students falling behind should they not have parental guidance.
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