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Priest River Lamanna High School Reviews

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I don’t really like this school because I don’t like the way the teachers ignore the students or make fun of the students.
Priest River Lamanna High School is just like every other high school, except everyone knows everyone. The teachers are really friendly. There's nothing I want to see change about this school, its great just the way it is.
Priest river lammanna highschool has a nice wrestling and football team, who make sure that students are passing wit a 2.75 to be elligable to participate, however the staff are not very good and are causing a lot of legal problems for the school and the adminstration targets certain individuals. Their electives were plentiful when i was attending but now my brother and sister are attending and have been limited due to legal and financial problems in the school.
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I left school early and began doing dual enrollment classes at the college in C'DA because there wasn't a challenge. Teachers hardly stay for more than a year because of my class. The teachers who have stayed are great and I wish I had more time with them. They need to work on the overall environment in the school.
It's a school in a small town and so it doesn't have much money outside the levy. Its main redeeming factor is that the students are pretty accepting of others. Since it is a small town everyone knows basically everyone. There is also a lot of different clubs that students can join if they wish. Honestly, Priest River is the kind of school you go to because you have too. Don’t get me wrong I love living near Priest River but the school needs quite a bit of work in order for me to actually recommend it to someone else.
The one thing that I love about Priest River Lamanna High School is that it is a small school. Everybody knows everyone, and it doesn't have any stairs. The teachers are so nice and you can tell that they care about their students, I will garantee you if one of thier students went up to them and said "I am having a ruff day and I need talk", they will take the time to listen to you and help. I am totally comfortable of haveing a personal confersation with them. And so far my parents haven't had any problems with my teacher, and how they are teaching me. It's going to be hard to leave this schoo when I graduate, I will garantee that I will come back to visit.
We have a great program called the 21st Century Grant. This allows the students to get extra homework time, make up credits, or have interesting activities to do after school if they dont like sports.
This school is okay for a small town, but some of use just don't think it holds up to its potential. I have been to many different schools and I would not choose this school, only because I have seen different teachers and teaching techniques.
Teachers all have different teaching styles, and knowledge. My school has a variety of different teachers, ranging from personalities to teaching there subjects.
This school is a very safe school we have the school officer he is a very nice guy. They have all the required safety drills.
I never really was involved with activities besides football I am kind of a quite kid focus on my future, but i recall hearing about many opportunities i just was never interested but i have lots of friends who were involved with them and they said it was great.
The people in this school are great once you get to know them is like they have become your own family. I wish I never moved away but it wasn't my choice. This school is unique because of the staff and the students they are extremely nice and their is no reason why I wouldn't go back they are the best of all four schools i've gone to throughout my whole high school career.
When I attended the school the teachers were the best i've made friends with everyone even though I moved they are still helping me and we have became very close friends. In my opinion the teachers are very smart and knowledgeable their wasn't a question that went unanswered. The teachers do what ever it takes to keep children caught up with their grade and its almost impossible to fail the classes and they take time to make sure your understanding the work.
This school has a dedicated staff of teachers, but not a challenging enough curriculum.
We rarely have safety problems. Our school has only one entrance door and the rest you can exit but they all have security cameras to monitor the activity. And our SRO is our local cop. Our school is very safe.
In our school the cleanliness is really good. But some of our ceiling tiles in our classroom have water damage and holes in them. In our portable last year, ants would fall from the ceiling onto students and our Spanish teacher.
My experience here at PRLHS is really good. If i could redo it i would still choose PRLHS. I was never really good at English or History. But we have the best English teacher Ms.Caner, she just makes sure you get your question answered and helps you with anything. And my History teacher is Mr. Kinert and he just connects with the students in a way that he is a teacher and a friend.
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The teachers go above and beyond to help us get the best GPA we can. The school has programs for kids with F's or struggling grades. If you need help or are struggling with anything, that teacher or teachers is always willing to help you.
The academics that are offered at our school are good. The teachers really strive to make sure that we get the best education. We use a lot of technology like; taking notes off power points, watching videos, and writing essays.
Our school is so small that we have nothing better to do than sports or workout. We put all of our time into athletics and training to make our school better. The coaches are great and so are the staffing. My basketball coach Gary Stewart, is amazing!! He graduated at Priest River Lamanna High and knows what hes talking about!
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