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Pretty good I wouldn't change a thing . Great athletic program and academic program .The school is clean and so is the kitchen. The food needs a little work, but other than that it's a great school. Excellent teachers who know what they are doing, and they know the kids on a personal level.
lacks variety - mainly just running. Even the elementary pe is mainly just running, everyday.
Extracurricular is mainly just sports. Cross country, basketball, track, tennis, golf. Ag is somewhat extracurricular but just ag mechanics. We don't get to do judging teams because everyone is too busy with sports.
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not applicable. I'm still here - a senior.
I think the "hot lunch" is better than a lot of schools in our area. I do wish we had more options. If high school students don't like what's on the hot lunch we have to go off campus for lunch. Junior high and elementary are stuck with it since they don't have off campus privileges. Bringing a lunch is an option but the menu changes the day of so that doesn't help much.
Not all kids get in trouble for the same things. There are "favorites" that don't have to follow the rules or have different "lighter" consequences.

What guidance counselor?

Office staff is rude. There is really just one office staff and she thinks she runs the place.

Dress code is fair but the not wearing your cap inside the building is old fashioned. They should worry more about the girls' tight jeans. That is more distracting from education than wearing a cap.
I'm not an athlete so I wish there were more students with my agricultural interests. I felt alone a lot of the time.
STAAR testing is too big a deal. It seems like we don't study it if it's not on the test. I also wish that more teachers would teach harder if they don't have a test in that class. It doesn't seem very balanced.
Priddy has a National Honor Society organization, but aside from that there are no clubs, and all after-school activities are simply sports. It is a fantastic little school, but if one wants administration support, he/she will have to seek an administrative member to obtain any information. As regards counseling assistance for college, there is little engagement/teaching on the school's part. It is mainly up to the individual student and/or parents to seek out information.

Extracurricular opportunities are next to nothing at Priddy, but being a small school does not help that situation. Commitment is not very high for NHS, unfortunately, but it certainly is for sports and UIL events.
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