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As a new senior not only have I felt welcome, but I have also found a wonderful new friend. Additionally, I have rarely heard a single curse word which is uncommon nowadays. The teachers have been wonderful and the quality of the education is exceptional.
Priceville High is definitely making progress. They are providing more classes each year and are actively trying to make sure students get the best experience possible. However, I would like to see more college preparation and clubs.
I think the academic level is excellent. Priceville provides almost every class at a regular level or honor/AP level. At Priceville there is a class for everyone. One thing I would change is the way bully situations are handled. Bullying is really overlooked at Priceville and seen as not a big deal. I feel like it should be taken more seriously than it has been. All the teachers are very great at their jobs and would not recommend any other school staff for a new student. Priceville is the place to be.
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The teachers really care about you, and get to know you. However it is not challenging and did not prepare me for college
I was a part of the credit recovery program and it was excellent. The program prepared me for real world experiences and gave me good life skills. Although, the program is separate from the actual high school, communication between the two could be difficult.
It is a very good school with very involved and nice teachers. They care about you as a student and want the best for you. There were definitely things that could of been fixed but for the most part it was a good high school environment. The academics were average but better than surrounding county schools.
I love the close community that Priceville High School has. The teachers truly care about the wellbeing of their students. They offer equal opportunities and they try to help their students achieve as much as possible.
I love Priceville High School because it makes students ready to take the next step towards college, trade school, or any other need the student may want to take. They also present their-self as a first class organization/ high school.
Priceville High School is a great school to attend. Most of the teachers and great and care about their students and their education. Safety is also very important to the administration. The administration is great and I think they handle certain situations great. They actually care about the students and the learning environment.
The administration at Priceville needs to treat every student equally. That’s the biggest change that needs to happen. The other changes aren’t that serious some of those would include better food and better and more reliable resources. Also better college preparation is an important aspect of high school that was absent at Priceville High School. Having said that there are some excellent teachers at Priceville who’s classes did prepare students for college level courses. Overall my experience with Priceville High School was a good one however, I would have preferred to be prepared for college instead of taking easy classes and breezing by with ease.
The facilities are very nice. The teachers do their best to help prepare you for college. There is a variety of classes to choose from and many opportunities, such as, dual-enrollment. The staff do their best to make schedules that work well for everyone. The way problems are handled needs to be improved. ISS seems to be the way to solve everything, but that needs to be changed. Also, the new rules that are made up in the middle of the school year need to be done away with. They only work for about a week, and then everyone forgets about them. There is no point in making them in the first place.
The school has supported us as students to achieve high standards of excellence, but as I am sure most high schools suffer from this as well not all of our faculty educate their students well. Overall I recommend the school I just wish that they would make a change to a select few members of the faculty.
We now have a brand new school that is high tech and beautiful. We are fetting more students of different ethnicities enrolling almost every week, thanks to the new subdivisions being built. Our teachers prepare us fo college and takes the time to help us when we are struggling
I love Priceville. Everyone is willing to help another out. The teachers are super helpful and respond quickly to requests made by the student and parent.
I always felt pretty safe in this school. I felt like it was my second home
There aren't as many clubs as there used to be. You basically have to play a sport or do nothing.
Recently we have had a death at this school and the way the community comes together to lift up not only the family but they lift up the students as well. This makes this school unique. I would choose this school because it made me who I am today.
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Most teachers try to appeal to all types of learning. They are not just ournteachers, they are our friends and we know we can come to them when we have a problem, they genuinely care about us.
The school as far as academics is great. The teachers push you to do your best, but they also try to challenge you. However, I completely disagree with the dress code. The rules that they make about the dress code make girls feel extremely embarrassed and shameful. Girls are not allowed to show their shoulders or knee caps, therefore they are forced to wear sweaters and jeans when it is eighty degrees outside, while the boys wear shorts and t-shirts. I think that if a boy is too distracted by a knee cap or a shoulder, then he's the one that needs to learn something: to control his hormones. When young girls are being sent home for showing those body parts, it makes them feel very insecure. I think this is one of the reasons why we live in a rape culture. "It's always the girls fault." Why aren't our young men being taught to respect a woman's body? Instead, we are constantly on girls about being covered. Now, I do think that girls should dress modestly, but shoulders and knee caps? In my opinion, it's a little bit ridiculous.
My overall experience of Priceville High School has been okay. I only wish that the school itself cared more about academics instead of athletics. Also pertaining to athletics, I have realized the administration (mostly men) only care about the boys accomplishments in athletics which is not very many. For the past decade the girls' teams have been the ones to win awards and credibility for the school but the administration still fails to support the girls' teams as much as the boys'. This may be the result of their fear of endangerment to their manhood or their plain misogynistic views. This behavior is also displayed when it comes to school dress code. I have noticed the dress code is enforced more towards the girls than the boys, also the school's dress code in general promotes rape culture.
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