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The Preuss School UCSD, a public charter who mission is to put low income students on a college preparatory track. My parents knew by sending me to attend this school I would be given an advantage of going to a four-year university. As a first generation at first I struggled tremendously in attempting to adapt to my high-school classes, since we are required to take AP classes. The good thing about Preuss is that we are given a lot from the teachers. They are very supportive with us.
This is a good school if you want to pursue a career in the STEM Field. This school, however, lacks academic diversity and is not ideal for someone interested in humanities.
Going to Preuss has been and always will be a pleasure. Not only is college a guaranteed after I graduate, but at this school I get so much support with my work. In all honesty, Preuss will forever be a positive change. I am glad I got to spend the duration of most my middle school years and all of high school. If I were to recommend this school to anyone, I would definitely tell them not to miss the chance of a lifetime.
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My name is Demmie Delke and I am currently a junior at The Preuss School UCS. I have been going to Preuss since 6th grade. As expected as the grade level went higher so did the pressures and expectations. I am currently in 11th grade taking 3 AP classes that I have all on the same day. I work really hard with my amazing teachers to fully understand the concepts. One thing Preuss offers that many schools do not are after school tutoring for students who are struggling in a class as well or students who have no access to a computer at home.

We all share similar background of being the first generation to go to college, lower social class and a minority. I have built a bond with my peers that I would not have been able to create in any other school. The environment at Preuss is like no other school. We are resilient, determined and going against our "fixed" future that America lays out for us. We are Preuss students.
Things I really like about Preuss is how tightly knit everyone is. The fact that everyone or at least a majority of the people come from the same background inside a small school really makes the learning environment very safe and fun. Although the curriculum is very rigorous, by being in such a tight community it lets the students become willing to ask for help and Preuss really tries to make sure no student falls behind because even if they do they offer a lot of help to assist you in catching up, to be at the level you need to be.
The environment of the school is amazing I feel really safe and am able to be with students just like me. We also get really good academic support.
Good school good mission. The school works records building a future Career and college for first generation students. Students are low incom but the school works taped breaking common stigmas twords minouties and low income.
I enjoy being part of Preuss due to all that Preuss has to offer to each and every student. Due to the school not being very big, great and close friendships are able to be made.
My experience at the Preuss School UCSD was amazing. As I spent time here, I realize that this school is a safe community for me to be in. I made new friends who I grew very close with these past 5 years. It's almost unbelievable that there's only 2 more years left until we separate and go off into our own ways into college. In addition, the Preuss School UCSD fantastic resources that help us students to get accepted into 4 year colleges. The school provides us opportunities with scholarships and internships directed towards our school only. This demonstrates the schools capabilities in creating connections with other programs to support the low income students at this school. I really appreciate what this school has offered to me, and I consider myself to be really lucky to be able to attend here. I do not regret coming here, and so I would like to say my overall experience with the Preuss School UCSD has by far been spectacular!
Great school that helped prepare me for college. Although the material that they taught was harder than other school around the city, it made a great impact on my knowledge and helped me be ready for my freshman year of college. Because of the rigorous work, my freshman year in college to be honest was way easier than my time at Preuss.
The Preuss School really helps every single student and looks after everybody. The school is small which means more individual help and the counselor is a very helpful person so we arent essentially by ourselves on our way to college
Preuss is a good school to ready anyone who wants to go to college. I really recommend for low income families who are the first generation to go to college.
The Preuss School is a family, students attend since sixth grade until they graduate high school. The teachers,staff, and faculty, help and support every student in any way they possibly can. The goal is to attend and succeed in a four-year university and they help you get there!
I've been at the Preuss School UCSD for 6 years now. Ever since I first stepped into the campus as a 6th grader, I've witnessed firsthand the hard work and determination from the teachers, administration, and parents who work hard everyday to focus on our needs so we can have the best chance to attend a 4- year university. Our school was created to give low - income families (who thought would never have a chance) an opportunity to be the first in their family to attend college. The dedication from our school can be noticed from every student, and those who take it for granted are missing out. However, one thing I would change is the size of our school. Maybe it's a small school because it's easier to keep an eye on students but I believe with our mission statement, we can increase our size of our campus and our student body. Student life/culture would improve and endure our arduous academic standards as we have strength in numbers.
The community is a great enviornment that is academically motivating in that the environment is filled with a challenging aurora that facilitates a competitive nature for acquiring the highest gpa possible.
I am currently a 9th grader attending Preuss. Sure, it 's a small campus but once you see past that you see why. We are in partnership with the University of California San Diego and all a-g courses are to be taken there. It helps you with all your classes helps pay for SAT and AP testing and helps with college admissions. Preuss gives you the push other schools won't and its well worth your time. Its a small campus because the teachers have a chance to engage with you one on one, making learning easier and better. These are one of the many reason I like and enjoy studding at preuss.
I like everything because it is a good school, i just wish it was bigger because i dont like small schools. Teachers are nice and help me undestand my work and It will really help my future.
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its a good school they prepare you for college and they have courses for college that can help you and they require things you need in college unlike other schools.
Being at the Preuss School of UCSD for 7 years has helped me grow as a student, friend, and citizen. The education is definitely one of a kind, that has helped prepare me for my college experience. The diversity is like none you have ever seen. To some it may be shocking, but after years of building friendships with each other, stereotypes of other races ad religions disappear as we realize that everyone is similar.
I like how the teachers are really caring towards the students. Not only are the teachers caring but the students are very smart individuals. I am able to be myself and feel free to speak up. I enjoy the Preuss school because whenever i need help i can ask for help all the time.
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