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Great academic and extracurricular activity opportunities. Participating is easy in music, plays, sports, and clubs. I personally was involved in most activities to some capacity and was treated well within the school and community and achieved success at state and national levels in some activities. This was even with multi-colored hair and dressing goth while in high school. It is a school you can make the most of your opportunities with if you allow yourself to and don't get boggled down with drama within a small community.
If you want to participate in anything at this school you are given the opportunity
We were a small town community that worked closely together.
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My school was full of very good teachers who went above and beyond, but were also had those who didn't care. For the most part though I got a good education
I have really enjoyed the atmosphere here. Teachers really care about your success. If given the choice of different schools to attend, I would choose this one.
With no cheerleaders this year, unsportsmanlike behavior from certain parents was much more noticeable. Fans often loudly protested calls, driving many referees to refuse to come officiate our games and for the principal to write an editorial in the local paper pleading for parents to display better sportsmanship at the games.
Our teachers are busy and rely too much on power school to correspond with parents. I have to constantly email teachers to address concerns. The teachers don't send progress reports when students are failing any more.
Some administrators are okay, but others (high school principal) tend to avoid dealing with unhappy parents by not answering emails or deferring unpleasant tasks to other staff.
The teachers do have the kids' best interests in mind but are often too busy to update parents personally, especially when there are kids who struggle academically. School funding is so limited our school eliminated the Spanish and art classes a few years ago.
If you're in sports, you have more options for participation. There is a high-quality forensics program, and the music program is strong. Other than that, participation opportunities are limited unless you have an interest in agriculture with the FFA program...not everyone is interested in farming.
I'm concerned about communication lapses between staff and students, especially with loss in staff
Bullying does happen at our school, though never physical. Kids pick on other kids verbally. Other than that, I feel that everyone is safe at this school. The security measures aren't the best, but we do have plans of action to take if something should arise. We don't have a school nurse, but if we ever need anything for a headache or something minor, we are taken care of properly.
Most students are involved in sports, and most com support the bigger sports like football and basketball. Our cross country team and football team usually make it pretty far with their performance. There is quite a bit of fan support and school spirit is average. The coaches are great when it comes to the sport and getting students to stay on task with their homework as well as striving to persevere in their sport as well. I think the athletic opportunities are good at this school.
Policies such as bullying, dress code and attendance are of importance at this school. Bullying isn't tolerated, when it's brought to authoritative attention. A new dress code was put into action this year, and I think it's for the better. We have an attendance policy, but I don't know if violation of it is punished as it should be. The principal and office staff do whatever they can to help the students when needed. Overall, I think the school administration is alright and school-wide policies are well addressed.
There is a fair amount or extracurricular opportunities at this school. In sports there is volleyball, cross country, football and girls' golf in the fall; basketball in the winter; and track and boys' golf in the spring. There is also Forensics, Scholars' Bowl, the students play, National Honors' Society and Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Kansas for students to take part in. In those groups last listed, a lot of commitment is required, as is with sports. Many students participate in the play, either as a cast member or an aid for different things involved. Most students are involved in at least one group during the year.
The numbers at my school are low, which is both a good and bad thing. This is good because we get the chance to be close in sports and clubs. We have the opportunity to know everyone, but there is also not much diversity. Most people here are white and if they are of a religion, most are Mennonite. There are cliques and some aren't very accepting of new or different people. There is a lot of discrimination against race and religion, which makes it difficult for outsiders enrolling as new students. For these reasons I wouldn't choose to go to this school.
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