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Don't believe the "hype." We attended PCA for several years and finally garnered the courage to leave in search of something better. PCA needs an overhaul of its curriculum, teaching staff, and ethics. Also, if your student is gifted or has learning differences, this will not be a good fit. After a year of attending another school, we found what we were missing at PCA (both socially and academically).
Incredible school and experience for my child. The academics are top notch with teachers who love the kids, challenge them and go the extra mile. The character and example of Christ are beyond our expectations. And the athletics have to be the best in the state. The faculty, teachers and coaches always seem to take the high road and lead the kids especially when things don't go their way or if there is a time to persevere. My only regret is we didn't send him there sooner. I HIGHLY recommend PCA. It's worth every penny.
Prestonwood Christian Academy is a wonderful school to consider. The academics, though limited in variety, are excellent nonetheless. This is a college preparatory school, so the main courses are English, Mathematics, Science, History, and every year students must take a class on Religion, Worldview, Apologetics, or Philosophy. Due to the smaller class sizes, the teachers have time to bond individually with each student, personalizing the learning experience. The Prestonwood football team won many past state championships, including 2018, and is out to win again this year.
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I went to Prestonwood for 10 years and it was terrible. The school only cares about sports and being the best. Also, the teachers don't really know what they are talking about. My grade accepted 23 new kids and only 2 made the A, B honor role, yet they expect the "cream of the crop". But, 15 of those new kids got some sort of athletic award, but they say they won't accept you because of your athletic ability (thats a lie). Theres way better private schools, don't go to this one.
I changed from a public school system my Junior year to PCA. The academic level was much more challenging than at the public level and I feel like it is preparing me more for college. Also, there is more accountability at this school than at my last school which helps me to stay on track.
I love PCA I would only change the school lunches and daily schedule! I have a great relationship with all of my teachers and I know I can count on them for anything I may need! I also love minimester when we take an extra week out of the school year and go on mission trips all around the world!
PCA has helped me grow spiritually, emotionally, and academically. Their kingdom education has taught me to have consistent study skills and to be intentional with my studying. The faculty is positive and has helped me succeed, yet never giving me excuses to not to my best.
Prestonwood is a really good school that integrates Christian education. Though, there are minor things such as diversity and the food. The diversity is getting better but currently, it is predominantly caucasian. Lastly, the food is not the greatest but a new company is coming in for the 2018-2019 academic year. Overall, Prestonwood is a great school.
Prestonwood Christian Academy excels in all areas - academics, athletics, spiritual development, fine arts, etc. I have seen my two children flourish as students at this fine school.
We have 2 children attending PCA elementary and our oldest is in middle school, 5th grade. We started out in our neighborhood public school then did homeschool. The fruit that I have seen in all 3 of their lives has blown me away- both spiritually and academically. PCA offers a top quality rounded education in a loving environment. I highly recommend this school; it is where children should be to equip them for life. The past 4 years here have been the greatest blessing! PCA Plus online begins in middle school which is great if needed.
Prestonwood is an all around great school with some flaws. I love the teachers, resources, and academics. The academics are very challenging, but adapt to students’ strengths and weaknesses. The school administration is great; however, the coaches seemed to be selected from favoritism instead of skills and knowledge of the sport. The school is very good about not only teaching the Christian religion, but incorporating Christianity into everything we do. Prestonwood is socially and academically amazing and I have loved my experience there, but like every school, there are some flaws.
PCA gave me a great high school and middle school experience. I appreciated the teachers true care for their students. After a few college semesters, I have grown to be more thankful for the teacher/student relationships I experienced at PCA. Being surrounded in a christian environment and by those who really served God was a blessing as well.
Better education in a public not waste your money. The drugs, drinking, smoking, and promiscuity are so rampant that a kid would be lucky to get out of school without having problems. Too many parents thinking their kids are perfect. They are not!
There were many top private high schools and public schools in the metro area to be able to attend however, Prestonwood offered many advantages over others. From playing in sports to participating and or leading school academic groups to having teachers be involved in your character both now and in your future were key benefits that I believe you would not have at other schools. It has continued to focus on not just being a top academic institution but more on building young adults into making life long character building decisions.
Having worked for both public schools and Prestonwood Christian Academy, I was surprised to find that you could get a better education in the pre-AP and AP programs of the public schools in the area. When we even try to raise the academic standards, we get so much backlash from parents and students that we are pressured by administration to dumb things down since there is an inherent conflict of interest in private schools to please the stakeholders who pay for everything. In my experience about 70% or more of the students have private tutors on the side that they rely on heavily, so much so as to do their projects and homework for them. In the end, even if they fail, they take recovery courses online over the summer that they pay tutors to complete so they can move on.
Prestonwoood has mazing teachers who really care about their students. The school is academically challenging which is good preparation for college and life in general. They have a 100% graduation rate and almost all students get into major colleges and universities with amazing scholarships awarded to them. The guidance office staff are wonderful people who work hard for the students.
It is great for a community centered in Christ. The facilities are well kept. The teachers develop deep relationships with their students. The academics are diverse and rigorous.
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Prestonwood Christian Academy is a awesome school. I love that it teaches Christian values!
The teachers are great, the academics challenges you to succeed to the next level, and the sports always over achieves !
When I arrived at Prestonwood Christian Academy in the sixth grade I was warmly welcomed with loving teachers who cared about my learning experience and kind friends who cared about lasting friendships, and as a junior I can affirm that these two aspects of PCA have only grown stronger. I love the freedom of choosing the classes I want to take, knowing that whatever I choose the teacher will be there for me, and they will care more about teaching me than the grade I produce. As a student I would like to see a more mature group of underclassmen, and I believe that as a coalition of teachers and upperclassmen, we can achieve that goal.
There is not really any bullying at this school.