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This school is really preparing me for college I know this because I have had friends come back from college and tell me how easy classes are because of the classes they took at Prestonwood.
This is an amazing school, as the kingdom education contains biblical integration relevant to the different studies. It truly is an amazing school
PCA has excellent administration and teachers who truly care about the students. After 14 years at the school, it has been a very positive experience for our family. The atmosphere has a small town feel to it with excellence in all they do. The experiences through mission trips on mini-mester have been life-changing for my kids.
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This school has amazing teachers who truly care about their students and teach them not to just learn but to love learning and to honor Christ while doing it.
This is a truly amazing school with opportunities for all kinds of students. It has an amazings athletics department and an exceptional arts department. It offers top of the line education and creates a bond between students that sticks with them for years to come.
The school has it's ups and downs. The teachers are probably my favorite part abut going to school, they are very kind and prepare you well for college. The school spirit is very vibrant and sporting events are very fun. Yet, the other students are not very kind and can be very rude towards students who do not have the nicest things.
I enjoyed my experience thoroughly at Prestonwood Christian Academy and did not know how beneficial it would be until I was done.
Prestonwood ensures that their students are ready for college academically, socially, and spiritually. Students are able to defend their faith, and have a faith-based view of the world. Students are more than ready for college after graduation.
While not perfect, the environment is one of truly caring for each student. I know of few other places where the whole child is considered in the education system & where there is a true diversity of abilities. And the overall diversity continues to grow as they seek diversity understanding its benefits on the school community.
Prestonwood is an amazing environment and great for college prep!! Great teachers, students, and general community. Athletics and academics are outstanding and great activities to get involved with!! Plus the guidance is amazing!!
I have attened Prestonwood for about three years now and i have highly enjoyed the school to say the least. Coming into this school as a new student was difficult and a hard atmosphere to become acclimated to. As I progressd through my high school carrer I more throuroughly appreciated all this school has to offer.
I am forever indebted to this beautiful institution. The rigor and trials were many, but with the amazing staff and ability to find resources I was able to grow and learn. This fully equipped me for the adversity in life and allowed me to make connections that have a value that cannot be tagged. Here I learned to develop attributes like patience and objectivity and earns the title taken from Plato, Academy.
could be better. rules are awful regarding dress code, and the homework overload is not good. so maybe change the dress code a bit and people will be much happier.
Prestonwood has a very good education system and excellent educators. My time as a student there was great. I loved most of my teachers and was excited to learn. However, the tuition is very expensive and the school lacks diversity. Many of the student drive nicer cars than the educators. Furthermore, PCA treats their employees and educators as replaceable, and treats loyal employees badly. Higher-up faculty even give preference or grant pardons to indiscretions committed by students who either further the athletic department or have powerful or wealthy parents. In conclusion, if you or your family have power and money, it is a great school to attend.
I love the high academic standards coupled with the Christian education focus that truly defines Prestonwood. The staff and teachers truly care about their students and are able to develop personal relationships with them, as PCA has roughly 150 students per class. While I would love to see Prestonwood groom students to aim higher in terms of furthering their education, PCA does a fine job with prepping their students academically for university.
Excellent Christian education. At Prestonwood they believe in providing a Kingdom Education. They teach and nurture the children providing them with an overall Christian view and preparing them for the real world.
I feel that Prestonwood has prepared me very well for college and given me plenty of opportunities to reach out to colleges through weekly in-house college fairs. I absolutely love the school spirit and atmosphere here. The school also embraces students of every learning level by offering classes from on-level to AP. The teachers and counselors care genuinely and deeply for every student’s well being.
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I enjoy the biblical integration into the curriculum in all areas of education and extracurriculars. The sports programs and fine arts programs are very strong and well-developed. Prestonwood's academics are intense and thorough, and the school has been home to several National Merit Scholars. The students are encouraged to be active members of their community through community service and participating in school events. Weekly chapels held on Thursdays give students the opportunity to lead worship and connect with God and their peers. The staff are selected after great consideration and are highly skilled in their area of education or coaching. They care deeply for their students and strive to support them inside and outside of the classroom. The word I would choose to describe Prestonwood Christian Academy would be "Excellence," because as a school, the Prestonwood community strives to do everything to the best of their ability.
My favorite thing about Prestonwood is the kingdom education. Prestonwood really stresses the importance of academics but they also integrate Biblical truth.
It is an amazing experience as the staff truly cares about the lives of each individual student. While the academics are excellent, Prestonwood also offers a wide variety of sports, clubs, and extra curricular activities.
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