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I was very involved at my school held class offices competed academically nice instructors a senior I felt that opportunities for scholarships ..fields of study could have been discussed more with students
When I attended Prestonsburg High School, the teachers were very kind to students, although some of them are disinterested in teaching content to those students. The administration doled our discipline according to academic ability and favoritism. It did not, at least when I attended, properly equip students to deal with higher education.
What I liked about Prestonsburg High School was the faculty. The teachers done their absolute best when it came to teaching us.
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Horrid, horrible, disgusting. the absolute worst school I have ever had the pleasure of attending. I am a female senior that attends the school and I have more than just a couple of stories to tell about this absolute hell of a school. from the smoke filled bathrooms to the unfair dress code against girls it is one of the worst schools to send your child to I will never, let me repeat NEVER! send my child to this school!
Prestonsburg High School is a great school! They have great academics, sports, teachers and staff. They also have the best community support!
Prestonsburg High School is extremely focused on thier sports programs. They do participate in an Early Collage Accademy in which I am enrolled. I will graduate with an associates degree in arts and science. I wish to see the school in this rural area focus more on acedemics so they are preparing students to obtain higher scores on thier act which in turn would make more students eligible for competitive scholarships. That is why I Dutch diligently for financial help to further my education.
School is temple of knowledge. Where we can ern and get trained. Where we can earn how to live our social life. Prestonsburg high school's environment is clean to let students study comfortably.
I have attended Prestonsburg High School for 4 years. I have participated actively in activities and sports. I actually only spent two years of my high school education at PHS. The other two years I have spent the other two years in an Early College program at the local Community College. This program has been the best opportunity any school could offer. I will graduate in the spring with an Associate Degree and receive a High School degree.
Prestonsburg High School has made many precautions
At Prestonsburg High School, we do not have a large amount of extra curricular activities, but we don't have a small amount either. It is fairly balanced out.
At Prestonsburg High School, we have high quality teachers. Among the good, there are a few that are questionable, but for the majority of teachers there, they are very kind and knowledgeable.
I love this school because it is small and the teacher to student ratio is great for one on one teaching. All the teachers are committed to see you succeed. The only I really hate is the choices for lunch. If they had a salad bar that would be great. I have played soccer for this school for four years and have had the best coaches that like our teachers want you to be successful in everything that you do.
Sports are very important in my school.
Some teacher are better than others.
The building of the school is in good quality, with a new gym and other facilities. They have up-to-date technology with assistance if you need help working things.
The menu is about the same every week, chicken nuggets on Monday and pizza every Friday. There are not a lot of options if you don't like what is on the menu.
Although there are not many possibilities, the few that are offered are good quality.
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After graduating, I have become greater acquainted with the "real world" due to moving away for college.
My overall experience of the school was pretty good. I had many friends and supportive staff members to help me in any way I needed. We were full of school spirit and cheered each other on.
The school nurse is very helpful and considerate toward others.
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