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I love my school, you get the education that you need and desire. They set rules and expect you to reach every goal that is set out and they help you every step of the way. They make you feel at home and except you for who you are. I would not want to call any other school home, and i am thankful for the years that i have spent from the beginning to the end. It has been a blessing, and I pray that the students below me will have the same experience as I did.
its somewhere i would love for my kids later in life to go to its a great place to go. academics and teachers are very good. the atmosphere is amazing
The diversity of the school is okay. They could diversify the school more if they wished to do so.
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However small the school is it puts a great emphasis on Acadamics. The faculty truly wishes to see the students succeed, and help them to accomplish that success.
It could be better. Better improved for the security and safety of the students and the school.
My school is relatively small, so the extracurriculars we do have tend to be small in numbers. The activities we do have are excellent.
I believe our school is quite unique in the aspect that the faculty and the parents work together to encourage good teaching practices and the utmost care for the students and children.
The teachers at Preston Public High School are some of the greatest people you will meet. The genuinely care about their students and wish for there ultimate success.
The staff monitors what is going on.
I have fun at every event.
This might be the best school in the state.
The teachers make learning very fun.
I feel pretty safe other than the occasional student who threatens to shoot the school, but the teachers never really react to it.
They don't have many extracurricular activities other than basketball, baseball, softball, and band. We had a drama club and we would've done better if the instructor would have taken her job more seriously.
The only reason I would want to go to this school again is because I love the friends I made there. I wouldn't mind having more extracurricular activities so that more kids would have more options to get involved in.
Many of the teachers are fun to be with in class, there are a few that make the classroom fun. I can think of maybe one or two, that have built a strong connection with their students, even after graduation. The other teachers can be some major female dogs, if you know what I mean. The principal and school counselor tend to pick favorites among students, and the office secretary tends to have a major attitude.
This has to be the best school in the United States. They care so much about the future of my child. They make sure she understands what is being taught. I wish they could go out to all the schools and show them how to instill what they have here at Preston High into their school system.
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Everyone is friendly, and is treated similar to family. Everyone gets along.
School facilities are currently being updated, with a brand new high school building, band room, and art room being built. We have one guidance counselor who gives different information to different people and who is not very approachable with personal problems. I would not trust her to keep my info confidential. We get a few college prep handouts as juniors, and we go to a college fair and constantly get scholarship info as seniors.
The school itself is very safe, with only two or three physical fights each year and no need for security. However, we do not have a school nurse and there are no health programs that I know of besides a general 30-min sex ed lesson in junior high. Bullying happens sometimes, but it's not a big problem.
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