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Most of the teachers are amazing and easy to work with. School is only four days a week so it is nice for high schooler that have jobs!
Not a bad school in the learning aspect, but it is very one sided and if you aren't in to the things the other kids are you stand out. cliches are huge and everyone has their "group" but people are respectable and understanding of others views.
Great learning atmosphere in which students get a quality education. Teachers and resources are very useful. Students are informed and involved in many clubs and activities to improve social skills. Students are also informed about events happening in the community.
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I loved Preston, there are a few things i wish were different like for example, freshman given opportunities that should be senior exclusive.
It was so great! The teachers are so down to earth and are very involved and supportive of the students. They strive for improvement and the success of the students. The kids were excepting and it had a lot of fun classes to offer.
I just graduated from Preston High School and my social life was amazing. I was so involved with extracurricular activities and I loved high school. However, they do not have a lot of college/dual credit opportunities there.
Preston High offers a great education and many classes that help prepare you for life after high school.
Preston High School is a typical small town school. The teachers are teachers because they want to coach sports so the quality of education is very low and the emphasis is quite largely on sports. Which, I didn't mind too much as I'm big sport fan.
What i enjoyed about high-school was the fact that the teachers help you with the areas that you have trouble on, and they are willing to break, the things that you have issues on, down. What I would like to see change is absolutely nothing.
Coming from another school, Preston High School was a breath of fresh air. The people here are amazing, from the faculty to the students. There are many choices in electives that allow you to find your "thing." It is very advanced when it comes to technology. There aren't many clubs, but the school is open to anything that students want or need.
I like the social part of Preston High School. There are quite a few activities that everyone can participate in. I also like that there are many electives and clubs, especially for such a small school. Personally, I wish that there was a little more value placed on college readiness. I also wish that there was more support for the school's music programs and not just the sports. Also, all of the sports need to be included, not just football and basketball. Overall, more inclusion of the diversity of interests is what I think would be a good thing.
What I like about Preston is that it's a small school and everyone is like family. They are so nice there. They treat everyone well. They never make a difference between students. All students are treated the same. What I'd like to see change are the lunches. They are okay, but who wants to have "okay lunch" when you can have "great lunch"? I'd also like to see more diversity. There is some diversity, but there could be more.
Preston High so far has been a really good experience overall. I have always had teachers that encourage me, and tell me that I can accomplish whatever I want to. However, one thing I would like to see change is that the counselors need to help high school seniors with their college transcripts. Various people, not just myself, have had to go into the counselors at least three times in order for them to send their transcripts in. Even though they said that they have already sent them in! However, overall Preston High has been an awesome experience and I will definitely miss all of the memories and friends that I have made there.
Over the past four years I have really enjoyed the learning experience at Preston High School. The teachers have taken the time to get to know us students and they help us out as much as possible. The student body is a great group of young people. There are many ways to get involved at Preston High; key club, drama, sports, art, and so on. The games and other sporting events make Preston High what it is. Being able to dress up for games and really get into the games with the other students has been a blast.
At Preston High School all that matters is sports. We spend almost every dime that we receive towards athletics for new uniforms, new fields or gyms. The school district could be spending that money on our education or hiring teachers that know how to teach, or even to add more programs that will help us wit our future careers.
It was not to bad. The administration is not very good. They are really biased and are not very considerate. There are not many club opportunities at all. Not a lot of class options compared to other schools. But I do love that small town feel.
I like that it's a small school, and the teachers know everyone. I enjoy that because it's small, the teachers can have more one on one time with the students and really give us the help we need. I would like to change the amount of students that are allowed to enter college classes. I think that to be able to enter a college class in high school you need to pass some kind of test; because many kids in Preston High school get into college classes that they shouldn't be in. They cheat and don't put forth the effort they should. To get college credit in high school should be a privelege that only those who earned it should get.
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The things that I would like to see change at this school, would be everyone's readiness to graduate. Literally no one is ready to graduate, and we are all scared to move forward from high school
Great college classes offered. Counselors are very helpful to keep me on track. After school teachers are very helpful to get me caught up. School has some, but not many scholarships available.
My experience at Preston High School in Preston, ID was one that was well worth the effort. The faculty and a majority of the students were outgoing and friendly. The school itself is historically rich all while accepting of modern improvements. The teaching is very structured but there are many different opportunities and options for the individual.
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