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Everything about this school is AMAZING. The teachers are personal and the students are so good to everyone else. The school is just an all-around good environment to go. Don't be afraid to go there! You'll be taken care of. They want you to succeed.
This school is in utter disrepair with constant leaks and mildew as a result. While much of the state is in need of skilled laborers, funding has been cut from the vocational courses offered. Teachers are forced to purchase or otherwise provide needed items themselves.
Preston High is an awesome school! I have never seen participation from any other high school that rivals the excitement that is generated from the student body, specifically at sporting events. I love how the the teachers interact with the students to provide a fantastic learning atmosphere. Preston High ties in perfectly with the spirit of the community to create a harmonious relationship between students, parents, teachers, administrators, and businesses.
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Community support is very good however, government funding and not being able to pass an excess levy, the district is in a compromising position.
With additional funding we could improve our facilities and dd additional programs to better prepare our students for higher education.
Preston was a clean, comfortable learning environment with passionate teachers. Girls can be free from the judging eyes of boys. However, some girls can be just as mean as well, of course.
I would like to say that my experience at Preston High was good. High school is what you choose to make it. I had good teachers. I was given help when needed. I felt safe. I was allowed to be who I was.
Preston County schools fall short in college readiness. Competitive salaries in neighboring counties hinder the ability to attract quality professional personnel.
Preston High School is a good place for an average high school education. Most teachers are interested in growing you as a person and student. The advanced placement or honors classes are the best classes at Preston High School. I was able to get to know my classmates and teachers very well. The variety of career technical education classes at Preston High School is the best in the state.
Preston High school is a rural school. One of the advantages of Preston High is the Career and Technical department where we offer programs such as nursing, auto mechanics and agriculture. This is Preston High school’s best asset. The downfall of the school is our lack of funding. Throughout my four years I have only received two textbooks to use at home; the rest are only able to be used in class. This is because the school can not afford all of the books. This year teachers are now limited on the amount of copies they can make per month. The limit is an insufficient number in comparison to the students they teach. Overall Preston High is a decent school, but the lack of funds and outside support hurts the acedimics and students.
I have fun almost everyday at Preston High. I thought the food was good. The building needs repairs as the roof leaked.
I've attended Preston High for 4 years, and have loved every moment of it. Although many kids tend to disrespect the school itself, it truly is a nice, pleasant school. The teachers are kind and willing to understand, and everyone tries to help one another.
My favorite part of Preston High School was the athletics department. I only wish that more support would be showed to all the sports, not just chosen sports. College Readiness also needs to be improved drastically.
I love the people and the staff. All the kids are nice and they are personable. The classes are nice size and you get one on one time with the teacher if you need it.
Great CTE program. It doesn't get a lot of funding so the building isn't that great and we don't have all the resources we need. There are a lot of opportunities to get involved in extracurriculars and clubs. Some teachers are horrible and others are great. Very little diversity. Pretty safe compared to other schools.
I realty enjoyed going to Preston High. I've been out of High School since 2002 and every single time I smell cow manure, it reminds me of my school days. Now, I know that's weird, but our school is in the middle of a working farm that all the students maintained. We also had a slaughter house, auto garage, home construction building and an entire food service business inside. This High School not only gave me my education but it also provided many students an opportunity to train for a trade before graduating.
I had some amazing teachers and peers but the entire school is underfunded. It was kind of gross and seemed old even though the school is probably only 20 years old. I did not have a single good math teacher and had several classes without a teacher for at least half a semester. The arts program though is phenomenal. The theater and band programs are fantastic and taught by amazing women. Despite the seemingly underfunded look of the school, the teachers I had were awesome!
This school is not the best academically nor is it with the teachers. Most of the teachers are there just to get a paycheck and they do not care about the students like they should. The students have a lot of spirit with sports, but not everyone is excited to be here. This school needs a lot of work. The school needs help with supplies. The students do not have all the materials to learn. Most of the students do not care about the school and do not have respect for it. We are lacking money. If we all pulled together I think the students could have a better school.
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I have not had much interaction with parents from my school. Whenever I played lacrosse, my teammates parents were always very supportive.
A majority of the teachers at Preston High School are not there for the right reasons. Some complain on a daily basis about how much they hate their job, but how they have to keep working. They give us work, but they aren't willing to grade it. They care more about you passing the required tests for the class instead of you learning the content. My favorite and the most knowledgeable teach at Preston High School, Mr. Barkley, will be retiring this year. This news devastates me because he is one of the very few teachers at the school that continues to give our youth the education they need and deserve.
I don't believe I would attend this school again just because I know there is better education out there.
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