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This high school was an excellent college prep school. It taught me to challenge myself and take risks. It allowed me to expand my knowledge not only academically but socially. I learned how to deal with my school work while having a social life. I succeeded very well at Preston, and it prepared me for college.
Over my four years at Preston High Schools I have enjoyed the academic challenges and the ability to participate on a sports team. Also enhancing a student/athlete mindset. What I would change about PHS is to have more room in a senior elective class that fill up quick.
I like the college readiness this school provides for its students. I like all the clubs and teams my school has. I also like the administration because they listen to students and parents feedback and come back with a solution as quickly as possible.
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Its a very family-like community where bullying is definitely not a problem and teachers and staff are willing to help you with any problems you may be having academically.
The administration is racially biased and contradicts itself in its mission statement to create future leaders. It de-politicizes issues in our society, blatantly ignores the cesspool of racist students that, despite being caught DRUNK and spewing RACIAL SLURS on VIDEO, continue to roam the halls, and manages these issues and punishment wrongly. They shove this "we are a family" ideal into our faces, but the administration does not see us as equals, unless we're wealthy, white donors.
This community is divided, as much as it loves to convey the opposite in its suffocating school spirit. Where does that $11k tuition go? Not towards the measly, overpriced portions at lunch, nor towards infrastructure, faulty heating or complete lack of air conditioners.
If I sit for the pledge in front of the wrong teacher, I'll receive a harsher punishment than if a white student got caught calling someone a spic, if they receive any punishment at all.
Do better, Preston.
This school just feeds you lots of lies. There is no safety. A man came and flashed us during lunch ON the premises. I am about to be a sophomore and my first year of high school was horrible. The teachers vary from really helpful and just lazy. A lot of teachers get fired so most of them come and go. The students here are so ghetto and most are racist. The classes are too long and the heating never works. the deans are just horrible. No rules are enforced and the ones that are are just stupid. This school has too much to fix. Do better Preston.
Very good school and a great place to further your future ... The school has a vast history filled with faith and goodness that God wishes for all.
Preston High School is overall good but had its rough patches. The food isnt always good and the girls can be catty but other than that is a perfectly fine school
This school has the work load of a college with the rules of a high school. It will prepare you for college, but it so too intense and the teachers are not too considerate of your circumstances.
I am a young alum of Preston High School, I had a great experience there - the teachers are caring and it is a really great college prep school! Food was through the NY Board of Ed so it wasn't great but it's not too big of a deal breaker given the opportunities the school grants you.
Prepares you for college but is a very hard and competitive school. The work is harder than regular schools. The food sucks. Teaches you time management.
Preston High School has provided an average high school experience. I have been able to meet and make good friends, all of diverse ethnicity and nationalities, and well prepare myself for college life, academically and socially. The variety of clubs and activities have allowed me to reach out and take greater part in helping others both inside and outside my school and home community, that have inspired me to continue doing so after I graduate. I have enjoyed my time in Preston High, but there are just a few things I would change that would have my own experience a little better including: Breakfast and lunch, school security and surveillance, more up-to-date resources and electronics, and cleanliness of the environment. I hope that for future students, such changes will have been made or at least put into play. Nonetheless, my time at Preston is almost at an end, and I could not have wished for any other place to have spent my high school career.
At Preston, you meet sisters for life. You have such a wonderful support system in the teachers, counselors and friends you meet there that you will never be lonely. The classes are long but it gives you an opportunity to really immerse yourself in what you are learning. Both teachers and students are never rushed. I also thing the longer classes have prepared me for what to expect in college. The view is amazing and eating outside during the spring and summer months is breathtaking. The one down side is the problem with the heating in the cold winter months. Besides the heating issue, I highly recommend Preston to any young lady that wants to learn about her faith in a great environment.
I really enjoy the atmosphere at Preston. Since it is not a very large school, you get to know everyone and become rather close. My grade became a family. It is really nice to have that support system. However, I do wish that the teachers and adults in the building would listen to the students because a lot of them have really nice ideas about how to make the school a better place.
I love my school it was actually my number one high school I applied for, the atmosphere is great, the teachers are amazing and they care about you, your grades, and future. We have many clubs that suits different kinds of girls and what they are into. I recommend my school.
Preston is a great school that tries its best to prepare you for college. However, you are pushed so much for college readiness that basic skills are forgotten. Not only that but the amount of tests and quizzes in a day can be outrageous. I personally had 4 tests in the same day out of my 4 classes for the day until 2 tests were forced to be moved. Overall, unless you are good at handling stress and lots of tests and homework,Preston is not the school for you. While I do feel prepared for my future in college, I am more worried out my present.
Preston was a great high school. This school allowed me to further my learning beyond the classroom with the amount of clubs and after school activities offered.
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I am currently at senior at Preston High School and I can honestly say that I will forever cherish my time at the school. Preston is a private school full of dignity, honor, respect, and compassion. The community is very inviting, both the staff and the students make you feel welcomed. I have made many life-long friends and have been presented with so many opportunities throughout my time. I have been apart of several clubs, honor societies, volunteer duties, and more. Preston is a phenomenal school and one that you can call your home.
I liked that the school provided a sense of community when you found your niche in a club or a friends group. However, there is a lot of favoritism in place at the school and it is obvious that the girls who's parents were involved with the board of trustees were favored over those who had parents who were more idle in their daughters education. However, their academics are very strenuous and most of their teachers are dedicated and extremely knowledgeable on their subject of expertise.
My first year at Preston was of course a big change. However, as an upcoming Junior, I believed going to an all-girls high school allowed me to grow and join new things,such as Student Council. The high school is very close-knot so it is easy to make friends and communicate with teachers.
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