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My experience at Presque Isle High School has been wonderful. The teachers care about your personal well being and your grades as well. They also offer many different clubs and sports to join in on so that you’re never bored! I’ve had a great 3 years so far and can’t wait to finish up this last great year!
I really enjoyed PIHS academics and athletics. Academics were of the highest caliber with teachers that truly cared about students success. Athletics were also of the highest caliber. Administrators expected overall sportmanship, team work, and school pride. Coaches not only instilled the need for cooperation and sportmanship but also hard work ethic.
I love Presque Isle High School. Almost all the teachers are so kind and work hard with you so you pass. I've had nothing but pleasant experiences there.
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I'm very pleased with my high school because offer many dual enrollment and AP classes to give you a headstart.
They give a good education and they do a good job preparing students for college, but they sometimes disregard public opinion and they need to check their priorities. For example when they asked teachers and others whether they wanted students to have iPads or computers, the majority said computers and yet we received iPads.
Presque Isle High School gave me the opportunity to strive for more! It prepared me for my future at the University of Presque Isle in the fall of 2018. Could ask for a better school!
Presque Isle High school has a great staff full of people who truly care about the quality of your education as well as your personal life. All of our facilities are well kept and maintained.
I have been in Presque Isle schooling all of my life. The majority of the teachers are always willing to help to make sure a student understands material. For the most part, Presque Isle High school is a great place to get a high school education to prepare for the next level of education.
Presque Isle High School is a highly prestigious public school in Northern Maine. The teachers and faculty prepare students for college by providing college-level classes and many resources to aid students to succeed.
I was able to take advanced classes at my own pace. They flexed my schedule to fit in courses I desired. I would like to see more emphasis on academics, not sports (such as basketball).
Presque Isle High School offers a wide range of diverse classes. I like that I am able to challenge myself with Honors and Advanced Placement classes. However, scheduling was difficult because of the required classes and the time period of the classes.
At Presque Isle High school you the student are the most important thing. The staff members are almost all friendly and helpful and its a small enough school that you can easily develop close relationships with the teachers and your fellow students. The school puts a lot of time, money, and attention into athletics and not as much into the arts as I would like. But I have greatly enjoyed my years at this school. But at the end of the day school is school and some days will be more enjoyable than others some projects are hard some are easy you just do what you need to do.
Presque Isle High School is the best high school in Aroostook as it allows students to succeed in studies and activities (if they put the effort in). The teachers are willing to help. There are many different clubs and activities to participate in. One of my personal favorite parts of PIHS is Winter Carnival which is able to create a bond between the student body. So far I have had a great experience at Presque Isle High School.
The majority of teachers at Presque Isle High School are great as they are willing to go out of their way to help the students. There has only been one class out of my three years at PIHS where I dreaded a class because of the teachers. The majority of teachers are able to effectively communicate the material and have a strong grasp of the concepts. Obviously some are better than others, but overall the school is lucky to have a dedicated staff.
The teachers that are employed at the high school I attend are very devoted individuals. There isn't one teacher who wouldn't go out of their way to help out any student. All of the teachers are easy to get along with. They will change the way they teach if the students don't understand the lesson. Each teacher is very experienced and well equipped to teach the subject they do. Some of them have past experiences that allow them to give real-world examples. Each of the departments have equal and consist grading systems. A student could go to any teacher knowing that they'll help with anything they need. It doesn't just have to be school work. It could include family problems, relationships issues, or any number of things. Presque Isle High School provides a safe and healthy environment for all students.
All health and safety policies are successful for the needs in our community and for our students. They keep up with current security and make adjustments best for our school.
There are quite a few organizations of broad focusses that are available to all students (passing their classes). Athletics are the most popular within our school, but music and theater organizations are also very popular. We do a musical every year as well as a one act play. We also have organization geared toward politics, community service, and international interests.
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Overall as students we are in an understanding accepting environment. We receive great educations that fully prepare us for college and our future.
While there are a few teachers that are the ideal teacher, there are many that seem to have no reason for being there. Many teachers have little interests in the students and supporting them in their goals, using the numerous amounts of technology in an effective way, and best teaching topics. This of course does not apply to all teachers, and is not completely at the fault of the teachers. Many teachers are unable to use technology within their lessons because they do not understand how to use it in general or for educational purposes. While the teachers are given a large amount of technology they are given very little training on how to use it.
the food wasn't that good, so most people left for lunch
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