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I have attended Presidio since my first day of kindergarten, and I'm now a junior in high school. I have received so much support and had wonderful experiences at this school. I really do feel that Presidio is preparing me for college and for my future.
I like that Presidio is a small school, so it is easy to gt help and work with your teachers one-on-one. I wish that there were more clubs and activities, I have to go to other locations to find things to do for college applications.
Overall, predidio school has been quite a switch to the usual public chool experience. Although it does lack if some areas such as activities it is a very welcoming and warm enviroment for all studentend, alum, staff, and educators alike. Presidio treats is populous as a family and tge school truly does vare about each and every child. Its small size helps them be one on one with everyone and the size has contributed to a all students learning to get along and learn work, and be friends with everyone. Where it lacks it makes up for with the care they do put into neccesary things such as academics, saftely, and tending to all student needs.
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I graduated from Presidio and attended since 8th grade, I loved my teachers because I felt close to them and could talk to them when I was having trouble. They were very helpful and cared about my success. I am actually friends with some of my teachers on facebook because I am graduated. The academics were not easy and challenged me to use my brain but it helped me in the long run when I started going to university.
Amazing staff and academics that really prepare students for college. Although structural changes during my junior year made for math and foreign language programs that lacked, the admins straightened everything out and by senior year all was good. There is also a lack of extra curricular activites and sports for high school, but with the amount of preparation you receive for post high school life, it doesn't make a huge difference.
I like how small Presidio is. The environment of the school feels safe and very knowledgeable. I have been going to Presidio for over 5 years and this is my last year, a senior. I am happy with how much help and care Presidio has provided for their students and community. Overall, just an amazing school.
Presidio’s administraton is terrible. I have witnessed the director, Tom, screaming in a fit of rage. Watch out if your child has an IEP or needs Special Education, because the corrupt director has a history of “disappearing” letters from parents. They have been investigated by the police. Do a deep google search and find newspaper articles and news videos about their sordid past.
I like that Presidio is a small school so I can get very individual attention from my teachers and the faculty. I would add more sports teams to Presidio, but other than that, I highly recommend Presidio School.
Presidio is a great school in terms of academics and college preparation. However, due to it's small size it's difficult to be extremely diverse and to attain funding and intetest for sports and clubs (which as o now there are none for high schoolers). If you don't care about sports or clubs, the wonderful teachers and staff, small class sizes, and one on one interaction will really assure you understand the material and are ready to take the next big academic step.
I have two children at this school and we are very pleased with the education they receive. Not only are the core subjects taught with rigor, but the extracurricular offerings are a comprehensive addition to the curriculum. The teachers are highly qualified and caring. There is a real bonding that our children enjoy; being part of the Presidio family. Dr. Saliba is the principal who always makes himself available to my husband and me. Our children will continue through their high school AP coursework. Hooray for this school!
There is no definite athletics program. However there is a basketball team and a morning class where "physical activities" are held. Presidio is much more of an academic than athletic school
In all honesty, Presidio is constantly changing the lunch employees. There have been over four different small businesses that Presidio has used for lunch. The quality of food increases and decreases. Personally, its better to bring food from home.
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