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Presidio Middle School Reviews

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Solid public school in the Outer Richmond. Student behavior and interactions with teachers seem to be mainly positive.
Presidio is a horrible school. As a gifted student I was bullied all the time. My science teacher doesn't believe in global warming. She also believes "Science is everything that has to do with earth." There are a few gems at Presidio but, I would just avoid it.
Overall Presidio is only okay. The some of the friends I made there are great and the sports are really good, especially track and field. But, a lot of the the teachers aren't that good and they don't really teach well. They just expect us to know the topics and move on after a day or two. Also there is a lot of bullying at Presidio. I see fights there almost everyday and so much verbal/cyber bullying. A lot of students at Presidio are always "depressed" and "don't care about school". There is a class called Peer Resources which I think is pretty helpful and is slowly improving to help our school become more safe and less fighting.
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Presidio is advanced in terms of academics. Most teachers are good, but then there are always a few bad teachers. Presidio is 45% Asian, so it's not really the most diverse school. Presidio does offer many different clubs run by teachers either at lunch, before school, or after school. Presidio isn't the most secure school since the front door is always left open, but their is a security desk there. Most of the faculty and staff are good, but then there are always some weird staff. The administration team is good, but improvements could always be made. Presidio's sports are very good, but our girl teams win more championships than the boy teams. The PTA is very dedicated to funding our school to make it better for both the students and the staff. There is always someone to reach out to in Presidio, whether it's your guidance counselor or a friend, you have a ton of resources around you. The cafeteria food is not that great and I wish it would be better.
An atrocious school overall, especially many of the dismissive counselors and administration. There could be a lot more help for students and especially the math program here is appalling. There is also bullying going on daily, and no one seems to care. This year I've seen a kid get punched to the point where his head was bleeding. APG is a much better school especially academically than Presidio. No one seems to care about anyone or anything.
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