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Teachers are helpful and understanding as well as the staff. I have attended this school since freshmen year. The school is devoted to preparing you for the future whether you plan to attend college or not. The faculty is very involved. The security in the school was not very great a few years ago but recently they have improved with only allowing one entrance for visitors.
Presidio High school is a good public school system. Teacher and staff are friendly and do what it takes to ensure our safety and learning. I love the teachers here because they go above and beyond to teach us. I also notice that not only do they care for our learning but for our well being. This is a great school district and the student are great as well. You never hear about bullying as often as you do in other schools and everyone knows everyone.
I like how involved the teachers and administration are with their students. Teachers at this high school genuinely care about the success of their students and are willing to help them at all times.
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Presidio High School students and faculty are amazing, and friendly. My experience in PHS is that our teachers take students education seriously and really care for each individual. There is nothing I would change about PHS. Everyone puts effort into their part in their roles as teachers. I love PHS!!!
I am very pleased to have gone to a school named Presidio High School, now I know that there are valuable places that not only will teach education but morals too. I wouldn't change anything, I like it just the way it is. This school has given me numerous opportunities so succeed and I thank her for that.
Unlike big schools in big cities, here in presidio we are all family. The staff and teachers are nice, we get windows tablets, and college courses here are offered for free.
The services staff provided were a great service and a good health program.
I was in many school activities my favorite was band and being the volleyball and basketball manager.
Had the best years of my life.
Presidio High school as great teachers but with very small resources.
Academics at my school is good. A lot of classes to take.
There are so many different extracurricular to join.
Teachers really do care about our future and help us a lot.
My school it's not the best, but it is not the worst.
Presidio High School has good things and bad things like every school does. i would choose this school again because of the William Soza Early College High School program. Which helps us save money and earn High School and College credits.
Preside High School could be great if they helped everyone. Since I entered the school, I have noticed that the only students helped with scholarships and work are those whose parents work as administrators. It is very unfair that students like me try very much but just can't achieve anything since my parents were not able to go to collage and receive a degree to work in the district. Teachers also frequently practice favoritism and it makes me feel bad since I am not good enough or smart enough to be one of their favorites. I believe the root of the problem is the superintendent and the school board since they limit our funding and we cannot achieve our best. Presidio High School could be one of the best public schools in the state if it were not four our administrators, school board and especially the superintendent.
Has great programs to help with higher education.
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You get what you put into it.
They have programs in each area.
Some types of sports aren't available but PHD makes up for it in other areas.
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