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President William McKinley High School Reviews

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Being in McKinley High School has taught me many things. One thing i absolutely love about this school is the teachers and the students on campus. Throughout my four years of being a student here, I build many strong and an amazing bond with the faculty here!
In my opinion,MHS is the best school in Honolulu. I love Mckinley High school. I loved the teachers,councelors,and staff.I loved the diversity,and school traditions.But like all MHS students,I would like to see airconditioners in all classrooms.
I love the fact that my school values pride and tradition. The campus has a rich history, being on the National Register of Historic Places.
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Good for transportations. Comfortable! Beautiful campus, historic school. Diversity, friendly and safe. But Little academic so need to be more strict and hard studying.
A few certain things that I really like about President William Mckinley High School are the traditions, and the school teachers. Mckinley High School has been over 150 years old, and the traditions are being kept on going; such as Lighting of the M, and no walking over the Oval.
McKinley high schools teachers and faculty have changed me to strive for the best. The rich history within the schools have gotten me closer to the school and knowing about the school more better.
Aloha, As a senior at McKinley High School, I can truly say I have experienced it all here. We have a larger range of sports, from soft tennis to judo there is a sport here for everyone. However, if sports are not your thing we also have over 20+ clubs and programs. Ether it be E-sports or Future Farmers of America, clubs are a great way to get involved in school. Even with these many options, students choose not to join. However, this is very understandable due to the fact that we are a "melting pot" of diversity. We have Thai-Hawaiians, and pure blood Samoans. Lastly, our academics is something that we take pride in.
I am in Mckinley HS for about 2 years. Everything here is good except the AC system but that's not the problem. All the activities and people are fun and friendly. I learned ways to find myself, in Mckinley everyone is like in a real family, we're solidarity and always strive
It was really mellow, there was study hall periods where I was able to finish my work that was either due the next day or next period if I wasn’t able to finish it before. The study hall period, the help I received from most of the teachers, counselors and college counselors were a really big help. However, I think the school hours should be shorter, for example, 8-3 I think school should end around 2 because those long days don’t get me wrong it perfect for some of the class times where assignments are due, like perfect length where you’re able to finish assignments, but I always had headaches because school was so long and I wasn’t able to function normally. Maybe it was I was sick or mostly because I was bored and the long classes made me really drowsy. Overall I thought it was an average school even though I only went there for 1 1/2 quarters.
This is the year that I will become a senior. The past 3 years had me at so much memories. I have gone through a lot of highs and lows. And I'm glad to say i made it through and got 1 more step to finish and graduate. The students, teaches, staff in Mckinley High School with so much tradition and the diversity has taught me so much things. They all felt like a family to me which I will miss when I leave.
School is large. Lots of resource to help students. Football team needs improvements. The academic counselors are very helpful and available to all students. I look forward to the graduations, senior students are close knit.

School has a large cultural diversity of students and teachers. School also offers a diversity of clubs.
education is good, people are great. The only problem I really have is that they dont say your names during graduation, and if you have a title of valedictorian or anything, no award is really given to them.
Overall it was a decent school. There was a lot of cultural diversity among the students along with students from varying income classes. The teachers were alright but the counselors were dedicated and willing to help. Some teachers were more dedicated to their subject than others. Lunches were alright. The quality of food went through a noticeable decline from 2011 to 2012. The security were nice.
My experience at this school was memorable and life-changing. Throughout my four years of attending I have been able to succeed academically and experience the various events and activities that the school hosts. I have also been able to discover my career path while attending McKinley High School.
Motivating teachers that will help you want to stay in class especially the business department that I am in. My teachers are my mentors that will help me transition from high school to the real world or to college. I learned also that education is essential in the real world because it will all relate later on.
I liked Mr. Staszack because he helped me in math. I graduated because of him, Oh! Also, Ms. Kaizawa as well.
What I really enjoy about McKinley High school is there teaching staff. I am very lucky to have met and befriended many of not just the student body, but the teachers themselves. A teacher that genuinely cares for each and every student is a rare thing to find. Teachers like these are not only to be found in private schools, where the public eye tends to view that a private school education is better. It is not. The teachers that I have met, are always willing to put in the extra time to help a student with not only just academics, but also encouraging and supporting all of their students to grow as a better person. Which is a characteristic I find most admirable of our teachers at McKinley. It is through my teachers such as Seamus Puette, Jonathan Loomis, and Lance Fukuhara, that I continue to strive everyday to be the very best version of myself and inspire others.
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I love how the teachers want the students to actually learn and not just fight for points to get a good grade it really helped motivate me to want more. The school also asks for the best out of students which keeps all of us on our toes.
I love the fact that it has many programs that students can participate in. The school teachers are very nice and helpful. Ever since the school got the new field the sports programs have gotten better with better coaches that know what they are doing. The reason why I gave it only 4 stars is the school schedule, it has a class call 20/20 during the day and I think it is just a waste of time that makes the students more tired. Also, about 2 or 3 teachers at school do not speak English very well making the classes very hard to understand.
This school has its ups and downs. Some of the teachers very much care for you and will always try to make the lesson fun while teaching. But meanwhile some other teachers will always try and make it a hell for everyone inside their class. There is not much you can do about it considering it is still in high school. But there are many clubs you can join and you will definitely have fun there.
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