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President Theodore Roosevelt High School Reviews

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Roosevelt High School is an excellent school for students who welcome diversity. The welcoming and supportive faculty and students make the school feel open to everyone and has excellent school spirit.
I liked all the teachers and how they taught in class. Everyone on campus is friendly, nice, and kind. We can change the cleanliness of the campus.
Great school with good morals and a strong sense of community. Dedicated to preparing students for college and beyond.
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The only thing I liked about Roosevelt was their art department. The school needs a lot of things changed.
I'm a new student to Roosevelt. I move schools every year, so adapting to a new school is nothing new to me. However, I've found Roosevelt to be the most challenging to adapt to out of the four high schools I've attended. The general atmosphere just isn't very approachable to new students, mostly because they probably don't get many. Pretty much all of my classmates have been here since freshman year. Yet, academics-wise it's pretty good.
At Roosevelt I appreciated having teachers who cared about me and pushed me to be a better student. There were a lot of activities for different students interests. Also the funding around the school allowed us to do a lot more extra curricular activities and our principal was super supportive in all of our school spirit and our wishes to do more for the school. Our principal would come to our different sports events and actually cheer on the students and be engaged with everything going on at the games.
Roosevelt High School is the home of the passionate Rough Riders. The administration team at Roosevelt is very special, they try to get to know the students who go there.
Although Roosevelt lacks in the sports department, they make it up through leadership opportunities and utilizing student voice. They have various clubs and activities on campus, ranging from Model United Nations to a Spanish club.
Their main building, A-building is currently getting air condition and so it's less hot in the classrooms.
Roosevelt is located on a hill so there is many stairs.
My experience at Roosevelt High School was one I will never forget. All the teachers are motivated to see you succeed in life and make you prepared for the future. There are also various opportunities that you can take advantage of while there such as free college classes (which you pay off by working in the cafeteria once a week for a semester) which helped me gain credits for my college career. The teachers and faculty care about student feed back and are always looking for ways to improve the school. The only thing I regret was not joining clubs and organizations earlier.
Roosevelt High School is a nice diverse school to be educated at. There may be teachers that you might not like, but there are teachers that really want to see you succeed in life, and prepare you for college life and works. You meet a lot of weird, funny people that you become friends with maybe your whole life. I am still friends with most of them. It is a great experience to be taught at Roosevelt.
It is very diverse school with excellent teachers, they teach student with great care. In Roosevelt special attention is paid to behavior, attendance, and academics.
Roosevelt High School was filled with much diversity with students and teachers from a variety of backgrounds. The faculty and staff were mostly knowledgeable and proactive in students' learning. Roosevelt provided many school and extracurricular activities for students to be involved.
I like the kinds of connections you were able to have with the teachers. Knowing that you always had someone to go to when you wanted to talk was comforting.
Attending Roosevelt for all 4 years of my high school career has taught me many valuable lessons to take with me for the next stage in my life. Not only did they taught me things for educational purposes but more importantly how to treat others equally and respectfully. Roosevelt taught me how to lead by example and through the actions of the faculty and staff, I learned the most from them then what I would learn in a book.
At this school i feel safe and people are very friendly to me. We discovered thing from each other. the teacher are nice and always try do their best to help put the students that need.
My experience at Roosevelt so far is amazing, the atmosphere and environment here is great, all the students support each other. Rarely there will be any negative comments, as the students respect each other. The teachers are great, and there are so many interesting clubs as well! Roosevelt was recently one of the top schools in Hawaii!
I am currently a senior a Roosevelt High School and these past four years have been a life changing experience. High School passed me by in a blink of an eye. The memories I have made here will be the ones I keep for the rest of my life. . The best experience that Roosevelt High School has given me is inclusion and friendship. Everyone of all race and ethnicity is welcomed. Friends are made with not only your classmates but younger students as well. There are many activities around the school year to help keep Rough Rider's minds open and their spirits up so school does not become such a boring place. Roosevelt's academics standings are quite high as well. We are ranked the number public high school in the state, which speaks volumes to what the teachers and students are achieving and understanding together.
I like that the teachers create a fun engaging learning environment and that there is not a lot of issues involving bullying. The students here support one another.
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I love the fact that my kids are able to learn with minimal distractions. The resources and facilities are enough for them to achieve their goals but could use updating.
I graduated in 2017, and I must say that had a pretty good experience at RHS. The curriculum was challenging enough but not overwhelming. The people there were generally very inclusive, so I had never experienced any bullying despite being from a middle school that wasn't a feeder. The only problem was the amount of "rowdy" students that would ruin the experience. Teachers were very engaging with students especially during 1v1 times, and care about your future. Being that it was Hawaii, we also had a number of different races and cultures in the school.
President Theodore Roosevelt High School is my first and last high school in my life. I moved from different country, so I had a really hard time in here but also I made greate memories through my high school years. I would like to see the change in our school lunch with more better qualities. Because we are in the growing process, we need to obtain good nutrients for our health.
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