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The small school makes it seem like nothing ever goes on here. I enjoyed my freshman and sophomore year, mainly because of the freedom of expression the students had. Now, students cannot share their opinion without having a teacher disregard it. Some teachers don't even teach their class and get extremely off topic. Regardless, I love this school. Yeah some things could get better. But this school has really been close to me these three or so years.
The school is very small but very friendly. The students are nice and you become friends or friendly with almost everyone. The teachers are easy to talk to and only want to help you get the best education.
Presentation of Mary Academy is an excellent high school that prepares its students for their lives to come. I have grown so much over the past four years due to the many oppertunities that I have been given through PMA.
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Loved it there! Went to PMA when it was still all girls! Best experience! The teachers were amazing to every student and took each students learning into their own hands! The administration cared about each student. It was rare if someone didnt know your name!
I like PMA because of it's size, it truly is a family-like atmosphere. The teachers, staff, and students are truly amazing and are one of the many reasons that I love going to school there. The class sizes are also small, making great teacher-student connections easy.
It is a very quirky and corny school. I enjoyed this aspect of it. However, if you are not in conformity with that vibe then it is a completely different experience. The food is so bad and completely over-priced. The administration is approachable, but sometimes lacks that sort of administrative duty. I am approaching the end of my Presentation of Mary Academy career, and gradually coming to appreciate the environment a lot more. There are lots of acceptance throughout the student body.
I transferred here this is year from Methuen High school and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s not so much a school as it is a family. Everyone here is no nice and approachable. I’ve had an amazing experience so far and through the year it’s only been getting better.
I lovee my school it's very small and everyone knows each other; you are close to your teachers and build relationships with others.
I am an alumna of PMA and it was a great experience. I was prepared for college and had strong writing skills which helped me both in college and later at work. I was a B+/A student and benefited from the personal attention I received in a small school setting. No football team, but has many other sports options. Great music and art programs.
I recently graduated in 2016. This high school makes you feel like a person instead of just a number like some bigger schools do. Everyone knows who you are and it's like one big family. It's very important to feel comfortable at school and Presentation of Mary makes sure you are.
Great all girls high school when I attended. Enjoyed it and was benefited by the AP courses that were offered. Some of the teachers were fantastic, others played favorites and it was obvious. You'll get those everywhere you go, but the ones who didn't were far superior in both how they interacted with students and presented their material.
I have had a great experience. I love the staff and have grown very close to particular teachers, especially the head of school. I have never been afraid to ask most teachers for help, and they push me out of my comfort zone in the best ways. It's been so easy and fun to get involved, and I truly think it's a wonderful school with great people.
PMA is a private co Ed private school located in Methuen,Ma. I'm now a senior and have had a wonderful experience here throughout my past four years. I'll start off by saying my teachers were always so helpful and caring throughout these past four years. Most of them helped me think outside the box and challenged me with classes.

PMA is best for their faculty . The staff will always be there . If you're ever in need of any help with academics or anything else they're teachers willing to help you. The past four years have been filled with opportunities for me and others. I'm eager to see where I go in the future.
I will be attending Fisher college next year with a $37,000 scholarship and have asked my teachers to help me find some scholarships in order for me to receive me aid. I've realized I was prepared for the world when I came here because I always did thing on my own , all my teachers know that, everyone at school knows that about me.
The academic curriculum is rigorous and traditional, the student population is diverse (there is a decent percentage of international students), and the activities that are offered should appeal to most everyone. The best part is the welcoming and accepting school culture.
I love the sense of community PMA has. It's small enough where you can actually have relationships inside and out of the classroom. The only thing I would like change in is possibly the diversity of classes/subjects. Maybe have more electives to choose from. Other than that my experience was great!
Everyone is mostly great but sometimes the principle gets a bit snippy or the teachers get too strict with some rules.
It was better when I started but alot of the art based things have been gotten rid of because the principle is obsessed with academics instead of well rounded students. Also because of money.
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Bullying is little. Not sure about special security measures, teachers seem to know. Too small for campus police. Doors locked all the time. The school nurse is the best and always around. Health programs aren't so good but that typical of schools but its less here because the school is Catholic and not allowed to each the important stuff. The school is safe, even during a lockdown I didn't feel unsafe.
Pretty much everyone goes to college, or is at least accepted. We're all very prepared for college work but not for the increase in amount of people. Also not ready for the real world. This school like all others could stand to require some real world skills classes.
The school is diverse in every way.
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