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We adore PMA. Giving my children a Catholic education was very important to me, but other area schools we toured did not seem like a fit. Everything about the school is impressive - the academic program, religious focus, building/grounds, the chapel, the teachers, administration, art/language programs, athletic/performance space, etc. It has become a second family for us, which is exactly what we wanted. My three boys constantly impress me with their stories about their faith/God, as well as hands-on activities for science, art, Spanish and more. And a school that still actively teaches cursive and GRAMMAR - alleluia!!! The teachers truly care and go above and beyond to connect with the kids and instill a love of learning. Then there is Sister Maria. She is an absolute force of nature who tirelessly works to give the children the best possible school environment. She personally signs every report card - she makes them feel special and loved. PMA is an incredible school community.
My son was at PMA since PreK all through middle school. Loved the school and friends we made!
He is well prepared for high school and we were involved in many activities while we were there. If you’re there get involved and make a difference.
We wanted our children to have a strong faith in God and live his teachings and receive a good education. PMA partnered with us to do both. Sister Maria Rosa is a tremendous leader who has improved the academic rigor and physical infrastructure at PMA. Her love and respect for children and families is unparalleled. We are so grateful our children had the opportunity to attend PMA.
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I was lucky to transfer my son in for 6th grade. We had a wonderful experience both academically and religiously. My only regret was not starting sooner. Not every school can say it is perfect and PMA is not however, it did meet 98% of my expectations. My child is more than ready for high school and learned more about his faith which is critical to us. I expect academics to be challenging and the Catholic faith to be followed. We got that at PMA.
PMA is an overall good school. The education, clubs, and environment is a great community and help people get together. When my kids first joined/ shadowed they felt welcomed by all the students.
Having our child at PMA gave him an incredible academic base for high school, and a new spiritual outlook to carry throughout life. We had no idea of the jump in academics offered from public school to PMA. The entire staff was so helpful in making sure the transition went smoothly, we couldn’t believe the level of support offered. Teachers made sure our son got the start that allowed him to finish all three years with such a solid base that his honors classes at Bishop Guertin are a breeze. Knowing how to study and organize for high school is undoubtedly one skill that PMA teaches students which will support them through college. The loving guidance of Sister Maria is a bonus on top of everything else at PMA. Give your child the best education, most incredible music program, best coaches and unmatchable sport facilities.....check out PMA....a gift for your family that lasts a lifetime.
My daughter had a wonderful experience at PMA..they prepared her for high School at BG and at the same time gave her a safe and positive junior high experience. I am planning sending my other daughter there next year.
PMA did a fantastic job preparing our child for High School. The course work is challenging and the teachers diligent about pushing students to higher levels of learning. We can see the results clearly in High School. PMA goes beyond academics with outstanding athletic and arts programs and facilities. We especially appreciated and enjoyed the close knit community. Put all together the school has created a fantastic environment for the education and development of young people.
Our family is thrilled with Presentation of Mary Academy. We have 3 children attending since our oldest transferred from another private school in 3rd grade. We are so happy we made the change! We feel that our children are building a strong foundation that will equip them for their future. Presentation of Mary Academy is a school that continually strives for excellence In all facets of learning while caring wholeheartedly for the children and families who are a part of the PMA community.
Presentation of Mary has not only nurtured my daughters learning but also nurtured her soul, and emotional growth. We have attended PMA from PreK 3 through 3rd grade and even after moving continue to attend as she will not receive the education or personalized care anywhere else on the status she does at PMA. With a wide range of extracurricular activities to a wonderful before and after school program this school and staff can not begin to be given enough praise. Sr Maria has personally worked with my daughter as learning has not always came easy. My daughter knows there is an entire team to support her at PMA and we can not imagine her attending any other school. Thank you Sr Maria and the amazing school of PMA!
This school had so much potential but the leader Sister Maria has turned it into a terrible environment for learning the love of learning. She cares only about money and the status of her school. She only offers support to others if it will win her some public acknowledgement. She rules both the staff and the students through intimidation.
Started out ok but if your child has not attended and been molded into their image at a young age, they will struggle and be bullied by the nuns - particularly sister maria .
Was really bad.. Me and my family were up till midnight every night doing projects. At least 4 projects due every week... Don't send your child here.
Presentation of Mary Academy offers a world class education from Pre-K 3 through 8th grade. They have an excellent program of academics that includes Spanish from Pre-K 4 year old through 8th grade. The school has a gym/arts center. Sports programs include Cross Country, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Basketball and Lacrosse. The music program has been invited to sing at Carnegie Hall twice. Test scores are among the best for southern NH. We started at Pre-K 4 and love the teachers, the principal and the Catholic environment. Teachers are caring and hold students up to high standards. Being from southern NH there is not a super diverse population to draw from but there are students whose families come from all over the world. The lunch program is limited but there are plans for expansion within the next couple years. You could not ask for a more supportive or active Parent Group.
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